5 Topics that you can Choose for Marketing Projects

While choosing a marketing project, it is imperative that you decide on what you want to become after five years. It is almost like a self-analysis which you need to do to determine your career path. Do you want to become a Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketer, Marketing Researcher, Analyst, Communication Specialist or a Web Analytics Person? Take up a project which depends on the kind of role you are going to take. Here are some of the topics that you can choose for your marketing projects.

Topic which is relevant for digital transformation





Currently we are witnessing the digital transition; a project which will combine the fundamentals of web development, marketing with the digital world as a vehicle will be appropriate. Ask any student of a best-rated MBA college and they will tell you that each and every topic in digital marketing will be interesting: you can do your project related to SMM, SEO, Analytics, Email Marketing or anything related to Display Medium.

Topic which is related to customer behaviour analysis/customer management





Those who are specializing in marketing in MBA, can choose a topic related to customer behaviour analysis or customer management. Students at one of the top 5 MBA colleges in Kolkata will tell you that marketing is more than creating just a jingle or a catchy line. You need to understand consumer behaviour as well. You can do a project on various consumer behaviour models: you can prepare a project on black-box model which emphasizes on the external stimulus response of a customer. You can talk about the personal-variable model or the complex model where the consumer considers both internal and external factors before buying anything.

Topic which is related to market potential of a particular product





All companies will agree that one has to know about the market potential before launching or relaunching a product. You can prepare a project where you can examine a proper method to analyze the market. To determine the market potential of a market, you need to do proper market research; you need to analyze your potential customer base, current environmental conditions, and your competition.

Topic which is associated with analysis of various market segments





Are you good with fieldwork? Do you have an aptitude for studying figures and long reports? Then you can think about a topic which can be an analysis of different market segments. Segmentation is all about identifying various group of buyers in a market to target specific services or products for each group. You can do a project on how companies can tailor or customize the offering for various groups. The idea of segmentation mostly starts with research and market analysis; often this topic involves detailed research, so be prepared to study a lot.

Topic about how you can create brand awareness





Most companies look for a suitable marketing strategy which will help to create brand awareness. Marketing students have to be good at two things: analysis and strategy. If you are good with strategizing, then you can create a project which can be a detailed roadmap about a specific product or service. Your project or report should be a detailed study about how you can build your brand.

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5 Subjects that Every Finance Student Should Take

When you choose a career in finance, you are expected to find effective ways to manage the finances of the company, create wealth and increase the net asset of the organization. Most finance majors should be prepared to study topics which include planning, raising funds for the company, making wise investments and controlling the expenses of the company. Finance majors are expected to be experts in when it comes to critical decision-making which are often crucial for companies. Choose your courses carefully; apart from the regular finance degree curricular, one should study the following subjects.







If you have already taken courses in calculus and algebra in college, it will help you to solve equations in complex financial markets. A course in statistics will be beneficial as the subject helps to take crucial decisions based on likely outcomes. Thorough knowledge of the subject helps the finance students to know about the movement of a company’s stocks and how they can be better allocated.







Knowledge in microeconomics will allow the finance students to understand the impact of the activities of the financial market; you will be able to understand how the activities influence the overall market economy. You get to study the behaviors that normally happen within firms and among customers. Your knowledge in Economics will help you to understand how and when financial decisions can impact firm’s success.








Any communication course such as presentation skills or public speaking can help the finance students to not only present the finance reports, but explain the meanings behind the numbers and equations. A good leader should be capable of delegating responsibilities to employees; most business students, a Finance major in particular need courses in crisis communications, corporate communications and public relation strategies.

Corporate Finance






Corporate finance is all about understanding the financial problems of an organization beforehand and prevent them. In case of any mergers and acquisitions, a concerned finance analyst should have knowledge about corporate finance. Capital investments are an integral part of corporate finance; decisions like whether dividends should be offered to shareholders or not, or a proposed investment option should be accepted or rejected can be taken without any hassle if you have knowledge about corporate finance.






Although it is said that accounting has a narrow focus, it is important to take it as a subject if you are planning a Finance major. With knowledge in accounting, it is possible to focus on both past records and present reports; the creation and analysis of these records often become crucial for financial decisions for an organization.

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