An Interview With Mr. Raj Biswas, Marketing and Sales Manager,Tata Motors

  1. Sir, What is your advise to the fresh MBA Graduates ? My advise to the fresh MBA graduates is having practical knowledge along with theoretical about the business is very important. One needs to be discipline because today in the corporate world is to have a very disciplined work life and good ethics. So apart from bookish  knowledge it is very important to have practical knowledge.
  2. Sir, How does your company reward good performance ?

 As it is known that in a company like Tata Motors which is a global company and it has a employee strength of 75000 so there is no such parameters as to we need to do or we should do but there are a lot of appraisal for our employees like the one we have the Employee of the Month accompanied by awards for people who come up with new initiatives. In Tata Motors actually we have lots of reviews for people to enhance their skills, experiment and to come up with new innovative ideas. Tata Motors is a very employee friendly company where people have the space to explore themselves.

  1. Sir, What according to you make your company successful in the motor sector ?


Automobile sector is a big sector n if one goes through this sector and have a look at the Auto Plan till 2026, India is having a very aggressive planning as it is a part of Make in India and Skill in India project. So we at Tata Motors are forming an integral part of Make in India concept as we are the leading Auto Maker in the country so these are some benefits which push us ahead and we also have some new launches this year and this is how we are growing and this sets us apart.

  1. Sir, What are the new projects that you are working on and the ideas ingrained by you for making them successful in the market ?

Well that is Confidential and you will come know about by watching the advertisements in next couple of days but as I mentioned that we always look forward to innovations and and because of that we had three launches last year and this year too we are coming up with  two to three launches. We have products both in commercial and passenger. We are coming up with advertisements and revealing the teasers and we have also showcased our products in the Auto Expo this year but I could name the products as these are code names which will change later on but any how we are working fantastically on our products and you would get to see them very soon.

  1. Sir, What are the things that you regarded during your journey ?


It is very tough question, basically I believe in hard-work and I think that there is no replacement to hard-work. An average person can become extra ordinary if he/she puts in dedicated hard-work in to his work and an extra ordinary person can become average if did not put efforts in order to perform good. So hard-work ,Work Ethics and precision in work is very important and it is very difficult for an individual to carry all these at one point of time but one can at least attempt to have a detailing in his performance. I would like to share an instance that when I joined my first company Maruti I learned that in order to analyze any problem it is very important for an individual to do a site visit and then find solution and not in board rooms . In Tata Motors , the work ethics and the team work are the things which I have learned during my journey so far and I want every individual to inculcate these qualities  in themselves.

6.Sir, One such incident where it was difficult for you take decision and the measures you took to overcome that situation ?


In the field of sales there are plenty of such issues where it is crucial to take decision and it is difficult to isolate one. I remember there is one such situation which is very close to me is once we did a project in order to increase Vista sales as at time it was not doing well in West Bengal and it was difficult because once the vehicle gets stuck into the stock it becomes difficult for not only the channel but also for us, so then we called for a meeting and we as a team came up with a very innovative idea of Upgradation that is from first time buyers to second time buyers and this change was successful not only in West Bengal but in  incorporated entire East and so the sales of Vista got short- up at that time and this is one such incident which I always recollect.

A Conversation With Mr Indranil Mitra, Vice President, Lowe Lintas and Partners

Anudh        : Sir, what are the challenges a fresher may face to enter the advertisement world?

Mr Mitra    : Today advertisement is very specialized. There was one point of time it was about knowing your immediate consumer but today you don’t know who your consumer is. Because taking interview on mobile was unthinkable few years ago it was also unthinkable that I could reach out to you through your mobile. I think the most important thing that a fresher needs to know is how to expand his knowledge base because it’s not important to know one part. Nobody wants a general physician anymore we all need a specialist. While you are talking about Lowe Lintas it’s a creative wing but when it comes to media my counterpart is a specialist, when it comes to digital another counterpart is a specialist. So I’m no more a physician who would suggest these are the medicines you should have rather we tell you these are the ideas and based on that we expand the idea into 360 degree. So that is something which as next generation leader you need to inculcate in yourself. You also need to know that there is something beyond Google. Getting information is not difficult anymore it is very difficult what information you use where. It’s all about knowing how to reach out to a person and for this what is important I think is knowledge.

