4 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have International Exposure While In College?

Until only a decade back it was not possible for young people to travel abroad so much at all. Now, opportunities have increased and so has the possibility to attain more. This affects the students’ learning curve directly.

Now, global experience has become an x-factor which any organization or institution wants to find in a student.  It speaks for a strong personality of the student. Here are the 4 reasons why an international exposure is all the difference you need in your college life:

At BIBS we understand that giving an enriching experience to students will help them life long, thus keeping a vision of “Learning for Life”. Recently organized BIBS Global Exchange Program 2019, the students got an opportunity to visit Management Development Institute of Singapore and witness cross cultural communication.

  • Enhances and broadens your vision: Making international visits and attending global seminars help students to gain experience of worldwide scenarios, further providing a distinctive point of view.

  • Helps to practice business in the global arena: Globalisation has brought in newer possibilities and with it the prospect to converge barriers between countries. Businesses being practiced in one place are expanding to other countries. MNCs are hiring from everywhere around the world. Students have started to work abroad. In hindsight, the likelihood of better career opportunities for culturally sound students increases instantly.

BIBS houses more than 10% of international placements, enabling students to make a more polished approach to a successful career.

  • Practical view of a business setting: Being a part of global community and networking with them helps to understand business strategies going around the world. Giving a broader perspective to include in your own business, it is a great advantage to take your own set up to the next level. In many cases, people collaborate internationally also and end up making highly profitable businesses.

At BIBS, students become a part of sessions and workshops hosted by heads of international  companies to increase their knowledge on how businesses are scaling up due to on an international level.  

  • Community responsibility: Knowing people from different countries and witnessing their approach to career building gives a bigger sense of purpose. Global exposure gives the perspective of being a small part of an ever long journey where everyone is achieving so little or so much. In the wake of time, you become from one nation’s citizens to a solid global citizen.

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4 Things Only An MBA College Can Teach You

Students await for their academic career to get over so that they can step in the real world and showcase their potential. But many students who starting working in the corporate section right after their graduation goes on to agree later on that they should have completed their PG in MBA before stepping out to only get stuck in the web of income.

MBA is a great option if you are looking for setting up your own business, or want to become a business head in some of the otherwise unattainable companies. The salary ladder is much quicker to climb than in a situation where you have just taken 1 degree. The student loan repayment tenure is of 4 years on an average after which the scope of growth for an individual only increases.

This said, a lot of  non-MBA students would argue that it was easier for them to get a job or were able to have a settled career in present time. So what really are the practical applications and life-long objectives that studying further in an MBA college will achieve for you?

  • Pearls of wisdom from industry expert: MBA Colleges lay out a line of corporates, industry tie-ups, world renowned speakers and excellent trainers and mentors with expertised background. Your inspiration to do more in life is backed up by many successful people and their life experiences that grew them from nothing to prominent changemakers in the world.
  • Opening the door to MNCs: It is everyone dream to among the “Fortune 500”. But who are these people working there and how did they reach that destination? The answer is through MBA Colleges. MBA colleges have placement tie-ups and a lot of them give as much as above 90% placement guarantee. Still don’t believe this reality? Browse any job opportunity in top companies anywhere from mid-level to senior-level and you will find their minimum criteria to be an “MBA student”.
  • Effective communication: MBA Colleges ensure that they pack countless projects for the students to participate in. These projects are designed in a way to help students master the art of communication through group presentations, on-stage product showcasing and debate competitions; basically squashing their way through stage fear, consciousness and inability to express. Value added courses like Personality Development and Communications is a part of an MBA college’s curriculum.
  • Differentiating between a boss and a leader: A team head’s lifelong challenge is majorly formed of whether his/her team members are going to be on their side or not. “Will they work with me? Or feel like I am bossy and so will disobey me?” This issue has a lot of losses. It leads to inability to retain employees, taking a hit at their productivity and wasting a lot of time all in all. All of which just becomes a liability to any company, putting you at a risk also. Life at an MBA college is made up of back-breaking coursework, relentless seminars and back to back, real world case studies. In such a condition, an MBA student prepares himself/herself to focus on sharpening issues, not stopping at blaming the tools that they’re given. There is just time management skills that are generated but also managing people in a way to inspire them to be their best.

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How does the ranking of a MBA school affect the placement of a student?

Think of the various MBA colleges in India; how many of them feature in your top 10 list? Not many, because when you search about different MBA schools, you will probably find a handful which have made it to the top 10 list. And when you search this list, it is the rankings from a reliable survey like that of Times of India which will come to your aid.

