Stick to Smart Work for Success, says Amit Saha, Kotak Securities



Q) Sir, what inspires or keeps you motivated for work as you said from last 11 years you are working with Kotak?

A) I always believed in self-motivation. Now, you may say that Sir, you are using a very generic word. But no, you know why I believed in self-motivation? You will never get knocked down by any challenges that comes your way. So, my secret behind my rapport with Kotak for almost 11 years, is mainly the structure and another, the culture. We are very open as an organization and we have a lot of opportunities to develop our employees. I give you an example. After joining, I have done two certification programs, rather my organization has allowed me to do that. One is dale Carnegie training and the other is a program in strategic management. So, there are a lot of things that have happened for employee’s development.

Q) So, Sir you want to say that this helps to bring in creativity in your organization?

A) Yes, obviously. This openness and flexibility actually helps us to think of new things. We are not that type of organization where you only set a bunch of rules, hand it over and say that you have to follow them. There are always opportunities given to us that we as employees,should become innovative. So, this helps us to do a lot of new projects, which is being implemented in our organization. This also motivates us to stay in the organization.

Q) So, Sir according to you what is more important a good leader or a good boss?

A) Leader. See, I will give you a reason. The meaning of the word boss is very small. In broader context, a leader’s role is to lead. You know sets theorem. Yes, Boss is a subset of leader. I believe if you are a good leader you will automatically be a good boss.

Q) Sir, then what is more important hard work or smart work?

A) You see, obviously, its smart work. I am not saying that those who are hardworking they are not smart enough. But in today’s time, you have to do a lot of time management. Take less time and do lot of quality and correct work. That actually happens when you do smart work. See,I give you an example. Instead of writing everything you can do voice recording. That’s smart work. Nowadays, you must use the technology.

Q) So, Sir in the initial 2 years of your job what were the challenges that you faced?

A) When I joined UTI, the system was not there properly. We used to do a lot of manual work. The challenges that I faced during my initial days in UTI bank was, as a whole the organization was huge. I had to get acquainted with all my branch managers who were in my jurisdiction. That daily communication was an initial challenge. To get myself acquainted, gain trust and faith. I would rather like to tag it, as a hurdle.

Q) Sir, as a fresher we don’t have any work experience so what skills should we adopt to easily get acquainted with corporate world?

A) I have only 3 things to say:

1) You have to gain an experience and get feel and taste of the corporate field.

2) Attend lot of seminars, do projects.

3) Try to get some internship.

Q) Sir, one last question, what piece of advice would you like to give us?

A) Try to experience as much as possible. Get aware of the things happening around. Plan from right now in which industry you want to go. You better start planning immediately.

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