Anudh        : How do you stay up to date with new marketing technology?

Mr Mitra: If you talk about me I’m a learner, I’m learning every day. HMT didn’t know that immediately Nokia would come up and eat up their market. As Airtel is the largest seller of music in India what I think is my immediate competition is not competition with anyone. For example when I wake up in the morning I don’t say that I’ll do this or I’ll do that rather I have a lot of options to do. So what is important to know is basically how we are going to reach out that option and therefore as life becomes more fragmented it is important to understand to understand who your consumer is. Traditional advertising isn’t applicable anymore. For example, Bata, Khadim’s and woodland all are shoes but their target audience is different. It is all about what you have in your mind that is positioning. When comes to adventurous shoe Nike comes to our mind but when it comes to school shoe then definitely Bata stands tall. So that is how the product is placed in your mind it’s about positioning. The most important part in our life is how to sell yourself because when we look at you what we see is in the next five seconds what will be your elevator speech which is basically going from floor one to  floor five, you need to say something interesting about yourself so that I think that this person is interesting. It is about again positioning in mind, after which you can talk for an hour but it doesn’t make any difference.


Anudh        : Sir, what tips do you want to give us for our improvement?

Mr Mitra: First of all it is very important to listen, we all speak, and most of us love to blabber without having a point of view. What is important to listen and then work perfectly. It is the guy who listens what is the pulse in the market and take it out from there is the guy who makes it out.

BIBS Presents PASSPORT 2016

“If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better”. Passport, another competitive event organized by BIBS where the students will competed each other in a group discussions round to win their Passport.

The Guest of Honors in this event, to evaluate the students, was Mr. Indranil Mitra- Vice President, Mullen Lowe Lintas, Mr. Prakash Pandey- Regional Human Resource Manager- Britannia Industries ltd, Mr. Biswajoy Kumar Das- Head Marketing Traction- Exide, Mr. Gautam Debnath- Branch manager HDFC Mutual Fund, Mr. Raj Biswas- Manager Sales & Marketing- Tata Motors, Mr. Arindam Chakrabarty- Pepper tap. This platform is a real time exposure for the students and the reason behind this kind of event is to bring out their thoughts and how well they manage a situation. The judges judged them in different parameters like Grooming, Group dynamics, Communication, Ideas. This type of event also helps the students to build their confidence level by facing a huge crowd.

The event was held at Gyan Manch. It got started with the first group and continued thereafter. We came across some amazing topic like What do you think that Advertisement should be shorten or not, Taking the current scenario of Recession- what is your take on it, Do you think MS Dhoni should be retain in the test match, What PM Modi is doing is it an advantage or disadvantage, Do you think Tablet should replace Textbook , Examination should be abolished or not, Should T20 cricket be band during the month of March & April and many more. Taking their respective topic into consideration they put across their opinion & had an interactive discussion. And at the end we got our finalist to win their passport and also get direct offer for their Summer Internship Program (SIP). After crossing a long hurdle the judges declared the winners name and the Winner of Passport 2016 Abhirup Banerjee, followed by the 1st runner up Syed Ahtesham Ali and the 2nd runner Deepak Anand. And that’s not all; they got their on spot S.I.P offers from MNCs like Britannia, Tata motors, Exide.


If you just work on stuff that you like and youre passionate about, you dont have to have a masterplan with how things will play out. CEO Conclave organised by BIBS is an addition in the list of those event that is a real time exposure for those who are the new entrant in this field.

The CEO Conclave was held on 30th january, 2016 at Gyan Manch with some amazing guest of honour namely Mr. Deb A Mukherjee, Moderator of the day, Mr. R. P Yadav, founder, Chairman & managing director of Genius Consultancy Ltd and also the Chairman & Managing Director ,GRSE ,Kolkata Mr. A. K Verma, Indian Navy and Mr. Sandipan Chakraborty, Chairman of T. S international logistics.