Remember there are several advantages of doing MBA from a good B school. You are going to go for a brand name which will be part of your resume for the rest of your life. You are going to meet some of the most talented people of your generation, best professors, the learnings of whom you will hold on as you progress in your career. Among all the other advantages, you get a good head start in your career. With a good placement, the subsequent career progression will also be pretty smooth.

Take a look at the list of MBA colleges in Kolkata and if you observe closely you will find that the placement history of B schools with good rankings is pretty impressive. You will get information of highest, lowest and median packages offered in various companies which have visited the campus, the industry patronage which a particular institute enjoys.

It is a known fact that top employers will always look forward to recruit MBAs from the only the top-rated schools. They have a list of MBA colleges in Kolkata which rank well. Rankings with high credibility also help lower-ranked schools to recognize the weaknesses in their programs, improve facilities and also compete with schools with better ranking.

If you are looking for a smooth career, invest your time in finding the right B school which has a good record of placements. It is imperative that the school has a good ranking as a good B school not only secures your placement, but also gives you the opportunity to be all-rounder.

Why should you look at MBA ranking before you choose a particular B school?

A lot of MBA aspirants in Kolkata browse through B school rankings because choosing the best business school seems to be a tricky task and rankings are a lifesaver. Combine the ranking with a good program and you can really benefit from such a degree. Among the different reasons for which the rankings have become so popular is the relative ease with which the prospective students have been able to narrow their initial conditions for MBA applications. The key is to understand how to interpret the rankings and conduct one’s own research before you come to a decision. If you are searching for the best management college in Kolkata, you need to think about some of the benefits of ranking.

Use ranking for shortlisting the colleges

When you are going through the list of top MBA colleges in Kolkata, they first have to draft the MBA applications which is a time-consuming and expensive affair. With an MBA ranking, you have a higher-level view of different MBA programs. MBA ranking helps you in the initial phase of research which offers a somewhat fixed baseline for comparing schools. And once you have a baseline, you can get a deeper insight into different schools which can be gained by further research.

Get a notion about employer perceptions

Certain rankings such as Times School Survey definitely carry weight. There will be several lists for top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata, but with a Times of India B School Survey, you will be ensured that you have the correct information. Students often use this information to evaluate a particular program. Also, it is important to note the consistency of rankings; remember an average ranking over time is much better than a year-to-year fluctuation. Pay closer attention to general MBA trends.

Does the ranking align to your preference?

If you are planning to get specialization in finance, then there is no point searching for a school which has a good ranking in HR programs. Try to understand the industry-specific rankings to understand employer perceptions of particular programs. Different management colleges in Kolkata have different areas of expertise. And one has to remember that rankings vary by industry. It is imperative that you are also attentive to how schools feature in industry-specific rankings as well. Employers also note these specialization rankings and will very likely find new employees from schools which specialize in relevant areas.

Rankings are determined by a lot of factors

When you want to pursue MBA in Kolkata, you will go through different ranking systems for MBA programs. And all of which use different criteria to rate them; they combine information from corporate recruiters, alumni feedback and taking into consideration other factors like professional satisfaction and career trajectory. Remember rankings can be informative, but the final choice boils down to the final MBA program you will be selecting.



3 Reasons why a B School should have an industry tie-up?

When students join a good B school, one of their primary concern is whether or not they will have good placement. If a business school has a tie-up with industry and is sending the students for an internship then the preparation for a placement interview is done. In fact, a business school’s internship reports and job profiles can reveal which industries are normally a big draw for students. Today’s interns are tomorrow’s leaders; opt for a B school which gives you the opportunity to shine in your career.

Go for a real-time approach

Among the many MBA colleges in Kolkata, there are quite a few B schools which have a proper internship program. An internship in the industry allows the students to analyze problems in real time. This is a kind of a drill before you enter the real world and the student is expected to come up with innovative solutions. Of course, one cannot undermine the knowledge and most importantly the experience gained during the internship days. They also give the student an edge to outperform his colleagues.

Build contacts which will further your network

When you intern in any of the reputed organizations, you are going to build a good network. Many students travel abroad during their internship days and make professional connections. An internship is a perfect opportunity to build contacts. This works positively when you apply for a job in the same organization or to a different company. Remember a good word from a senior can add value to your resume. It can also help you to get a good position in your favorite MNC. It’s important for you to interact with superiors and colleagues during the internship days.

