5 Ways Cloud Computing is Changing the Face of Business

Over the past few years, cloud computing has gained significant popularity in recent years;  there is  constant expansion of computing capacities in the organization. All the big corporates use the cloud optimally to keep up with the emerging technologies; applications are now big in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data. Cloud computing has created an impact in various areas in IT increasing the back-end efficacy, resource efficiency and overall productiveness.

Ease in Software Updates

Previously software upgrades have been considered as an extremely tedious job, especially, if the change is mammoth and done on a larger scale throughout the organization. With cloud computing these hassles of system updates are tackled without a glitch. Plus, you need not keep an eye on the maintenance aspects . With an able service provider, the ongoing updates will never hamper the core competencies of the organization.

Flexibility in the organization

With cloud computing, it is quite easy for everyone to not only access, but share business-related documents from any location to multiple users. Cloud computing offers unlimited storage space and allows easy access to all the files to keep corporations connected all the time. This is a much-desired flexibility for end users.

Big Savings on Operational Expenses

As your company moves to cloud, it lowers the operational expenses substantially. Expenses on equipments and IT staffing will come down. With an efficient cloud service provider handling the system and security updates, the organizations can make their infrastructure budget less. The cloud technology as compared to an onsite IT service is only a fraction of the total expense. When you compare individual servers to virtual servers, the latter is definitely cost-effective and much efficient.

Effective Customer Interaction

One of the new trends in digital communication is AI software or ‘chatbots’ which can easily communicate with direct consumers by using a real human voice. With cloud services you can have useful tools which will improve your operations, reporting system and efficiently integrate it with CRM systems. With an improved communication system, your customer support team will engage more with the customers and focus on resolving issues with the consumers. New communication channels can open up across multiple platforms like text, email and chat.

Making Business Mobile

If your business is still not mobile, you are losing on two sectors: precious customers and growth opportunities. This mobile trend will continue  as most workers these days operate remotely and function from field. With an effective cloud computing system, your business will be more mobile so that more employees and customers can access data and files as and when there is a need. On the other hand, as files move in and out of the cloud, you need more file version control. In a cloud computing system, there will be one centralized location and you will access only one true version of the file. A cloud computing system offers better data integrity as compared to an onsite IT backup system.

10 Must-have Apps for Students

Learning is not limited to classroom only, students can now access useful resources using different apps; the right apps can make the life of the students entertaining, informative and fun. Whether you need to organize your schedule, budget your income or need assistance in your studying process, downloading some of these useful apps can make a lot of difference. Recently, a student who had a good MBA placement has spoken about the usefulness of Dropbox which is a virtual drive and saves all the data without the fear of losing or erasing anything. Here are top 10 must-have apps for students.

Whether you like it or not, getting up for a class in college can be quite tricky; the warmth of the bed especially in winters can be more alluring than the classroom lectures. All students face this dilemma; if you are facing the same trouble or need a reminder of the various every day duties, the Sleep Cycle App can be really handy. This is not your regular alarm; it will ensure that you get enough rest, as it smartly analyzes one’s sleep pattern using the microphone with an accelerometer. A premium version of the app also includes details like heart rate tracking. This is quite an inexpensive app and are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Life would be so easier with a CamScanner, an app that actually uses your phone camera to scan any image and convert it in a PDF document. And with a PDF document, it is always easy to share it over text or mail. This is a free app which is also available both on Android and iOS platforms.

You only know the value of money when the pocket money disappears fast. Won’t it be good if you have an app which would help you to organize and record all your expenses along with an option to add details of everything you spend? Good news is that you need not spend a single penny on Toshl which is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

And when it comes to money, you simply cannot do without Splitwise; this comes as a real saviour when you need to do a dutch-in and you are the only one with money. This is a situation common in college life when most of your friends are pretty broke and always promise to pay you later. Instead of having friends rushing to the nearest ATM, you just cue them to Splitwise which will not only split the bill equally but also set a reminder to collect the money. With this app in the smartphone, you still can be the nicest and coolest guy in the group, but not compromise on your finances.

Cannot keep up with an endless queue of deadlines and daily tasks? A little mismanagement can create havoc in your routine. Do not go crazy and leave the management on TimeTune. This app will strike off the tasks on your daily basis and you will be given a constant reminder. It has an extremely easy-to-use interface  where you can schedule a weekly as well as a weekend routine. Use this app, and you will be surprised with the amount of work that you can manage every day.

