A Tete-e-Tete With Mr. R.P. YADAV, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Genius Consultant

Sir, What is your advice to the Fresh MBA Graduates ?

Fresh MBA graduates need to do a lot of preparation as after the completion of the course they will be going for their job so they need to work on their Soft Skill. The young graduates must have a brief knowledge about the market and must be aware of the past and recent happenings of every industry. If these two processes are followed it will enhance your credibility and thus you will land up at a very good job.

Sir, What is your approach to Motivating and Developing Talent ?

Every Industry focuses on the development and motivating the fresh and existing talents because the walk in of fresh talents in any company bring new ideas, no innovations and so emphasis is given to each and every individual in a company. Like in our company we hire fresh talents and thus they are provided the responsibilities of different departments and through  this module we inculcate the hard skill in our employees and so every company has its own way of developing its employees. In the same manner  the  culture and work environment of any company plays an integral part towards its employees.

Sir, How does your company reward Good Performance ?

Our company has various platforms by which we review the performance of our employees. The good performing individuals are provided with the salary but apart from that we also provide them rewards like bonus, incentives and other perks are provide on our Quaterly Performance review system and by other review systems of our company.

Sir, what is the most important thing that your company is working on right now and what efforts are put in to make it happen ?

Our company has made turnover of Rs.700 crores and so right now we are working on to have a turnover of Rs.1000 crores by next year so a lot of initiatives are being taken over by our company  to make a big jump and so for that we need to take a lot of initiatives.

Sir, What are truly passionate about ?

Firstly, I am passionate about Golf and I am passionate about making my company big and keeping my clients and employees happy so everything which is related to my life whether it be my achievements, targets, or anything as such I consider it to be my passion.

Sir, What came into your mind that encouraged you to start your company ?

Every person who want to start his own business must have some conception about the product he/she is goin to sell, then knowing about the customer who will be interested in that product, having the capability in order to make that product big , so these are some points that an individual looks upon while starting up a venture.

Sir, What are the things that you regarded during your journey ?

The things which I have been holding till now and which led to make me successful are sincerity, commitment, truthfulness, eagerness to learn new things, be honest towards my customers, renovating the product with the change in the market scenario. So these are some basic mantras which will keep you uphold and fresh in order to be in pace always.

Sir, Was it your goal or dream to become a CEO of a company ?

When I started my career, obviously I never thought that I would become a CEO but as one get along every time one visualize next step these thoughts come your way and somewhere in that subconscious state one thinks of reaching up high but it cannot be done by flying or making a jump there are some steps which one needs to follow and it would ultimately take you where you want to see yourself.

An MBA In Finance: Know About The Career Growth And Future Prospects

MBA in itself is a coveted degree and the cream among all the MBA degrees is the one in Finance. The single most important reason for the popularity of Finance is the myriad career options one gets. The options available are Credit Managers and Specialists, Investment Sales Associates and Traders, Investment Banking Associates, Investment Bankers, Management Consultants, Risk and Insurance Managers, Cash Managers, Treasurers and Finance Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Corporate Controllers, Accounting Managers and Financial Managers or Financial Analysts.

Work of an MBA In Finance

With a Finance degree in hand, a person can expect to analyze the finances pertaining to a company. They can identify various source of finance and also find ways for raising funds. The finance of a company is what makes it capable of taking decisions regarding investments, strategic planning and other. The best thing about MBA in Finance is that job opportunities can be gotten in various sectors and they are eager to recruit fresh faces as well as experienced hands. With varied experience, the person can start a self venture because the capacity to make decisions and leadership aptitude is ingrained in them.

Annual Packages to Expect

The pay package is largely dependent on the B-school from where one graduates. Ordinarily, it is the Finance students who get the best offers with the highest pay packages in the industry. The normal package of an IIM graduate can be Rs 10-15 lakh a year.  Financial analysts can start off with Rs 4 lakh a year while Credit analysts start at Rs 5-6 lakh per annum. This amount can go up to Rs 20-30 lakh per annum with experience and promotions. For Management consultants, the starting salary can be around Rs 5-8 lakh which can go up to Rs 10-15 lakh per annum. All in all, an MBA in Finance is the sure way to kick-start a successful career where you can gather relevant and important experience and earn a great salary.

