Mr. Sayantan Singha – TSO – Heinz

Industry leaders from different sectors visit our students frequently to make them more enriched and groomed for future. Mr. Sayantan Singha, TSO, Heinz visited our campus on 12th August, 2017. Susmita, one of our students from section C, 2017-19 batch had the opportunity to interview him.

  1. We would really like to know what are the factors that would help us and we should concentrate on to be a good leader? What are the qualities to possess?

Ans.  If you are talking about being a good leader, first and foremost you have to know you are leading a group. You have to understand what is their need. If you realize that once, you will have them.

2. You mean to say to understanding their psychology, right?

 Ans. Yes absolutely. Those people who are in need of money, give them the incentives, or let them earn their incentives. They will surely follow you.

3. But at times we are told by our teachers that incentives or perks do not help much. They are not attracted towards those perks usually.

 Ans.  Yes, they do. You know Maslow’s hierarchy. Theory of needs.

4. Yes Sir, absolutely I agree with you. But think of a person who comes late office every day and gives various excuses.How to motivate that person to come to office on time?

Ans.  What you need to do is tap clap for the person. He will feel embarrassed. But as I am in sales my concern is about the money hungry people. Those people who really need money, earning only Rs.5000 pm. If I raise their earning and twice the salary or offer perks, I know I will definitely have them on work.

5. In that case company’s allotted resource for those paid laborers will increase.

 Ans. No, it won’t, you will give allowances as much as the company allows you to. The company checks out the resource at the beginning of the year how much can be used on laborers. You can use that limited amount only.

6. Sir, in the early period of our career or during SIP, what would you suggest us to do, hard work or smart work?

 Ans. Hard work because before you are going to the big game this is the period of practice. This is the time when you will go through self- assessment. Otherwise what will happen in these few months,you will work smart,have fun,can come back to the college.Then you will be up with placement, that time it will turn into your career, will become your profession. You will fall.

7. Sir, in the sector of FMCG, Women face many challenges during the initial period. Would really like to know how much Kraft Heinz would secure women like us concerning this factor?

 Ans.  First of all,in this century we are stepping into the era of equality. I believe women can work better. About security yes company has some perks followings like company gives perks for transportation to them as this is one of the serious challenges.

8. What would you suggest, how we should prepare ourselves to get PPO in Kraft Heinz?

Ans. If you speak about Kraft Heinz, last to last year there were 7 people for SIP. This is nothing but an FMCG company. You will be assigned to some work.You have to work on yourself. You have to work hard. As you see the college is running till 7, at office the scenario will be the same. Here you are sitting in an AC room, sitting on bench, having fun with friends, but there, it is completely different. You will have many challenges what you have to be prepared for.Make yourself hard and be ready for it.You can get stuck in places like Uluberia at 7.30pm, butyou can’t freak out. You have to be easy-goer and calm.You can get out of there.What you have to do is take yourself out from your comfort zone. Whether you are going for a better job or a harder job,be prepared.

9. Many things come in mind while thinking of Heinz. One thing that I found much interesting and I would really like to know is, as ketchup is theirbest-known product, are they really thinking about women empowerment in the rural areas, who can come under the shade and run their own livelihood anyhow through any project?

 Ans. Yes there is an initiative by West Bengal Government called “Anganwari”.What happens is, there are women who are preparing things and selling it to the government. Kraft Heinz is helping to distribute them to people who are in need of food through “Stop Hunger” campaign.The company is making them believe that they can do it and also, they are self-independent. They are not only getting a job or earning money, the food what they are preparing also saving lives of many.

10. That’s indeed a great initiative and inspiring as well.Now I would really like to how Heinz is moving with the research to mobilize sales of other products in India which are already wholeheartedly accepted in abroad, other than the Ketchup?

 Ans. First of all I would say in India also we are not negating the mark. We are doing well. As per RND we are coming up with a new product which is sprouted malt drink. This is made from germinated gram which is roasted for 48 hours. That’s fantastic and very much healthy.So,we are really doing well with RND.

11. The last question I will end up with, is the controversy between Complan and Horlicks.There was a judiciary conflict going on that Complan makes children taller and Horlicks makes taller, stronger and sharper,How Heinz faced the challenge and competition?

Ans. See,there was a controversy regarding Maggie as well.The thing is that if you promise to deliver something through your product you have to do it.The company made the corrections it is going good now. Then the question was about promising and delivering. Theymade necessary changes in components. Now it’s running well. Moreover, speaking about quality, both Complan and Glucon-D come under the top high trusted brand in India. That makes the remark.