Those who do not want to carry a bulky laptop or a heavy storage device, your best friend is your Google Drive. It is hands down the most integrated cloud storage system when you are using an Android phone. Of course, equally good are OneNote and DropBox, but because Google has an extensive presence, it is most readily available. It is possible to access almost everything from documents to photographs to music from your cloud account.

You cannot be bright and always be 100% attentive for classroom lectures. Choose the right app to make your life easy and stress-less. AudioNote is available in both Android and iOS. It not only records the audio version of your lecture, but also correctly synchronizes with your notes. Do you know what is its best feature? It just allows you to click on a word in your notes and this will take you back to the exact point of audio recording.

When you are out with your friends for a party or a late night adventure, you should never compromise on your safety. Let VithU help you. This emergency app should be your best friend. It will alert your selected contacts in just one click of the button. This has been developed by Channel V and will always alert your designated receivers quickly and promptly. The best thing about the app is that it also updates the receiver about your location within 2 minutes.

Want to remain updated about current affairs and news? Students with both Android and iOS platforms can get hold of News in Shorts which will give you an update of all the news across India in just 60 words. This genius creation is the brainchild of a group of IIT dropouts and will easily pick the most important news in any category and just sum it up for you, so that you can scan and get the crux of the news. And if you are appearing for an interview after passing out from the management institutes, you need to keep this app handy.

Found out several important links while doing a research on a particular topic? When you do not have the time to read everything at one go, Pocket comes handy as you can add the links in this app and use them later for future reference. No need to dive into the browser history and rummage through lots of articles to find the exact one you are searching for. You can also tag them as per your semester, course, year and your preference.

Technology can help you survive through education, not mess your expenses and even finish your task within a stipulated deadline. Be tech-savvy and use these apps which will make life easier, simpler and definitely better.


5 Goals Every Small Business Should Have

It’s a wrap for 2017, and we begin 2018 on a fresh clean slate. Now is the time to have those goals which will be effective for your small business. From innovative to serious, these are the 5 goals which every small business should have. After all, it is high time to create a roadmap to improve processes for multiple areas in your business.

Analyze your Mistakes and Take a Vow not to Repeat them

Although 2017 is over, let’s not forget about the blunders and mistakes that we have committed. Take some time to review your business performance for last year and find out ways which helped to generate revenue. Measure both your success and failures of the previous year to understand where to excel and what could be done better. Most importantly, personalize your business objectives for the new year as per your requirements. Take a look at the analytics. Numbers never lie. They will tell you what brings revenue and what is not.

Woo your Customers

It is time to study customer behavioural patterns and rewrite your customer strategy. Find a creative and unique way to tell your customers how much you appreciate them. Plan a social giveaway for your present and past customers. Do not just tell them that you are providing a 5% discount on the next purchase. Offer something substantial like retailers can consider a special promotion or a loyalty points program for their customers. Drive a ‘know your customers campaign’ for better communication.

Offer something new

If you have not introduced a new product or changed your product line for a while, this year is the best time to add something new to your product line or service. When your customer has given a positive feedback about a product or service, you should take that into consideration before introducing something new. The other effective way to make your brand stand out among competitors is to create a new spin and add a fresh lease to your existing product.

Keep your Employees Happy

Do you know the secret ingredients of your business? Loyal customers and happy employees. Often small businesses do not have the resources to provide financial incentives. But luckily, all employee incentives need not be financially-driven. Go for an employee recognition program; you can just highlight a personal or business accomplishment in the company newsletter. Why not give your employees the option to have a flexible work schedule? A laid-back environment is also a great impetus for employee growth.

Invest in new equipment or technology

When it comes to small business, outdated equipment or technology can provide an edge to your competitors. You should upgrade your technology from time to time. Take a convenient business loan or a line of credit which can fit into your budget seamlessly without interrupting the cash flow. Instead of making an one-time big expenditure, it is best to spread the investment over months. Do a face lift which will attract the attention of your customers. Before that, you should take a stock of the inventory.

As building your business needs some forethought, it is high time to do some brainstorming and decide on your goals which will be beneficial for your business.