Mr. Amit Roy, ORG (India) Pvt. Ltd., is Giving Way to Newer Generations

Q1. Everybody has a role model. So, who has been the one who has always inspired you and how?

I’ll say it’s my dad, more than anybody else. He started from scratch, he did everything on his own. He looked for opportunities and he positioned himself on those opportunities. We are from a refugee family, we came 1947 after the partition, we had nothing, and we built everything from zero that has always been an inspiration for me.

Q2. Your journey has been really phenomenal till now. What are your future plans?

I intend to continue as a consultant rather than running a company in the future, but I think one should always give way to newer generation to run these companies, rather than sit on the top all the time.

Q3. What are the changes that you have witnessed over the years?

The first change is communication, means, communication has changed a lot. Second, disruptions, the models of disruptions have completely changed. The way people used to think about the market, their strategies, their tactics has completely changed.

Q4. What is more important hard work or smart work?

Hard work is always important. Smartness can give you short term gains. People who do hard work also becomes smart. They are not stupid.

Interview taken by Subhasree De.