An Interview With Mr. Sandipan Chakravortty, Chairman Of TM International Logistics Ltd. (TMILL)

First of all Mr. Chakraborty is a very humble and an honourable man who was very happy to answer all the questions we had from him with a smiling face throughout in our CEO Conclave Event 

The questions were as follows :-

1) What is his approach to motivating and developing talents?

  1. A) First of all he introduced wat talent is, many people do masters but you have to make sure where talent lies within them for the outcome of that. Talent is never wasted, if an individual has talent he/she will be rewarded. The advise for average talented person is to first understand their talent. Self realisation must be there. You must fill your gap by two ways, one would be self realisation and second would be talking to your seniors. Communication is very important and how you get along with people. Give yourself time. And seniors are always there to help the fresh talents in developing.

2)How does your company reward good performance?

A)There is no fixed estimate in his company to reward good performance they keep on changing that. Increments and bonuses are part of hygiene. According to him first measure of performance comes then comes the rewarding of the performance. First the individual measure his performance then his boss does it and then his boss and so on. There are 3 appraisals which need to match and the individual has to come and sign a document and if he refuses to sign the matter goes to the managing director of a company and he has to take the call. Sending people to holidays is also a reward They have a very interesting award known as the excellence award in team work. There are set of award where individuals are punished. They are sent to Rishikesh or any hilly areas to trek and develop team work and all work together. And then there are recognitions, if someone has done some innovative project maybe he is worker he is awarded with a recognition infront of everyone. Punish in private and praise in public will always give an individual the strength to work even harder.


3)What is the most important thing that your company working on right now and how are you making it?

  1. A) The one important thing that the company always works on is the growth. They have got a turn

over of 100 billion dollars. That is tata group. They want to make it 200 billion dollars. They are in fortune 500. But to make it in top 5 they have they go about 150 billion dollars. So Growth is a very important factor. Risk is always involved. They have 110 companies having steels,automobiles, chemicals, jewellery and many more with 3,00,000 direct employees. 60% of the revenue comes from overseas. Tata is an indian company but most of the revenue come from overseas. For Example TCS (Tata Consultancy service). Growth in terms of sales and manufacturing that is both agenda working on.

4)What are you truly passionate about?

A)He is really passionate about one thing that is built in everyone’s system that is leadership with trust.

Thats what he believes in.

5)What are the things that you regarded during your journey?

A)With a smile he answered this all are long talks, but that would be integrity, ethics, frankness, communication, transparency.

6) What is your advise to the fresh MBA graduates?

  1. A) Ethics, intergrity, keep in mind you belong to less than half percent of the population. 40% of Indians eat one meal every alernate day. So think where you are, realise that you have responsibilities for these people wherever you are. You will find the world a great place to live in. Have an open mind and learn, always learn.

An Interview with Mr. Somdutta Basu. SOTC At The Phoenix Finale

Qs1. When we hear SOTC we know what we are talking about. So what according to you makes your company the brand it is today?

Ans- Oh! Great salesmen like us!

To give you an honest answer where we stand today, SOTC was no.1 in- till 2011. But in 2012 we lost our ground and became no.2. Again in 2015 we have shaped back to the situation where we all are looking at becoming no.1 again. Between 2012-15 we had become a little complacent about our products thinking we are and will remain no.1 so we lost basic grip on the sales as we stopped doing regular reviews. So now we all are back to the basics where we have redesigned our products and have very good sales people. Infact the only thing that distinguishes us from any other is our Sales Force. We have identified that every manager, of SOTC, region to region is doing better than that of other organisations’. Otherwise we did not do anything extra ordinary to become SOTC except for sticking to our promises, retain our customers by conducting various loyalty programs, we are truthful as a brand as we try to deliver what we promise with honesty and integrity.

Qs2. How long have you been associated with this company? So what qualities do you think is required to sustain an employee in your organisation?

Ans- 9 and a half years. We are not looking for employees but for entrepreneurs. We want people who are not merely looking to come for a 9-5 job. We want people who are engaged and think this to be their own business and run it accordingly. So we want smart people who desire to grow with the organisation.

Qs3- As you know today’s generation is quiet restless. So what does your company provide the new entrants to ensure a longer stay?

Ans- Our training budget is as good as our marketing budget. Which means we spend equal amount of money in marketing as well as in training our people. This is because we are in a people driven business, and in the industry if you ask, which organisation one should hunt for then they will say, please hunt SOTC. This is because we make our people very strong with our constant training.

