MBA Admissions – 2014

With the advent of blogs, chats and social media, and the over information flow by media houses and professionals on MBA admissions and each contradicting the other it is most imperative to get a transparent and unbiased text of what it is all about.

The  MBA Admissions department or council of any Business School has the primary responsibility of identifying  whether  an applicant will be able to seamlessly and effortlessly move on, in other words, whether or not he will be a desirable professional with the prospect of climbing the corporate ladder with the added education and professional knowledge provided by the institution and the skill and experience of the student.

Some of the key aspects of an MBA are mentioned as follows:

  • Strong Academic Record:  A strong academic record is a prerequisite for an MBA degree. The academic record of a candidate is the primary basis of screening as it provides the simplest and direct report of one’s knowledge base and understanding.
  • Intellectual Ability: Intellectual ability refers to one’s ability to understand, comprehend and apply the knowledge he has gathered to effective use in solving problems and situations. This is one of the most important characteristics an MBA aspirant must possess.
  • Good Test Scores: Approximately all MBA programs require the submission of a standardized test score result. Sometimes Institutions hold their own exams to test the abilities of the students. An applicant must perform well in these highly competitive exams and prove his/her mettle to the institution.

  • Quantitative Orientation: Even as institutions do not demand any advanced mathematics but basic quantitative ability and orientation is a must to handle the day-to-day studies and projects.
  • Analytical Mindset: It is very important that one must have an analytical mindset towards all that he encounters. He must be receptive to the problems and must try his level best to solve them using new and innovative solutions.
  • Leadership: Leadership cannot be taught but it is something that is inbuilt to a person. It is the unquantifiable proportional mix of charisma and vision with the ability to take on a responsibility and make sure it is executed perfectly.
  • Ambition, Motivation and Career Potential: The aspirant must have the strong desire within himself to achieve higher and more ambitious levels in life. This must be fired by his own zeal and self-motivation. Then only can he have a clear vision of this own career potential and the possible prospects.
  • Perseverance and Mental Toughness: Failure and Quitting are two words that cannot exist in the dictionary of an MBA. He has to strive work his way up and about. There will be several situations which may seem impossible to walk through but an MBA must fail and get back up again and walk the same path to success.
  • Team Player: Without a team, no work or effort will bear success. Thus an MBA must be a team player. Leading a team or to be led, either way, an MBA must stick to the basics of team ideals.
  • Recruitability:  Through the coursework and the other related projects, internships, and article-ships, one must gather and build a resume that would be worth looking at. Time must be used only to do things that would add positively to the resume and not otherwise as this not only gives the edge but also the knowledge which shoots up the recruitment possibility of a candidate.

Overall, it is no easy task to walk in the line of all the above points. It is and will be testing. But the final product is something that will make the candidate most acceptable to the corporate world. Thus an MBA is still one of the most preferred studies globally and as well as in India.

In Kolkata MBA scenario Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) has been providing this quality education with advanced placement opportunities and avenues. The curriculum and coursework as designed in absolute accordance with the constant changes in the business sphere. This an MBA from BIBS Kolkata is a complete and integrated degree with an outstanding value.

The competition for MBA admissions in Kolkata for 2017 is very stiff and is also diluted by the mushrooming growth of unrecognized institutes. Thus, students must carefully judge and decide on their applications.

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