Why Placements At BIBS?

BIBS as an institute strives to bring together minds that are innovative and represent a wide range of interests, experiences and backgrounds. Individuals who learn from each other continuously. Spread the knowledge. Question the functioning of the system and innovate to make them better.

Students of Bengal Institute of Business Studies are prepared to take the leash at any level, in any field and in any function. Our learning atmosphere and a team-oriented approach is in tandem with todays business world. The BIBS community is developed on the highest standards of knowledge and integrity. These factors together indicate the value of MBA placements at Bengal Institute of Business Studies.

BIBS students are form an exceptional group of men and women who are willing to take up a variety of challenges and opportunities around the globe and make sure that they positively impact the organization that they work in and the community at large.

Over the years there has not been any single type of BIBS student nor has there been a single sector where they join after completing their MBA. It is the diversity that defines our students and their placement record stands witness to their achievements.

The pie-chart above is a depiction of the sectors in which our students have ventured out. It is not just limited to spread over a large variety of works from education to pharmaceuticals and e-commerce.

Diversity in excellence is something that we aim for and our students achieve it through their merit and efforts. This sustained growth of their achievements have propelled the institute to greater heights making BIBS the preferred choice of industries and companies for recruitment.

Over the two years that the students at BIBS, the students get versed with a curriculum which is dynamic and which changes with the industry requirements. This keeps the knowledge fresh and updated and the inputs from the excellent faculty the students always sharp. This is the edge that is much sought by the corporates.

MBA today is not just another masters program, it not just a degree that adds to the collection. The expectation of a student from the MBA is ever increasing, today the student looks to an MBA to add a much needed edge in the business field, and the MBA at Bengal Institute of Business Studies is most appropriate. BIBS has been providing excellent MBA placements and beyond that arms the student with the knowledge to take on the industry head-on. BIBS is this the best choice of a Management institute in Kolkata, a choice that makes careers and builds organizations.

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