Mr. Biswajoy Kumar Das, Head Marketing Traction, Exide Speaks About His Experiences in Phoenix Finale

  1. Sir, what are the qualities that you look for in a new entrant or employee with by which he can sustain in your organization?


Firstly, I look for honesty, again we cannot judge a candidate’s honesty in one meeting, and so I will put situations and then will see how he/she reacts to it.

Secondly, I look in a candidate is the adaptability to change and the kind of tech savvy he/she is because in today’s world we have to be tech savvy and again communication skill is there. Basically, I do not look into much knowledge and do not ask typical MBA questions because I believe that practical learning which takes place in the corporate field is more important. So,I generally do not look for a candidate who can answer me like, what are the Four P’s of marketing or definition of BCG Matrix. I give them situations if the candidate can sustain in those situation then he/she is the right person for me.

  1. QSir, How long have you been associated with the organization? What was your success plan and mindset when you joined this organization?

I am associated with the organization since last five years.

My mindset at that time was I had a low confidence level but my learning through mistakes and field work experience made me learn many things. My success plan was,

Firstly, my Integrity, which I have kept apart, and I have carried it on all the footsteps of my life and will continue to do so. Secondly, I wanted to keep my customers happy because ultimately if the customer is satisfied then my boss is happy along with the organization which will lead to my happiness. “My customers are very important to me”.

  1. Sir, in today’s time more emphasis is given on communication skill so, how it plays a vital role in getting through an organization? Why do you think it is so important?


Yes, communication skill is very important, it is a process where I can communicate what I want to and on the other hand my customers even can tell me what they want so that it makes the process easy to meet the customer’s demands. As we all need to have a basic knowledge of English but at the same time we need to be well versed in your regional or vernacular language. So, by communication skill, many people misunderstands that knowing Fluent English is mandatory but basically communication skill means how you are transferring your words from your brain to your mouth and the fluency in your delivery. Your thoughts can be in any language let it be Hindi or Bengali or Malayalam or Marathi or any language. So, communication skill is a very powerful tool.

Innovation Management: How & What?

Enabling and fostering innovation is no small task – especially with the myriad theories floating around about how to best go about it. That’s why Innovation Management Framework by Cigaina is an excellent place to start.

In the book, Cigaina explains why it’s critical to align and integrate three dimensions associated with an innovation culture – enterprise and strategy, processes and methodologies, and people and networks. The book also introduces a fourth dimension to connect the other three: orchestration and governance. Through these four dimensions, organizations can achieve a holistic view of innovation management, which is critical to success. In addition to providing a firm foundation for innovation, the book includes real-world examples of innovation practices both inside and outside of SAP. Moreover, it offers concrete guidelines on how to put knowledge into action through an execution model.

Embed innovation principles and practices

Once an organization buys into the concept of innovation management, it’s a good idea for management to help all its employees understand innovation principles and practices – after all, you need their buy-in, too. By doing so, a company can rapidly and proactively expand and cultivate the innovation potential of its workforce.

One key way to do this is by exposing employees to projects that are out of their comfort zones. Another is for management to lead by example, showing that innovation is important to the business. Every six months, SAP holds an internal event that allows its employees to focus on creative work and sharing ideas. To kick off the day, top SAP executives give inspirational speeches about the importance of creative work. Hand in hand with this, organizations must empower employees to collaborate and share ideas, such as by tapping into gamification and crowdsourcing. For instance, companies can integrate idea exchange into online communities and award points for ideas submitted and rated.

Hire a Chief Innovation Officer

While successful innovation initiatives require the participation of various executives and senior managers, when it comes to orchestration and governance, it’s important for one person to be fully accountable for all innovation issues. More and more companies are addressing this requirement by appointing a chief innovation officer.

This person will need to communicate about a variety of topics to everyone across the company and must understand the various business functions and how they contribute to innovation. With that in mind, it’s ideal that the chief innovation officer has a broad range of corporate experience, covering every department from marketing and product marketing to research and development and engineering and operations. At the same time, the CIO should have a background in consulting work, possess strong leadership skills, and understand how to manage employees and other corporate resources. As someone who will need to sell ideas and manage risk, this person should be well respected and understand a variety of business practices. Though the chief innovation officer can’t go it alone, this person can free up senior management to focus on other strategic areas.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for establishing innovation practices in your organization, we’d love to hear your experiences as you spearhead an innovation initiative.