The event got started by showing a wonderful video prepared by the student itself showing their campus life as well as the future expansion of the campus. Then the moderator, Mr Deb A Mukherjee briefed about few examples and he also added that over the time the basic qualities in term of integrity, value, passion, trust, all this leadership qualities that we talk about are only as good and applicable if there is the positive impact of the organisation. He said go beyond just a strategist to a visionary. Than as a Moderator he structured the programme by saying that each of the CEO will be sharing their experiences and stories to the audience within a time constrain of 10 minutes and after hearing their talk than the important thing would be to ask question to make it an interactive session.

Mr. A. K Verma started his speech by greeting everyone. He precise his speech in two parts firstly some advise and secondly some experience that he have gathered in his 39 years of journey. He said when you join a military service you are the leader from day one but in case of corporate world perhaps the decision is taken by the CEO. As he was in military service for 39 years he had to take all the decision by himself. He encourage everyone not to be a manager but a leader because leader achieve result and manager only manages. He said our career is divided into 3 parts: initially we are learner and this phase is very important for everyone to rise in life, than we enter the consolidation phase where there is a link between the top management and the people under us and 2 things are crucial in this stage firstly he said nothing is impossible and secondly you must aim high and than comes the final phase when you achieve the higher level if those qualities are fulfilled. He shared his achievement where he was given the task to head Gardenreach Ship Builder & Engineerer Ltd and he has been given trophy 4th in a row for the Best Shipyard in the country.

Mr. R. P Yadav, Genius consultancy. He started his speech by sharing that he have spent 16 years in 4 different companies and 22 years by running his own company Genius. He shared his real time experience starting from the initial stage up till now where he stated that he was born in a poor family, passed Physics honours along with selling newspaper, magazines and vegetables. After completing his graduation he decided to opt for a pure sales job. He applied for 9 companies and after receiving the telegram he appeared for a well known company called Johnson & Johnson. He went for the interview but was in a improper outfit for the interview because he was not aware of the interview etiquette. When he enter the interview room he faced with many question regarding this matter and than he was asked to narrate his experience as a vegetable seller, he told them he use to organise his vegetable in a different manner and use to price it low so his stuff use to get sold faster. After the interview got over they appreciate whatever life he had gone through and fortunately he got the job. Each time he worked in different companies he worked with commitment and dedication.

He did his MBA from ISWBM. He worked in J & J and thereafter he work with Jay Engineering as a sales manager and Regional Manager with HCL. Than after completing his journey as a successful professional he started his business career after 2 years of research work and he started his own business and in this 22 years Genius Consultancy became the 700 crore company, they have 350 director employees, 40000 outsource employees & 9 product. They rank among the 5th largest starting company in India. All this happen when you are serious, when you share your thoughts with people, when you are committed, when you have a good product that will take care of the company or the customer and keep on innovating your product.

Mr. Sandipan Chakraborty have done his Engineering from IIT Kharapur and he shared his experience at Tata Steel. He felt that a great leader like Netaji, Mahatma Gandhi all of them have a common linkage and i.e. they have a mission, vission and goal and most importantly they passionately believed in their dream. In his company he have interacted with many great leader like J. R. D Tata and Rusi Modi and he asked them how did you become such great leader & both of them gave same answer in a gap of 2 years. They said you must select the right team below you and dedicate to them and than you are done but if you make a wrong choice you are finished. So the choice made by J. R. D Tata was Mr. Rusim Modi who made Tata Steel where it is, he choose Darbari Sekh Tata Chemical, where it is, they are all 50-60 crore companies. Rusim Modi followed the same path. And J. R.D Tata said that if I fail I will fail because of them but his choice was very successful. You have to trust your team & you cant start questioning your team member after you have made a team & the other thing is integrity. The first ingredient of a leadership is that you cannot aspire for any personal benefit, you have to suffer and in case of business your family suffer because it it very difficult to maintain a good family life after reaching a top level. The second ingredient is vision, mission and values has to co-created by the leadership means created by the employees, so Tata has the Boston Consultancy group, where they identified the core strength of the company.

Being a leader you have to be the role model and you have to work the talk. All this will take care of the process part of the leadership. He gave an insight of the Tata steel. You should be a peoples man. Choice of the institute, choice of the people all plays a crucial role. He advise the student to get your hand dirty at the initial level & this can be achieve through hard training. The attrition level of Tata Steel is only 5%. Motivating people is a major challenge and it is the job of the CEO to see that people are motivated. Reward & recognition are also very crucial because success should be celebrate & if you fail it is a part of training. Showing empathy by the CEO is also very important.

