Why should you Work on your Soft Skills to Improve your Position in the Organization?

Your reputation at work depends on a lot of things and truth be told, the most important professional skills can neither be taught in classrooms nor measured in papers. These are commonly known as soft skills and are absolutely integral to your career. Soft skills are difficult to quantify, like how can you quantify your communicant skills or writing expertise? But your soft skills are as important as technical abilities, so improving them will definitely help you proceed in your career.

Communication skills, both verbal and written are extremely important. They not only help you to build relationships with your co-worker, but they also helps you to clearly express of what the what, who, when, how and why of the project. Honing your communication skills is a must, because a lot depends on your presentation skills and public speaking abilities.

When you are at your workplace, things might not go as planned; there will be unprecedented problems, unforeseen issues and of course unplanned emergencies. What will you do when you are thrown in the sea of turmoil and asked to swim against the tide? You adapt. You really need to pivot and find alternate solutions; be flexible and adapt to the various shifts. At any point of time, you might have to adapt to new technology, new projects, and new challenges.

When you are in a team of people with diverse nature and varied interests, it is obvious that there will be conflict of interest. As a team player you must hone your capabilities of resolving issues with your co-workers. Working through constructive criticism is not easy. But you must be able to work through disagreements with your colleagues. This of course is a sign of maturity and shows that you have the leadership mettle.

It is obvious that one single person cannot make a project successful. All of us need to work together as a ‘team’ and work against a common goal. The idea is to leave aside your personal goals and work towards a common good. This is easier said than done. But in order to progress, employees must be able to synthesize their individual talents, collaborate with each other and improve the quality of work delivered. Whenever an employee is in trouble, you should extend your helping hand out of good gesture. To think, that it is a personal problem and does not affect you shows that you are not fit to be a team player. Things like covering for a business colleague when he or she is facing some personal problems is also crucial for good team performance.




5 Major Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in India

A few years ago, a movie featuring  Anna Hathaway and Robert De Niro came to the cinemas. The movie ‘The Intern’ dealt with an interesting subject; as part of the CSR program, Anna’s firm decides to hire senior members of the society. The story beautifully narrates how Robert after managing some initial hiccups blends perfectly into the energetic super-busy world of Anna’s start-up with a bunch of youngsters. The film beautifully explores how communication is a two-fold  method and both Anna and Robert despite of coming from two different generations benefit from their friendship.

And that precisely brings us to our first lesson which is communication. When it comes to a start-up or an entrepreneurial project, the employees must be prepared to manage more than their respective areas of expertise. They must be equipped to handle more than one task at a time. As an employer, you must prepare your employees about the challenges that they are likely to face in the initial months. Keep the tunnel of communication open so that your employees can approach you with all kinds of queries and problems.

The film also teaches us about another important aspect of entrepreneurship. You should continue to do what you want if you are passionate about it. When you face a roadblock, you cannot give up on your dream or goal. Against the mountains of diversity, one has to work and continue with the good work. Not everyone can reach the destination on their desired time. Even late bloomers will flourish in their life. If problems are persistent, try to get feedback from other professionals and you might have to tweak your strategy a bit.

No matter how incredible your service or product is, you need time to create customer awareness. Often with limited budget and finances it is not possible to retain customers in the long run. Statistics reveal that only 1% of the start-ups have stupendous overnight success, with the major 90% fading in oblivion. A product which can sell itself can be the driving force of a start-up. But mostly, you need innovation in your products and guaranteed customer satisfaction to gain the initial foothold in the market.

When you are an entrepreneur, you cannot let fear dictate your strategy. It will simply paralyze your actions and hamper your progress and growth. Skepticism is good, because this will make you cautious, but fear can be a self-sabotage which keeps us grabbing the right opportunities. Take small steps, try to mitigate the risks as much as possible, but make things happen; because if you don’t who will?

Identify your areas of strength and weakness. To be aware about both of them can help you to chalk out your strategy effectively. You cannot compare yourself with others; the focus should be on improving your strengths and work on your not-so-strong areas. And if you plan to quit your 9-5 job, spend some time to evaluate your talents by jumping ahead.

Being an entrepreneur will pose many challenges, but the freedom of being your own boss is something that you will want to experience.

5 Creative Ideas to Create Brand Awareness about Your Products

Have you ever wondered how some brands have become an integral part of our lives? You do not need Salman Khan to tell you to ‘taste the thunder’ when you are thirsty. Or when you have a minor cut, you do not look for just any plastic bandage, you automatically search for a Band Aid. And of course no woman can do without the Scotch Brite products for cleaning their utensils. These brands are so famous that they have successfully replaced the generic terms for the products. Building a successful brand is not easy; you need the right marketing strategies which will boost your brand.

Marketing is a time-consuming and expensive affair, but the good thing is that you have free ways to promote your brand. One of the simplest ways to do it is by cross-promoting with professionals who belong to the same industry. This is an agreement between two parties who mutually decide to promote each other’s services and products. If you are a food consultant, you can advantageously cross-promote with a company that supplies nutritional supplements and health food.

One of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness is to create a unique fun identity of the brand.  Many brands like Dollar Shave Club and Old Spice add a healthy dose of humor in their promotional ads. Then there are other brands which use the method of storytelling for promoting their brand. Tanishq, for instance weave a beautiful story around their products. With digital marketing as an aid, you can have some innovative ideas that will help your brand to stand out among many. Infographics, for instance is one of the interesting ways to display your marketing statistics and data.

When you are trying to create brand awareness about your product or service, you can use small incentives to attract the attention of the customers. You can start a referral program like give existing clients a reward. Give a 20% off on their next buy so that the clientele has an impetus to return to your service. Online contest is another great way to engage customers. No customer whether existing or potential can ignore the call of a freebie.

There should be personal touch to everything you do for your brand. Personalization lends authenticity which most customers crave from brands. In every bit of communication, whether it is being done through your site or through mail, add something personal which shows your audience that you care. If you are new to this new method of personalization, there are three ways to initiate it; try to make a personalized direct mail campaign, or a personalized landing page or a personalized website.

Use multiple platforms to distribute your content for branding. Videos are passé now. Your audience cannot read your blogs when they are driving or jogging; but they can always listen to your podcasts. 65% of the people are visual learners, but the rest of them learn better by listening. Instead of writing a blog, you can just use the transcription of your podcast in your blog and your content is effortlessly recycled.

It is always better to experiment with your marketing strategy, because your audience will not be able to forget your product if your brand presence is strong.