Corporate Session with Rupa Das, Sr. Project Manager, Centuryply

Rupa Das, working as senior Project Manager for Centuryply took our corporate session today. We got to know various information on both data and practical implementation of them. Previously she used to work with IIFL and Kotak Mahindra Bank in the finance department. Also she has experience in the Future group wherein she was into Sales. The job role of her is to identify her key clients and close the deals once completed.

Century ply, basically into Plywood manufacturing and recently they are into modular kitchen and readymade furniture’s from NESTA.

Several questions were asked from the class which covers the following:

How does she identify her prospective clients?

She actually identifies the interiors and architects and visits them, creating business relation with them

Why do the key clients help in lead generation?

On this she said, after the closure of the deal the clients get reward points or bypass points. The CRM activities by Century Ply are given to the key clients. Invitation to the key clients is given for various launching parties, personalized mementos for clients.

In Century ply, there is Product Management Group, who is responsible for enhancing the product line of the company. In this particular department freshers are taken and are a very good department to work with.

As per her e-retailing in furniture industry, shows a slow growth and will take a lot of time to come in India.

In terms of convincing a client, she always speaks what they are best at. As an example she said she had to sale a kitchen, she talks best on the plywood difference with providing more warranty features as compared to competitor.

The main competitor of Century ply is Greenply as shared. When asked, challenges she faced while switching from service industry to sales she shared a very strong feedback with us. As per her, will is a very important factor in one’s, and if you want to grow and enjoy your work you need to work beyond your KRA’s. Working beyond your region will give your career a boost and performance level gets an add-on.

On asked how she interacts with clients, she said we should always be positive and never lose hope. Also she shared while working in corporate sector we should never say a ‘, NO’ and have patience. The client should be made to feel like a god to linger a good relation with the client.

With such an enormous experience in the industry she has brought in a new dimension of practicality in us which will obviously be helpful in future blossoming of our career.


Session Summary

Corporate Speaker: Rupa Das


Rupa Das, currently she works as a senior Project Manager with Century Ply. However, she has 11 years of corporate exposure wherein she worked with Future Group, IIFL.

Centuryply is mainly into Plywood manufacturing, recently modular kitchen, and readymade furniture’s from Nesta.

Any business starts with a need of the product being manufactured and that which will have a customer base.

Her job role is to skilfully identify the key clients and seal the deal of business.

The key clients are treated with the special case and the relation with the client is always aimed to be of long term.

According to her, the e-retailing market for furniture’s does not have a very bright future. As the market is at a very infant stage and the feel factor in case of furniture industry which is obviously compromised in case of the e-retail market.

Each of the departments has a departmental head and their respective sales team, HR teams etc.

Two types of calls in the market:

  1. Cold Calls: Where you have to find the prospective customers and then you have to make the deal
  2. On Calls:  Where the target client its preset and you require to determine by yourself.


To survive an escalate in any industry you always need to try your limits. You constantly need to keep yourself pushing.

Major Competitor of Centuryply is Greenply.

It is easily understood that the brand ambassador are chosen depending on the type of product and the kinds of target customers it is trying to cater and also the kind of message that is required to be passed on.

As a job convincing the client is one of the most challenging jobs and here obviously the brand image is a big factor. The trust factor on any brand plays a huge role in convincing your clients. A proper analysation of the clients’ mentality is required for this process which is done is a big thing which just cannot be overlooked if you want to be in the business industry.

The client should be made to feel like he is the king to linger a good relationship and create a business, even off the line services are rendered.

The CRM activities by Centuryply are mainly given to the key clients. Invitation to the clients are given for the various launching parties, personalized mementos for the clients and handing them over personally makes them feel the warmth of the business relation.

These are some ways by which companies show how much they value their key clients.

Catching the Influential’s

During Puja, a lot of pandals get developed, done by carpenters and talked about their experiences of staying in the city and deeming up the city for the pujas.So, Centuryply went to some of the families members and they were brought to the city for Puja and pandal hopping and the carpenters were given a surprise which seemed to break all barriers of joy for them. This was termed as Century Heroes.

Well coming back to the most argues question with most varied answers where none seems to be satisfactory. To strike a balance between your personal and professional life is the seed you need to sow to reap good fruits in life.

