An Interview with Mr. Somdutta Basu. SOTC At The Phoenix Finale

Qs1. When we hear SOTC we know what we are talking about. So what according to you makes your company the brand it is today?

Ans- Oh! Great salesmen like us!

To give you an honest answer where we stand today, SOTC was no.1 in- till 2011. But in 2012 we lost our ground and became no.2. Again in 2015 we have shaped back to the situation where we all are looking at becoming no.1 again. Between 2012-15 we had become a little complacent about our products thinking we are and will remain no.1 so we lost basic grip on the sales as we stopped doing regular reviews. So now we all are back to the basics where we have redesigned our products and have very good sales people. Infact the only thing that distinguishes us from any other is our Sales Force. We have identified that every manager, of SOTC, region to region is doing better than that of other organisations’. Otherwise we did not do anything extra ordinary to become SOTC except for sticking to our promises, retain our customers by conducting various loyalty programs, we are truthful as a brand as we try to deliver what we promise with honesty and integrity.

Qs2. How long have you been associated with this company? So what qualities do you think is required to sustain an employee in your organisation?

Ans- 9 and a half years. We are not looking for employees but for entrepreneurs. We want people who are not merely looking to come for a 9-5 job. We want people who are engaged and think this to be their own business and run it accordingly. So we want smart people who desire to grow with the organisation.

Qs3- As you know today’s generation is quiet restless. So what does your company provide the new entrants to ensure a longer stay?

Ans- Our training budget is as good as our marketing budget. Which means we spend equal amount of money in marketing as well as in training our people. This is because we are in a people driven business, and in the industry if you ask, which organisation one should hunt for then they will say, please hunt SOTC. This is because we make our people very strong with our constant training.

Mr. Biswajoy Kumar Das, Head Marketing Traction, Exide Speaks About His Experiences in Phoenix Finale

  1. Sir, what are the qualities that you look for in a new entrant or employee with by which he can sustain in your organization?


Firstly, I look for honesty, again we cannot judge a candidate’s honesty in one meeting, and so I will put situations and then will see how he/she reacts to it.

Secondly, I look in a candidate is the adaptability to change and the kind of tech savvy he/she is because in today’s world we have to be tech savvy and again communication skill is there. Basically, I do not look into much knowledge and do not ask typical MBA questions because I believe that practical learning which takes place in the corporate field is more important. So,I generally do not look for a candidate who can answer me like, what are the Four P’s of marketing or definition of BCG Matrix. I give them situations if the candidate can sustain in those situation then he/she is the right person for me.

  1. QSir, How long have you been associated with the organization? What was your success plan and mindset when you joined this organization?

I am associated with the organization since last five years.

My mindset at that time was I had a low confidence level but my learning through mistakes and field work experience made me learn many things. My success plan was,

Firstly, my Integrity, which I have kept apart, and I have carried it on all the footsteps of my life and will continue to do so. Secondly, I wanted to keep my customers happy because ultimately if the customer is satisfied then my boss is happy along with the organization which will lead to my happiness. “My customers are very important to me”.

  1. Sir, in today’s time more emphasis is given on communication skill so, how it plays a vital role in getting through an organization? Why do you think it is so important?


Yes, communication skill is very important, it is a process where I can communicate what I want to and on the other hand my customers even can tell me what they want so that it makes the process easy to meet the customer’s demands. As we all need to have a basic knowledge of English but at the same time we need to be well versed in your regional or vernacular language. So, by communication skill, many people misunderstands that knowing Fluent English is mandatory but basically communication skill means how you are transferring your words from your brain to your mouth and the fluency in your delivery. Your thoughts can be in any language let it be Hindi or Bengali or Malayalam or Marathi or any language. So, communication skill is a very powerful tool.