Unconventional Grabbers

Can you recall the last time you went through an interview?

Well, interviews have always been a nightmare.

Gone are the days of stiff cover letters and awkward interviews. Recruiting isn’t what it used to be. Some companies have thought of giving the interviewees an entirely different feeling and making interviews delightful.

Form adding games as a part of the recruiting process to actively looking for talent in unusual places, let’s check out the most innovative ways through which some organizations recruit:

It’s Party Time

Lights, Camera, Action!!  W Goa, part of the iconic W Hotels, a luxury hotel chain owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide concluded India’s ‘first-of-its-kind’ recruitment search with a “Night Casting” selecting their talent in a spectacle of music, lights and entertainment at night party.

Held in the ballroom of The St. Regis, Mumbai, the venue was transformed in a cosmopolitan vibe with music and signature mocktails being served to the potential candidates.

Held in the ballroom of The St. Regis, Mumbai, the venue was transformed in a cosmopolitan vibe with music and signature mocktails being served to the potential candidates.

Further to the Casting Night events, the Casting Call continues and interested candidates are welcome to apply by submitting their profile, photos that best represent their personality and a short write up about what makes them the right fit for the job and they are judged on their persona, inter-personal skills and attitude.

  • From Roadside to Workshop

Volkswagen which had a vast segmentation of four wheelers, expanded their scope of recruitment as well.

Breaking through the conventional ways of hiring, Volkswagen purposefully distributes damaged vehicles to the garage across Germany concealing a job advert on the undercarriage of each.

The mechanics of the different shops had an idea about the owners of the cars and they repair and re-model them as per their skills and creativity.Who-so-ever have observed the advertisement have applied for the job as well.

This makes the company easy to shortlist the CV’s on the basis of the genuine talent of the mechanics who have applied for the positions!

  • Let’s Play a Game

Imagine how exciting it could be to get selected for a job by playing just a game? The famous Marriott hotels and resorts being one of the most successful brands in hospitality business has come up with a unique method of employment.

In attempt to recruit more employees as well as attract applicants for international branches, Marriott launched the “My Marriott Hotel” game. Players manage a virtual hotel restaurant kitchen, purchase supplies on a budget and manage employees as well.

Whoever is interested to apply for the job can click on the “try it for real” button on the top corner of the game, which redirects them to the company’s career site.

Marriott screened the applicants by their performance in the game and invited for further rounds.

  • Back to schooldays

Imagine the prime numbers can help you to land in hiring table?

Google came up with a billboard in Silicon Valley that read

{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com”.

Brainiacs who calculated the answer to the mathematical puzzle knew the billboard directed them to www.7427466391.com. And when they visited the site, they were presented with another challenge. Only those who entered the correct answer were re-directed to a page that said:

“Nice work. Well done. Mazel tov. You’ve made it to Google Labs and we’re glad you’re here. One thing we learned while building Google is that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for if it comes looking for you. What we’re looking for are the best engineers in the world. And here you are.”

In addition to engaging the right audience, the puzzle worked as an effective filter for the applicant pool. This left Google with a group of candidates that clearly enjoyed and excelled at solving complex puzzles.

Now that you know of the creative recruitment campaigns, which one has made an impression on you? Look out for the next company interview you appear for .

He Who has Health has Hope, And He Who Has Hope, Has everything

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything.But sadly, we often fail to know the value until and unless we lose it. Being an MBA student, stress and balancing job and studies along with my personal life did put a toll on my health. Skipping meals, eating out, clubbing or partying, travelling and not to forget late night studies clubbed with social media did have its effect on me. It was during my idle time in bed with my endless dates with Doctors and medicines that I realized that neglecting health was definitely a bad idea. Here are some tips to stay healthy while you prepare yourself for a better future.
Eat Healthy

A golden rule, simply take your food (healthy please, and not ‘chai’ or fried snacks on the go) on time. Take a heavy breakfast first thing in the morning and if possible replace your dose of caffeine with some milk. Add fresh vegetables to your diet and you will feel the change within a month. Or why not start a club to preach others to incorporate fresh vegetables and healthy food in their diet. The more the merrier.

Exercise your Way

Eating healthy is never enough. Get up early in the morning and go out for a walk or exercise for just 20 minutes. Ofcourse you can spare 20 minutes for yourself. If you feel lazy ask your friends to join as well. Take a walk around the Lake area before or after your classes, or simply walk your way from metro to your college and walk back to the station at the end of the day. That way, it will be fun and even your friends will incorporate some healthy habit in their routine. After all sharing is caring. A healthy body and a healthy mind will automatically result in a better and balanced life for all of you.

