Learn to Face the Challenges of Professional Life Inspirational Talk with Mr. Soumen Ghosh of Apeejay Oxford Bookstores

People often say, real life learning comes from real life situations. And, it is as true with life as it is with education and career. BIBS, the premier B-School in Kolkata believes, none prepares a student better other than the experts from the industry itself. Here’s a motivational conversation, between one of our students, Abhishek Singh, MBA Batch of 2017-19 and Mr.  Soumen Ghosh, Assistant Manager of Apeejay Oxford Bookstores Private Ltd.

Mr. Ghosh visited BIBS campus and interacted with our students on 22nd July, 2017.

  1. Why success should not be measured only in terms of money?

Ans.   The parameter of success and the unit of measurement is not equal every time. For

example, M.S. Dhoni is a very successful captain for Indian Cricket Team and Anil Ambani is

a very successful businessman. They both are successful in their own field of work. However,

Anil Ambani has more wealth than Dhoni and Dhoni has more fans.

  1. How can the young professionals discover themselves in the chaos of responsibilities and challenges?

Ans.   Everyone has to take responsibility and face challenges in their life and a young

professional is not an exception. Life is the most efficient teacher for every human being and

therefore, one should not stress about problems and get prepared mentally and professionally to face all challenges of life. Yes, failures will come definitely but that’s a part of the journey. Don’t worry about the falls and start taking lessons from your mistakes because your mistakes will become your experience one day.

  1. How can we differentiate between a good boss and good leader?

Ans. Now, if you are talking about a leader like Mahatma Gandhi or Netaji Subhas Chandra

Bose, that is entirely something different, as they were from completely different league all together. But if you are talking about within a corporate organization, then I would say that only a Good Leader can be a Good Boss and visa-versa.  A Good Leader/Boss is the person who will be your friend, philosopher and guide and the same time should be a role model for you. A Good

Leader/Boss will always inspire you to be like him/her by his/her action.

  1. Sir, what would be your advice to aspiring managers like us?


  • Be positive – It’ll keep your journey steady,
  • Always analyze – It’ll help you to be in check,
  • Learn new things – It’ll help you to keep on evolving.

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