The last part was the Q & A part. Some of the questions are what are the factor that most impact the growth in the organisation? And the answer to this question is that leader shows the path but the growth is taken care by all the member of the organisation. Secondly, what is the toughest decision you have taken in your career? The answer given by Deb A Mukherjee was that he said that every decision is tough you should have the equality of mind, the way you look at your work. It is depending on the mindset.

A Quick Chat With Rear Admiral AK Verma, VSM,IN (Retd.) Chairman Managing Director,GRSE, Kolkata

Q. What will be your advice to MBA graduates?

The most important thing is 1) Knowledge which will come from learning because I believe learning is a constant process. And 2) again the practical application of that knowledge to fulfill your day to day tasks and responsibilities. Also they need to have focus and confidence to relate theory with practical knowledge.

Q. How does your company reward good performance?

well a good performance can be measured in terms of quality and quantity. We look at both the aspects of a candidate. An extraordinary employee shall have the purpose and the preservance to be rewarded. and as I mentioned earlier, knowledge and skills are also expected from the employees.
Then their performance can be rewarded in terms of recognition, growth and performance appraisal.
Q. Sir, what are you truly passionate about?

Honestly I love interacting and meeting new people, I like exploring new places and I feel that makes me happy. I find it fascinating. Whatever leisure time I have I try to utilize it and my advice to young people will be try to balance between professional and personal life.

A Tete-e-Tete With Mr. R.P. YADAV, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Genius Consultant

Sir, What is your advice to the Fresh MBA Graduates ?

Fresh MBA graduates need to do a lot of preparation as after the completion of the course they will be going for their job so they need to work on their Soft Skill. The young graduates must have a brief knowledge about the market and must be aware of the past and recent happenings of every industry. If these two processes are followed it will enhance your credibility and thus you will land up at a very good job.

Sir, What is your approach to Motivating and Developing Talent ?

Every Industry focuses on the development and motivating the fresh and existing talents because the walk in of fresh talents in any company bring new ideas, no innovations and so emphasis is given to each and every individual in a company. Like in our company we hire fresh talents and thus they are provided the responsibilities of different departments and through  this module we inculcate the hard skill in our employees and so every company has its own way of developing its employees. In the same manner  the  culture and work environment of any company plays an integral part towards its employees.

Sir, How does your company reward Good Performance ?

Our company has various platforms by which we review the performance of our employees. The good performing individuals are provided with the salary but apart from that we also provide them rewards like bonus, incentives and other perks are provide on our Quaterly Performance review system and by other review systems of our company.

Sir, what is the most important thing that your company is working on right now and what efforts are put in to make it happen ?

Our company has made turnover of Rs.700 crores and so right now we are working on to have a turnover of Rs.1000 crores by next year so a lot of initiatives are being taken over by our company  to make a big jump and so for that we need to take a lot of initiatives.

Sir, What are truly passionate about ?

Firstly, I am passionate about Golf and I am passionate about making my company big and keeping my clients and employees happy so everything which is related to my life whether it be my achievements, targets, or anything as such I consider it to be my passion.

Sir, What came into your mind that encouraged you to start your company ?

Every person who want to start his own business must have some conception about the product he/she is goin to sell, then knowing about the customer who will be interested in that product, having the capability in order to make that product big , so these are some points that an individual looks upon while starting up a venture.

Sir, What are the things that you regarded during your journey ?

The things which I have been holding till now and which led to make me successful are sincerity, commitment, truthfulness, eagerness to learn new things, be honest towards my customers, renovating the product with the change in the market scenario. So these are some basic mantras which will keep you uphold and fresh in order to be in pace always.

Sir, Was it your goal or dream to become a CEO of a company ?

When I started my career, obviously I never thought that I would become a CEO but as one get along every time one visualize next step these thoughts come your way and somewhere in that subconscious state one thinks of reaching up high but it cannot be done by flying or making a jump there are some steps which one needs to follow and it would ultimately take you where you want to see yourself.