Unquestionably her interactive session had been a great experience for all of us and the kind of practical exposure and knowledge that her words brought into the session cannot be expressed by mere words. We are all indebted for such a session and would look forward eagerly to meet her again.


1) Share your worst experience with the corporate world & you never want to experience it again?

When working with the future group I have to deal with the RBI who investing their money and I was very much confident to convince them but somehow my management say’s NO (as new management took place and there were some internal issue in the organization) that point of time I was very bad experience when I have to say NO to ‘RBI’ for the purchase order which I have got after so many obstacles.


2) Some ‘key mantra’ to enjoy your job as your 1st love?

“Be passionate” about your job, find out the factors which excite you, be self-motivated, stick on to your line which you planned for, have your goal set, saying a straight forward “NO” will affect your career.


3) Do you think being honest & good in corporate every time do really help to grow?

Not always but 90% time honesty paid out. You might face the problem when you are dishonest. In long run, you will not be able to survive through dishonesty. If you say a lie make sure it is not effective to someone. If you are dishonest it’s effect the brand image, don’t try to make false promises to your client.


4) What is your future goal and where you want to see down the line 5-7 year?

After 5 years NESTA will be a brand which will be available in entire country, so my growth will be dependent as the growth of the NESTA. “Head of the institutional businesses is main focused point in long run.

MBA Admissions – 2014

With the advent of blogs, chats and social media, and the over information flow by media houses and professionals on MBA admissions and each contradicting the other it is most imperative to get a transparent and unbiased text of what it is all about.

The  MBA Admissions department or council of any Business School has the primary responsibility of identifying  whether  an applicant will be able to seamlessly and effortlessly move on, in other words, whether or not he will be a desirable professional with the prospect of climbing the corporate ladder with the added education and professional knowledge provided by the institution and the skill and experience of the student.

Some of the key aspects of an MBA are mentioned as follows:

  • Strong Academic Record:  A strong academic record is a prerequisite for an MBA degree. The academic record of a candidate is the primary basis of screening as it provides the simplest and direct report of one’s knowledge base and understanding.
  • Intellectual Ability: Intellectual ability refers to one’s ability to understand, comprehend and apply the knowledge he has gathered to effective use in solving problems and situations. This is one of the most important characteristics an MBA aspirant must possess.
  • Good Test Scores: Approximately all MBA programs require the submission of a standardized test score result. Sometimes Institutions hold their own exams to test the abilities of the students. An applicant must perform well in these highly competitive exams and prove his/her mettle to the institution.

  • Quantitative Orientation: Even as institutions do not demand any advanced mathematics but basic quantitative ability and orientation is a must to handle the day-to-day studies and projects.
  • Analytical Mindset: It is very important that one must have an analytical mindset towards all that he encounters. He must be receptive to the problems and must try his level best to solve them using new and innovative solutions.
  • Leadership: Leadership cannot be taught but it is something that is inbuilt to a person. It is the unquantifiable proportional mix of charisma and vision with the ability to take on a responsibility and make sure it is executed perfectly.
  • Ambition, Motivation and Career Potential: The aspirant must have the strong desire within himself to achieve higher and more ambitious levels in life. This must be fired by his own zeal and self-motivation. Then only can he have a clear vision of this own career potential and the possible prospects.
  • Perseverance and Mental Toughness: Failure and Quitting are two words that cannot exist in the dictionary of an MBA. He has to strive work his way up and about. There will be several situations which may seem impossible to walk through but an MBA must fail and get back up again and walk the same path to success.
  • Team Player: Without a team, no work or effort will bear success. Thus an MBA must be a team player. Leading a team or to be led, either way, an MBA must stick to the basics of team ideals.
  • Recruitability:  Through the coursework and the other related projects, internships, and article-ships, one must gather and build a resume that would be worth looking at. Time must be used only to do things that would add positively to the resume and not otherwise as this not only gives the edge but also the knowledge which shoots up the recruitment possibility of a candidate.

Overall, it is no easy task to walk in the line of all the above points. It is and will be testing. But the final product is something that will make the candidate most acceptable to the corporate world. Thus an MBA is still one of the most preferred studies globally and as well as in India.

In Kolkata MBA scenario Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) has been providing this quality education with advanced placement opportunities and avenues. The curriculum and coursework as designed in absolute accordance with the constant changes in the business sphere. This an MBA from BIBS Kolkata is a complete and integrated degree with an outstanding value.

