5 Companies that have Made an Impact with Innovation

The word ‘innovation’ is tossed around a lot in both technology and business circles and it is one of the buzzword in 2018. Fostering the culture of innovation is essential for any ambitious company which seeks long-term success and relevance. When it comes to innovative business models, these 5 companies have shown us that if there is a need, you can disrupt the status quo and revolutionize your business.

Netflix: The New-age Masters of Small Screen







Although Netflix began with its DVD mail service in 1999, it started generating original content  in 2011. In 2017, they shifted their focus and started producing movies aiming to release more than 80 movies. Netflix is not interested to cater to a broad audience, rather it wants to retain its appeal in niche market and offer movies or shows to audience without which they can’t live without. In 2016, Netflix made a major upgrade in user interface where they replaced their static poster images with custom-created preview videos which will play automatically when you scroll on the title card.

Stitch Fix: One of the Impressive Start-ups of all times

Stitch Fix, an ecommerce subscription company has almost 2.2 million users where the users receive boxes or ‘fixes’ of accessories, clothing and shoes based on their personal style. Stitch Fix wants to be an alternative to digital baron Amazon by offering bespoke selection of clothes. In other words, everything Stitch Fix offers is opposed to fast clothing. In 2017, after the company went public, it was valued at $1.46 billion. Now the company has expanded its demographics and have also included sections for plus-sizes, men and premium brand options.

Rely on Reliance Jio

You have admit that Reliance has brought mobile revolution with India’s first 4g LTE network. To build a strong foundation of next-gen broadband infrastructure, the organization has come up with 100,000 new cell towers. One of their marketing techniques was providing data at price drop giving service free for the first six months. With their daring attitude, they asked Indians to shed their inhibition of using data. The risk was huge, but the bet paid off and Jio signed more than 150 million customers.

Are your images Insta-worthy?

This is a common lingo of the millennial generation, but it only shows that how much Instagram means to our lives. Although it started as a free mobile app meant for only iOS operating system, it has now evolved into a multi-platform network. Previously, one could only share images on Instagram. As the app garnered response among musicians, Instagram extended its video-sharing functionality so that users can add 60-second clips and also added its option for Snapchat-inspired Instagram stories.

Gucci adopts street-style fashion with élan

Gucci which is normally associated with high-street fashion has been undergoing a transformation. In 2015, the newly appointed CEO Marco Bizzarri and Creative Director Alessandro Michele have changed the look of the brand  and made it more edgy, modern and embraced the street style fashion. It has relied on its social media platforms and collaborated with influencers and artists and styled Gucci products in a fresh way.







5 Movie Stars with the Biggest Endorsements in India

You have to agree that today’s consumers are simply spoilt for choices and at times it becomes difficult to distinguish from one brand from another. And when you are vying for the top spot in a competitive world, you need an edge. A celebrity can have immense influence on generating brand awareness and ensuring the success of a particular campaign of a specific product. Celebrity endorsement can be a successful advertisement strategy and can influence your purchasing decision. In India, a celebrity endorsement is a big thing and you will be surprised to know that there are quite a few names who have made it to Forbes List. Let’s find out about the few with the biggest endorsements in India.

Come to think of the brand value of Akshay Kumar, you will be surprised by how far the star has come. From an actor who leapt mid-air to confront the villains to some of the more substantial roles, Akshay Kumar is a brand to be reckoned with. And trade pundits believe that it is his humility which have made him one of the forerunners in the top brand endorsements in India. Kumar has apparently moved 4 places from 2017 list and ousted Salman Khan from his coveted position. The once-famous action star is known to have the highest endorsements in Bollywood currently and he seems to be endorsing everything from batteries to energy pills. Apart from his film earnings, he mints millions from backend profits and endorses some 20 different brands. No wonder, his endorsement fees per year amounts to 8 to 10 crores each year.

Closely following Akshay Kumar is Salman Khan, the Bharat star. His mainstay hits such as Tiger Zinda Hain has allowed him to cash on his backend profits. Salman Khan remains one of the nation’s top earners with brand endorsements like Suzuki motorcycles and Chlormint gum. Salman Khan is one of the few celebrities who has started promoting brands even before his rise to stardom. A regular face in TV commercials, Salman Khan apparently charges 3.5 to 5 crores a day for endorsement. And not to forget that he has successfully leveraged his celebrity status to enhance his own brand Being Human.

