MBA Over, What Next!

So getting enrolled in the B School with Best Placement was not easy and neither was completing your MBA easy, but Congratulations now that you have successfully completed your MBA. Now it’s a brand new and tough world outside. So are you ready for your first job?!Here are some points to keep in mind as you prepare yourself for your first job.


You may expect a huge salary, now that you are an MBA but that is not going to happen. Sorry! Your first salary will be as par industry standard and will be enough to cover your monthly expenses, but do not expect it to help you lead a lavish life. With every passing year, your experience will add more to your salary.

Impact on your Next Jobs

Your first job will be important even though the salary will not be up to your expectations, yet it will be important. It is mainly because you will get exposed to the professional world and will learn how to work in a team and will lay the ground work for your future as well.

Paradise Lost!

For many their student life is the best one and they expect their job life to be life full of Hatred. But this may not be true for most of you. You will love the new environment, you will love the importance and most importantly the freedom to earn and spend at one’s own will. There may be difficulty in the initial days, but you do remember your initial days in school, they were not easy either. So don’t expect your job to be horrible, you may actually love it.

Long Hours and Stress

It is more like a myth, so you better not expect this from your job. There might be days when you will have to work from the sunrise to the sunset, but with every passing day, you will figure out how to accommodate everything within your work schedule and you will have ample amount of time to relax and enjoy your free time.


Many students feel or expect that their first job will be a trap and that like Dr. Faustus (The famous character  in Christopher Marlowes The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus)  they have sold their soul to their boss and there is no way you can escape. But that is not true. You have more opportunity than you know about and that your first job will simply build you and enhance your skill. You can always leave if you want or stay if you love your job, but you are never trapped and chained forever.

So stepping out of the MBA College in Kolkata will give you ample opportunities for your job but your first job is important but along with it a positive mindset and being prepared for your next step is equally important.