Rest Adequately
In case if you are wondering, how to wake up early for the exercise sessions, just skip all your late night activities and sleep early. Know your limitations. I know many, who would say, they don’t have the time to get a good 7+ hours of sleep since they have many things to juggle. But if you ask me, speaking from experience a good night’s sleep will ease up a lot of thing. Don’t leave your assignments for the last moments. Most of the MBA schools allots ample amount of time to complete your assignments. Simply plan properly and you will soon learn to manage your time efficiently.Taking rest for adequate hours will simply boost up your productivity and juggling will become an easy affair for you. Remember, even superheroes need to rest.
Limit your Hours Of ‘Socialization’
Stay away from your mobile phone for atleast an hour. If you want to have a chat, chat in person not via web. If you want to spend your free time, indulge in your hobby (not gaming, please) or spend some family time. This will reduce your stress and make you feel happy. If you want to discuss your studies meet up your MBA mates and go for group studies. This way, you will be able to study together, help each other to sort out any doubts and also occasional chatting in between will simply keep you refreshed. After all mental health is also important. And a better mental health means better productivity in work and your MBA classes as well.
The Normal Norms
Maintain hygiene, stay away from caffeine and nicotine, keep a positive approach and take regular break from your daily life and travel a lot to stay healthy. An occasional stroll amidst the Nature in the Rabindra Sarobar region will simply help you relax and stay connected to yourself.
Start leading a healthy and happy life. If possible start a health club, as your batch mates to join. This will make it all fun and enjoyable and will lead to a healthier, more productive and hence a better life.

Emerging Trends in Evolving Strategies

MGIS  – A Corporate Connect Endeavor Of BIBSManagement studies have opened a door to a plethora of career options for students throughout the world. Graduates aspires for MBA degrees as it assures high salaried jobs and scopes of development to be successful in life.

MANAGEMENT GUEST INSPIRE SERIES” also known as MGIS, is a popular event of “BIBS Kolkata”. The August edition was held on 20th august 2016 at Gyan Manch. The first MGIS of the 2016 season featured “EMERGING TRENDS IN EVOLVING STRATEGIES”.

From left to right : Mr. Rajat Kumar Guha, Mr. Rohit Kr. Ghattani, Mr. Vidur Kapoor, Mr. Sandip Chattopadhyay

The panel of speakers from different sectors of the corporate world were present to give the students of BIBS a deep insight of the industrial world and how every thing is changing in the ever changing milieu of business and profession.

The entire auditorium greeted the three distinguished guests with a huge round of applause,

  • Mr. Rajat Kumar Guha, Manager-Sales, Idea Cellular
  • Mr. Sandip Chattopadhyay, Regional Manager, Pidilite
  • Mr. Rohit Kr. Ghattani, Area Sales Manager, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd.

From left to right : Mr. Rajat Kumar Guha, Mr. Rohit Kr. Ghattani, Mr. Vidur Kapoor, Mr. Sandip Chattopadhyay

The ceremony was inaugurated by the words of our respected chairperson Mr. Vidur Kapoor, and he mentioned in his motivating speech that, “It is not important for you to know everything, but it is important to know where to find it.”

Change to accept changes.!

The first guest speaker was Mr. Rajat Kumar Guha. He suggested  to keep pace with the recent trends and the need to change ourselves both mentally and physically to accept all the technological changes that has and will be emerged in the recent times.

The students were informed about the pace that are moving towards the future with the new technological miracle of the Sixth Sense Technology adopted by Mr. Pranab Mistry Vice President Researcher of Samsung. He also showed us a video of the technology which is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world with digital informations and leaving the students with a lot of food for thought.

Mr. Guha also suggested to keep a good relationship with all  the former clients, partners or colleagues even after switching jobs.

Passion is the key to success while innovation is the pathway..!

Mr. Sandip Chattopadhay was invited next to take on and he began with a motivating quote, “Reality is harsh if there is a failure, failure is the experience that gives us success.”

He went on saying that if you are really passionate enough for jobs then every jobs can be of demanding.

He presented a recently launched product known as Heatx of Pidilite which have a higher melting point than regular industrial adhesive and told about the extensive research it required, proving his points that passion is the key to success while innovation is the pathway.

Be open for learning to keep up with time..!

Mr. Rohit Ghattani, the next speaker, suggested that the best way to keep up with time is to be open for learning all the time and update ourselves. He mentioned that now-a-days we are more involved into facebook and whatsapp but we should indulge more time to acquire knowledge from Google and also from various Ted Talks and to be continuously evolving. He went on saying that we must always try to keep a wonderful relationship with the old clients, you never know when you have to acquire business with them as well. He wrapped-up his session by giving us a fair idea about how competitive selling biscuits in the Eastern region of India is because of the presence of many local biscuit brands. So thinking out of the box and gathering information constantly is of prime importance. He also mentioned about the benefits of less using social network.

This enriching session was followed by Mr. Vidur Kapoor sharing with the students on how to prepare for the  interviews and how to get an all round development which most companies look for when they recruit.. The speakers left the podium to  a crowd of inspired future managers.. As the name stands Management Guest Inspired Series was yet another success as it really inspired all students to be better managers!


Blog Editors:

Niladri Sekhar Dey | Debjani | Shayak Basu | Ankana (MBA Batch of 2017)