The Khans seem to have a supremacy everywhere; from Bollywood to celebrity endorsements, they seem to be reigning it in style. Although “Thugs of Hindostan’ is touted as one of the biggest flops of 2018, Mr. Perfectionist still maintains his charisma and his endorsements speak a lot about his suave nature. With any brand he takes up, he is just not the face of the brand, he apparently goes extensively through the marketing plans and gets into all the details before he commits to the brand. According to insiders, his deal with Snapdeal resulted in earnings of 30 crores. For each brand that he endorses, he charges 5-7 crores a day.

And if you thought that the world only revolves around the Khans, you have missed the glam divas of Bollywood. The glam divas are no less when it comes to their brand value. Take Deepika Padukone for instance. One of the highest paid actresses of recent times, Deepika has left her contemporaries far behind when it comes to brand endorsements. Apparently she charges a whopping 7.5 crores for every endorsement. The stunning lady is seen in ads of Parachute, Axis Bank, Vogue, Garnier, Lifestyle Melange.

They may not be the best of friends in Bollywood for reasons obvious, but Deepika’s contemporary Katrina Kaif seems to be on her toe when it comes to brand endorsements. Known as one of the bankable stars in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif can be seen in the ads of a number of important brands like Lux, Panasonic, Veet, Berger Paints, Titan Raga, LG to name a few. For each endorsement, she charges 5-6 crores per day.



5 Backpacking Trips that you can take within 10,000 while you are in College

Myth: travelling is an expensive affair. Reality: you can travel the world in a budget. And when there are long weekends you feel the bite of the travel bug or the itch to bunk college. The only thing that limits you from packing your bags and taking off to an obscure place is your budget. Hear! hear! We have jotted down 5 backpacking trips that you can take within 10,000 while you are in college.

The Allure of the Backwaters

The backwaters in God’s own country has been a dream destination for many. You do not need to postpone your trip thinking about expenses, because a short tour to Alleppey is possible. For a 2 night/3 day stay, the cost can vary between Rs 250 to Rs 700 a day. And if you are planning to stay in a houseboat, it starts from Rs 6000 per day for 1 BHK which includes 3 meals. You can easily split it with your friends. All you need to do is enjoy the verdant countryside, waterways and the lagoons.

A trek through Kasauli

If you are an adventure enthusiast, then a trek through Kasauli should be in your list of must-dos. The most cost effective way to reach Kasauli is to board a train from Delhi to Kasauli. Then you can take a shared taxi to reach your destination. It will take less than Rs 1500 to reach Kasauli. Opt for pocket-friendly hotels where you will get the accommodation within Rs 1000. A 3-day trip will cost less than 5000, so you will be left with a lot of money to splurge on the trip.

Go for Goa

Goa is definitely every backpacker’s dream destination. Plan a short trip for 3 days; board a train from Margao from Mumbai which is a cost-effective option. You will be glad to know that beach accommodation starts at Rs 500 a night. Of course, you will be spoilt for choices as Goa boasts some of the best restaurants in the country with an eclectic mix of cuisine, but to stick to your budget opt for the beach shacks. A good seafood meal will cost you Rs 150. Opt for bike rentals; it starts from Rs 250 and can go up to Rs 500 a day. There are so many things to explore in Goa; the beaches, Portuguese architecture and the local markets.

River rafting at Rishikesh

Rishikesh is not just for the spiritually inclined; it is also very much for the adventure junkies. If you are one of those who are looking for an adrenalin rush, river rafting at Rishikesh is just the kind of activity for you. You might want to stay there for 2 days. Take a shared taxi from Delhi which will cost you around 500. Share a tent with someone which will cost about Rs 150 per day; food is also quite inexpensive. Depending on your service provider river rafting will cost between Rs 400 to Rs 1300. Want to be more adventurous? Opt for beach camping which will cost up to Rs 1600 per person which includes 1 night stay, river rafting and 3 meals. If you want to experience white water rafting, Rishikesh is the place to be.

Hampi for the History Buffs

Hampi is a fabulous treat for history lovers and unlike popular belief it is one of the inexpensive destinations in India. Relive the golden era of the Vijaynagar dynasty. Board a train from Bangalore to Hospet which will cost you Rs 300. If you are taking an auto to Hampi, you need to pay Rs 100. The homestays are pretty inexpensive and some of them also include meals. It varies between Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per day. If you are taking a tonga to ruin sites, it will cost Rs 100. A 3 day trip to Hampi can be easily accomplished within Rs 10,000.