An MBA In Finance: Know About The Career Growth And Future Prospects

MBA in itself is a coveted degree and the cream among all the MBA degrees is the one in Finance. The single most important reason for the popularity of Finance is the myriad career options one gets. The options available are Credit Managers and Specialists, Investment Sales Associates and Traders, Investment Banking Associates, Investment Bankers, Management Consultants, Risk and Insurance Managers, Cash Managers, Treasurers and Finance Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Corporate Controllers, Accounting Managers and Financial Managers or Financial Analysts.

Work of an MBA In Finance

With a Finance degree in hand, a person can expect to analyze the finances pertaining to a company. They can identify various source of finance and also find ways for raising funds. The finance of a company is what makes it capable of taking decisions regarding investments, strategic planning and other. The best thing about MBA in Finance is that job opportunities can be gotten in various sectors and they are eager to recruit fresh faces as well as experienced hands. With varied experience, the person can start a self venture because the capacity to make decisions and leadership aptitude is ingrained in them.

Annual Packages to Expect

The pay package is largely dependent on the B-school from where one graduates. Ordinarily, it is the Finance students who get the best offers with the highest pay packages in the industry. The normal package of an IIM graduate can be Rs 10-15 lakh a year.  Financial analysts can start off with Rs 4 lakh a year while Credit analysts start at Rs 5-6 lakh per annum. This amount can go up to Rs 20-30 lakh per annum with experience and promotions. For Management consultants, the starting salary can be around Rs 5-8 lakh which can go up to Rs 10-15 lakh per annum. All in all, an MBA in Finance is the sure way to kick-start a successful career where you can gather relevant and important experience and earn a great salary.

An Interview With Mr. Sandipan Chakravortty, Chairman Of TM International Logistics Ltd. (TMILL)

First of all Mr. Chakraborty is a very humble and an honourable man who was very happy to answer all the questions we had from him with a smiling face throughout in our CEO Conclave Event 

The questions were as follows :-

1) What is his approach to motivating and developing talents?

  1. A) First of all he introduced wat talent is, many people do masters but you have to make sure where talent lies within them for the outcome of that. Talent is never wasted, if an individual has talent he/she will be rewarded. The advise for average talented person is to first understand their talent. Self realisation must be there. You must fill your gap by two ways, one would be self realisation and second would be talking to your seniors. Communication is very important and how you get along with people. Give yourself time. And seniors are always there to help the fresh talents in developing.

2)How does your company reward good performance?

A)There is no fixed estimate in his company to reward good performance they keep on changing that. Increments and bonuses are part of hygiene. According to him first measure of performance comes then comes the rewarding of the performance. First the individual measure his performance then his boss does it and then his boss and so on. There are 3 appraisals which need to match and the individual has to come and sign a document and if he refuses to sign the matter goes to the managing director of a company and he has to take the call. Sending people to holidays is also a reward They have a very interesting award known as the excellence award in team work. There are set of award where individuals are punished. They are sent to Rishikesh or any hilly areas to trek and develop team work and all work together. And then there are recognitions, if someone has done some innovative project maybe he is worker he is awarded with a recognition infront of everyone. Punish in private and praise in public will always give an individual the strength to work even harder.


3)What is the most important thing that your company working on right now and how are you making it?

  1. A) The one important thing that the company always works on is the growth. They have got a turn

over of 100 billion dollars. That is tata group. They want to make it 200 billion dollars. They are in fortune 500. But to make it in top 5 they have they go about 150 billion dollars. So Growth is a very important factor. Risk is always involved. They have 110 companies having steels,automobiles, chemicals, jewellery and many more with 3,00,000 direct employees. 60% of the revenue comes from overseas. Tata is an indian company but most of the revenue come from overseas. For Example TCS (Tata Consultancy service). Growth in terms of sales and manufacturing that is both agenda working on.

4)What are you truly passionate about?

A)He is really passionate about one thing that is built in everyone’s system that is leadership with trust.

Thats what he believes in.

5)What are the things that you regarded during your journey?

A)With a smile he answered this all are long talks, but that would be integrity, ethics, frankness, communication, transparency.

6) What is your advise to the fresh MBA graduates?

  1. A) Ethics, intergrity, keep in mind you belong to less than half percent of the population. 40% of Indians eat one meal every alernate day. So think where you are, realise that you have responsibilities for these people wherever you are. You will find the world a great place to live in. Have an open mind and learn, always learn.