5 Ways AI [Artificial Intelligence] will Help Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence [AI] has been revolutionizing industries one by one and their next target in 2018 is the arena of digital marketing which is already in an evolved phase. In fact, AI has a huge potential in the area of digital marketing; it can not only offer better customer experience, but can also boost targeted marketing so that there is greater Return on Investment in business. Let’s talk about 5 ways in which AI will effectively help digital marketing.

AI ensures that we have technologies that are capable of recognizing voices and faces. You must have heard and used conversational interfaces. Just a decade ago, it was literally impossible to think that you could book a flight just by talking to the screen. When you are talking about personalizing user experience, one has to think about the huge potential of AI. Based on collected data like customer behavioural patterns, customer searches, and specific interests of the customers, customized content campaigns can be conducted. Chatbots, on the other hand are programmed to communicate with customers on the basis of data received. Days are not far when you will have multi-dimensional communication systems with enhanced sensory abilities like touch and voice.

With an AI-enabled software you can now get a detailed description of the image. You may have heard about Amazon’s latest creation Amazon Rekognition which is capable of identifying emotions, human faces and even identify objects. In case of financial and banking sector, the AI-enabled image recognition process can be used for customer security and faster payment processes. It is easier for any client to map the brand against the various photos available in social media to understand various buyer demographics. This helps to align the marketing strategies of a particular client.

Artificial Intelligence can be used as an optimization tool for offline marketing. AI has demonstrated great potential in automating ads. You can consider Facebook’s AI powered translation tool in this sector which has been trained to understand how intent works in various languages. Technologies like this can allow the marketers newer opportunities to distribute content internationally. With an AI-enabled software, you can now monitor web traffic, optimize content and interact with visitors on days when you are at home.

It is a known fact that most customers love content, services, products and content that are personalized for them. In a recent survey, it has been noted that almost 33% of the marketers use AI to deliver only personalized experiences to the user. You can automate email marketing and go for regular push notifications to all the prospective customers based on every micro moments.

In case of traditional marketing, it takes a lot of effort to collect the data of different sample sizes, filter them and then analyze them to create an effective plan. With an AI, you can penetrate deep into the data which can be easily extracted from various sources and reach the right audience through segmentation. As for consumers, they can browse through different AI-empowered suggestions while sitting at homes.

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