The competition for MBA admissions in Kolkata for 2017 is very stiff and is also diluted by the mushrooming growth of unrecognized institutes. Thus, students must carefully judge and decide on their applications.

Why Placements At BIBS?

BIBS as an institute strives to bring together minds that are innovative and represent a wide range of interests, experiences and backgrounds. Individuals who learn from each other continuously. Spread the knowledge. Question the functioning of the system and innovate to make them better.

Students of Bengal Institute of Business Studies are prepared to take the leash at any level, in any field and in any function. Our learning atmosphere and a team-oriented approach is in tandem with todays business world. The BIBS community is developed on the highest standards of knowledge and integrity. These factors together indicate the value of MBA placements at Bengal Institute of Business Studies.

BIBS students are form an exceptional group of men and women who are willing to take up a variety of challenges and opportunities around the globe and make sure that they positively impact the organization that they work in and the community at large.

Over the years there has not been any single type of BIBS student nor has there been a single sector where they join after completing their MBA. It is the diversity that defines our students and their placement record stands witness to their achievements.

The pie-chart above is a depiction of the sectors in which our students have ventured out. It is not just limited to spread over a large variety of works from education to pharmaceuticals and e-commerce.

Diversity in excellence is something that we aim for and our students achieve it through their merit and efforts. This sustained growth of their achievements have propelled the institute to greater heights making BIBS the preferred choice of industries and companies for recruitment.

Over the two years that the students at BIBS, the students get versed with a curriculum which is dynamic and which changes with the industry requirements. This keeps the knowledge fresh and updated and the inputs from the excellent faculty the students always sharp. This is the edge that is much sought by the corporates.

MBA today is not just another masters program, it not just a degree that adds to the collection. The expectation of a student from the MBA is ever increasing, today the student looks to an MBA to add a much needed edge in the business field, and the MBA at Bengal Institute of Business Studies is most appropriate. BIBS has been providing excellent MBA placements and beyond that arms the student with the knowledge to take on the industry head-on. BIBS is this the best choice of a Management institute in Kolkata, a choice that makes careers and builds organizations.

To know more about BIBS  for MBA Admissions 2017, please visit www.bibs.co.in

How important is On-The-Job-Learning?

MBA Study

Don’t run ahead, chances are you will have nothing to do once you reach. Go with the trend and be sharp.

On The Job Learning

Colleges and institutes teach well be it from books, handouts, lectures and trainings. But nothing can replace On-The-Job-Learning. It has been proved through studies that a student learns best if all the senses are involved engaged. Hence, learning through audio-visual means in schools and colleges and leaning in kinder gardens through action songs are encouraged. The reason being that when all the senses of a person are engaged in an activity, the understanding of that activity is saved in the brain not just as a knowledge or information but as a personal experience.

It may seem too trivial a matter to start this piece by talking about kinder garden action songs. But the concept is just the same even for a student in college when he is learning concepts that require actual hands-on experience to understand and master. It is just too simple and easy for a professor to lecture a class of 50 for 2 hours and it is even simpler for the 50 to note down lines from it. What is difficult for each of those 50 is to actually go up and talk on the same matter being taught for an hour. Why is that so? This is for the simple reason that the professor has adequate Hands-On experience of lecturing and not the students. What I am trying to highlight is that the students who are to go out in to the world with degrees of marketing or engineering or teaching cannot simply survive on the knowledge of theory assimilated through books and lectures.

An engineer who is going out to manage precise movements of machinery would need to get that knowledge by actually doing it himself! And a marketer will need to experience the market and the peoples demand and wants, and how to address them, this can be learnt only through experience in the market and not just books. A person who just completed his studies but knows nothing of the real world is as good as useless, where as one who has gotten several degrees but has zero experience of the world outside is tagged as Overqualified for most jobs. Hence it is essential in an environment such as today a student gathers adequate On-The-Job-Learning along with his theoretical knowledge base.

There is no specific mantra or formula for this combo of hands & books. One needs to visualize himself five years in the future and keeping in mind the changing requirements. But without the combo one is as good as a lab rat.

Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) encourages students to take up active internships during their period of study to make them industry ready. Providing the best MBA in Kolkata, BIBS provides education with a difference. Thus, admission to BIBS is not just for learning, but for education as a whole.