Gives you the confidence to face the real world

All the top MBA colleges in Kolkata have industry tie-ups. When you intern in a big corporate world, this will boost your confidence. After you have interned with one of the big organizations, you will gradually get rid of anxiety and nervousness that is normally associated with your first job. Your internship days will give you a true feel of a company. You will face problems and will find solutions for all your problems. Your success rate will definitely escalate your pay package.






4 Ways to Boost your LinkedIn Account to Enhance Personal Branding

Whether you realize it or not, your LinkedIn profile is actually the foundation of your personal brand. Over the years, it has become a strong social media marketing tool and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to boost your credibility in unimaginable ways. It is a perfect platform to showcase one’s expertise, connect with like-minded professionals and grow business. Let us give you 4 ideas through which you can power up your personal brand.

Not networking; then not doing enough






With LinkedIn, it is possible to find professionals who are intricately associated with your business. LinkedIn can help you to expand your network, reach out to people who can help in building your personal brand and business. How can you reach out to these people? Share content which are related to the targeted network’s interest. Sharing relevant content will not only improve engagements strengthening the relationship with targeted audience.

Put in all the personal details






According to experts, profiles with headshots have enhanced chances of visibility than those without a profile picture. The headshot should be professional, clear and must include only you. If you have just started on LinkedIn, go through the images of your phone to find the right shot for the profile. Along with your picture, you should also ensure to include phone number, email, website and other professional details. Only Premium users can access LinkedIn InMail, so if you are keen to find the right contacts, then you can go for a Premium account as well.

Always tell a story







LinkedIn may be primarily a platform for professionals, but at the end of the day it is a social media channel. And to capture people’s attention storytelling is the best possible way. Remember hiring managers and recruiters are no different. They must be going through hundreds of profiles every day running into the same buzzwords and clichés. A little something which is out of the box is always going to work. A little bit of personal background story and you can capture the attention of the recruiters.

Ger endorsed by listing your skills






You can tag your skills in LinkedIn. You should select all the skill sets which are aligned with your personal brand. This is how recruiters connect with the candidates in LinkedIn; endorsements can also be collected from colleagues, friends and different professional contacts. In return, you can offer an endorsement or two as reciprocation is a good gesture.

Remember that hiring managers and recruiters literally live on LinkedIn. It is good to ensure that your LinkedIn profile conveys the message you intend to convey when you are on the hunt for a new job.


How Big is Big Data and How can it Affect you?

Big data is the combination of all the tools and processes which are related to utilize and manage large data sets. Big data was born out of the need to understand various preferences, trends and patterns in the huge database when people normally interact with various systems and with each other. You need to use analytics for Big Data in various organizations and figure out the most amazing customers. There is a requirement for businesses to create new services, experiences, and products.


Big Data can be used by many companies to outperform the competition. There are many industries where established competitors and new entrants use data-driven strategies to capture, compete and outperform and innovate. From IT to healthcare, each of the segment uses Big data to their advantage. Did you know that big data can analyze the data in entertainment and the insight drawn from it can be used to create a unique experience for the user. This is best seen in music streaming services that is available not only via crowd-sourced data as well as data from their libraries to create a suitable playlist.


Did you know that online retailers can use big data insights, send the personalized recommendations on purchased goods and save you the trouble to map out your preferences again. Big data technology also improves your shopping experience by ensuring that the supply chain works better and the products are received faster.



Have you ever noticed a pattern in the way the news stories flood our timelines? It is big data which determines the kind of stories that will appear in our timelines. It also informs the surface content for different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Now think about chatbots. They have become an integral part of our daily lives. It is big data which helps the chatbots to provide us with the information that we seek.

Now let’s come to gaming enthusiasts. In the course of a game, each player produces a large data stream which can provide valuable insights for his/her preferences. Most video game developers analyze this data to curate engaging and unique gaming experience for the users.




Why so much is Being Spoken about Facebook’s Privacy Issues?


2018 has not been easy for Facebook and the current privacy issues faced by Facebook in the beginning of 2018 was just one of the many instances where the organization had to deal with privacy issues in its short existence. When the company was only 2 years old in 2006, the company had faced user outrage when the News Feed was introduced. And that was just the beginning. Facebook had a long history of running awry with regulators and fighting consistently with user anger. During this period, the company has collected record profits, racking up more than 2 billion users.








