Mr. Swyambhu Roy – Branch Head – Micromax Informatics

How is the work environment in a telecommunication industry?

A: Post 5th Sept when Jio came in, things changed a lot. The products and the demand of the customers has changed. Data usage is where telecom stands right now, it’s the future. The network coverage and the geographical coverage provided is the only key to success now.  From a HR’s perspective it’s very good, this is an industry where you can learn a lot of things in a number of ways, and learning different things makes it more palatable for you to understand.

How do you think the GST will affect the industry?

A: If you are planning something really big for the whole country, this raft of GST is too early to understand. The step has been taken to do something really good which will actually help the economy to grow but on the other hand, we are really lagging behind.

Do you really feel that there is no second chance to a first impression?

Yes. Definitely there is. Mr.Marvin Attapattu , the renowned Srilankan cricket captain, in the beginning of his career had many failed attempts and was dropped out of the team twice But, he made a comeback and became the skipper of the team. With hard work and determination, you can get a second chance to improve your first impression.

What makes you stay positive?

A: One word in which I’ll answer ‘belief’. If you don’t have believe in yourself you won’t be able to trust others, and hence, there will be no self-confidence.

Success cannot be measured in terms of money, do you agree?

A: True. Swami Vivekananda and Mr. Ambani bothwere successful. So, money is not the common factor.

How do you keep your employees happy?

A: There are two ways, the moment you go up the ladder you start delegating the right thing to the right person. If the person working for you is not happy with his own job, then your job is in trouble.

How can you grow quickly in a telecommunication industry?

The way the industry is shaping up you need to have a prior knowledge of networking and management,you need to have a perfect blend of it to become successful.

Any piece of advice for MBA students?

Stay focused and think like an entrepreneur and be your own boss. That’s what MBA and BIBS will guide you to do.

Subhashree Dey

Sec D 2017-19 Batch