Top 5 Reasons to Study in BIBS

Who doesn’t want a high salary after graduation, get a top management position or own a business of their own? If you are ready to enter the competitive business world of today, an MBA degree will give you a gamut of advantages, especially when it is offered by a top business school like BIBS. Here are top 5 reasons to study in BIBS and earn a coveted position in the big world of corporates.

Dynamic Courses Helping Students to have an Edge over their Peers

It is a tough world out there. Students have to be armed with knowledge and equipped with expertise to face the big business world. The courses offered in BIBS like PGPBM and MBA, PGPIBM and MBA and PGPFM and MBA are designed in such a manner so that students can benefit both from classroom teaching along with practical work. The PGPFM and MBA is a collaborative programme offered by BIBS and NSE Academy where students are exposed to various insights by leading academicians and financial experts to capitalize on opportunities in financial management.

BIBS Creates All-rounders

Before the students are absorbed in various companies, they are given an opportunity to explore their full potential at BIBS through various platforms. Along with their curriculum which is designed to help students excel in their individual disciplines, students are also given the opportunity to understand the world of business. Events like Brand Wars and USP help students who want to be entrepreneurs; it is their first experience of launching a new product or selling a unique idea to their potential investors. Passport is a group discussion competition, where students are pitted against each other before their summer internships. While OLE is an outdoor learning event where students are encouraged to go out for team bonding, A2A helps to hone their presentation skills.

Tie-ups with Prominent Companies

The students of BIBS have access to information services and business management for advanced research and different management journals of IIM-A’s National Information Centre of Management.  With the tie-up with the NSE Academy, the students of BIBS have custom-made courses on financial management and get to learn from not only NSE, but other reputed finance companies in this programme. Among the many prominent companies, BIBS has tie-ups with Oracle for ERP, PwC where after completing the internship, students get the opportunity to apply for final placements. Some of the other reputed names in this segment are Reliance Money, KPMG, MDIS Singapore, NEN and TiE.

Proper Placements with Various Leading Brands

BIBS have been consistently ranked among the best; it is one of the top 20 business schools in Eastern India as found in a survey conducted by The Times of India B School Survey. In 2016, BIBS has been awarded as the Management College of the Year 2016 for Excellence in Placements which is awarded by the Higher Education Review. It has been recognized as one of World’s Greatest Brands 2015. Students of BIBS have been absorbed in some of the most prominent brands of the world like ICICI Bank, L&T Finance, Merico, Google, Asian Paints, ITC, Dabur, American Express, IndusInd Bank, Britannia, and PwC.

Strong Network of Alumni

The new students at BIBS can connect to the strong alumni network and get acquainted with their successful seniors who are now in prominent positions in some of the most reputed brands. New students get a chance to connect with both industry experts and alumni through a single platform.


5 Career Options after an MBA Degree

It is a known fact that going to a business school will definitely boost your career prospects. It will not only give you an edge over competition, but will also ensure that you have a good package. Let’s take a quick look at 5 of the popular career options after an MBA with specializations in Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource. From entrepreneurial ventures to senior roles in management, there are quite a few options for an MBA degree holder.

Management consultant

One of the key responsibilities of a management consultant is to solve problems. As a consultant, you will have the option to work as a freelancer or with a consultancy firm. The salary package is extremely good, and once the business insiders know about your capabilities, you will be the most sought-after man in the corporate world.

Finance analyst

After you have gone through the rigorous curriculum of the B-school, your analytical skills will be greatly enhanced. In a business school, you are taught to examine case studies which help you with your financial knowledge. These will only help you to prepare for the job role of a finance analyst. Finance analysts are quite sought-after people because they help to assess and analyze the financial risks involved with a particular business proposal. They are the ones who will calculate the risks and also document ways to mitigate them in mergers and acquisitions. People in this job profile are responsible for research and analysis of data, and should be able to create sustainable financial models.

Brand Managers

One of the newer profiles in the market, the job of a brand manager is to build a brand from scratch. An off-shoot of marketing management, the brand managers should have an aptitude for digital and internet marketing, online brand reputation management, business management. They should have a thorough knowledge about SEO, software and the latest technological developments. They must be able to understand how they can drive sales through digital marketing. Extra knowledge about Adwords, Adsense, social media marketing and SMO is also required.

Logistics Managers

Those who have specialized in demand and supply chain management will find this job profile suitable. In a larger organization, they are part of the operations team and ensure that the cargo operations are executed effortlessly. They are the ones who are responsible for identification, investigation and resolution of conflicts in case of theft or loss of goods or products. They will review and inspect the payment details of products and ensure that all invoices are in place. In other words, they will oversee the end-to-end delivery of goods and products of an organization.

Human Resource Managers

Every organization has a talent pool. And the regulating forces of that talent pool are the HR people. In other words, they are people managers who look after the welfare of the human resources of the organization. An organization cannot run smoothly without a good HR team. They are involved in recruiting, training new joinees, advising on pay issues including promotion and other benefits. A human resource manager must be updated with areas like employment law which evolves and changes with time.

Why should you opt for a Management Degree?

Did you know that 90% of employers prefer people with a management degree from one of the reputed institutes? A management degree is way more than acquiring knowledge; management education gives you an edge over others. You can apply to any company of your choice and earn a lucrative salary package. A management degree essentially puts you in the same bracket as the leaders of the company. If you are aspiring for a leadership position, a management degree is a must.

The ultimate career growth

Most management students are extremely well-trained and well-equipped to handle the various nuances of the business world. A few years of experience in the corporate world and you can earn a lot more you can imagine. Armed with a management degree, you have the confidence to take on the world. A clear difference can be noted in the approach of an ordinary graduate student and a management graduate. Before he/she steps into the real world, a management student is exposed to debates, case studies, and presentations. They are thoroughly prepared to handle clients, deadlines and tough situations.

Enhancing your people management skills

A company with a good HR or Human Resource Team can achieve a lot; it is the people who are the driving force of an organization. When you opt for a management course, you are taught about people’s behaviour, different dynamics of an organization, how to deal with a stressful client, the right attitude for a workplace and are trained to deal with difficult people. In other words, the course helps you to enhance your people management skills, especially when you are working in a team. You cannot get maximum productivity unless all the members of the team start functioning in the right manner. And that’s when a management degree comes handy.

Often work experience is not enough

Many might nurture this conception that their experience in their chosen career path will help them to proceed further. It is not possible to learn everything from experience alone. In the world of management and business, strategies, theories, job insights often surpass the benefits of experience. Often when you gain experience in one particular zone, you may be severely lacking in another area. The purpose of a management degree is to provide an all-encompassing overview of all the spectrums of business. It will help you to gain a top view of the wider world.

Are you lacking the insight of peers and mentors

Among the many benefits of going to a management school, one is to create a strong network of friends, peers and alumni. The benefit of a management degree goes further than the information you receive; it essentially includes the insights and interaction from fellow students and your seniors. They often have plenty to offer from their own understanding and experiences. In any business school, networking is one of the most important aspects of the entire process. As you enroll for a management degree, you will soon understand what you have gained from your peer group.

If you are still debating about the benefits of a management degree, it is good to remember those who strive for betterment can reach the top!