The worst thing that has come up from Mark Zuckerberg himself is that the social media site has been collecting data from non-users as well. According to him, this was done for security purposes which did not go well with both privacy advocates and lawmakers. For many this was invasion of privacy. Not many might be aware but Facebook gets its data about non-users from people in the network. This might happen when a user uploads the email address of a friend. Other sources of this information are the cookies which the site often install on the browsers of the non-users when they visit sites through Facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons. This can happen whether or not the user pushes the respective buttons.






Facebook has always maintained that it has always used browsing data to create analytics reports; they have often used information on site traffic to make these reports. But most people have criticized Zuckerberg as he has not explained thoroughly about the kind of data gathered and  the extent of the data usage. The revelation of this information in the beginning of this year has turned up the heat on Facebook and Zuckerberg because the CEO has not been clear about the extent of data usage and has never amplified the reasons for tracking.






This entire process of extracting the personal information and data traits of the users in order to paint virtual targets has not gone down well with users. According to them, this has been done to increase user ‘engagement’ to justify the stock-market valuation of Facebook.

Next time when you use Facebook, can you really ensure that your data is protected and secured?


Are you Earning for your Selfies?

You can be the next Kim Kardashian. Read this again. And to top it all, you can even earn from your selfies from your Instagram account. Of course it is easier said than done. When you have one million followers in Instagram, it is easy to make money on Instagram. The vital question is here how do you make money from Instagram? You have many options. Think about the app Pay your Selfie which allows you to upload the selfies after doing some minor ‘selfie tasks’ as indicated in the app. Of course there is a reward; this is done in exchange of some pennies which is collected in a virtual piggy bank. This will add up to hard cash and once it reaches up to $20. You can either go for a cheque or simply donate the money in the bank.








The best thing about Pay your Selfie is that it is completely free and is available in both iOS and Google Play stores. It is easy to download and get it installed in your phone. The only thing is that you have to be more than 18 years to earn money from PayyourSelfie. Of course, in order to get your selfies approved, you just need to follow a few rules; you need to know what PayyourSelfie is exactly asking for. You cannot post an early morning selfie in washroom and expect to earn money from it. Is PayyourSelfie asking for it? If the answer is no, then there are chances that your selfie might get rejected.








Our digital culture has shifted where more and more people are encouraged to produce and share content with each other. Smartphones are getting more affordable and the number of people taking videos and photos has skyrocketed. Another app Selfllery has tried to change this entire scenario and reward people in a different manner in a secure and fast manner. This has become a rage among not-so professional photographers who are talented enough to create amazing and compelling content for the viewers.

If you have a hidden talent in taking good photographs or you are in the mood to take a selfie, maybe it is time to use one of these apps for your advantage.



3 Small Businesses which do not Require Capital Investment

You want to be your boss and start your own business, but don’t know where to start. You are not alone. In this phase of economic uncertainty, most people have realized that ‘perfect job’ does not exist. And others have realized that they would rather create ‘work’ which they love which will fit their own life goals. So, for all the would-be entrepreneurs, here are 3 small businesses which do not require any capital investment.

Do you know your city well?







If you are one of those people who is a bit of history buff, an adventure enthusiast and a constant seeker, then it is time to don the cap of a local guide. Most cities in the world boast of a group of people who organize different kinds of walks which allow a tourist to know a city better. You can create your own profile in the internet and in the initial days you can sign up with one of the companies which organize walking tours. And once you know the ropes, you can encourage returning visitors to come to you directly. If you know your city well, why not use it to start a business?

Are you a social media aficionado?






All kinds of business are looking for a good presence in social media and they need a bit of help in managing their social media presence. They will need someone to tweet regularly on Twitter and put up their posts on Facebook. These are mainly done to raise awareness about the brand and also to promote their service/product. If you already know to do this, you can use your knowledge to earn that extra money during college days. Refresh your knowledge with online tutorials and  become a social media consultant. In the age of the internet, it is easy to contact everyone who is looking for this kind of service. The best thing about this business is that the startup expense is zero.

Are you good with the camera?





In order to be a professional photographer, you may need formal training and previous experience. But many world-famous photographers have started as amateurs and have learnt the various nuances of photography while they were at jobs. The crucial thing about photography is whether or not you have the sense to capture the perfect moment. You just need to figure out your genre; it can be portraits, holiday parties, babies, nature, model shoots. The possibilities are endless and you can start without any capital investment. Of course, you need to invest in a good camera.