Why so much is Being Spoken about Facebook’s Privacy Issues?


2018 has not been easy for Facebook and the current privacy issues faced by Facebook in the beginning of 2018 was just one of the many instances where the organization had to deal with privacy issues in its short existence. When the company was only 2 years old in 2006, the company had faced user outrage when the News Feed was introduced. And that was just the beginning. Facebook had a long history of running awry with regulators and fighting consistently with user anger. During this period, the company has collected record profits, racking up more than 2 billion users.








The worst thing that has come up from Mark Zuckerberg himself is that the social media site has been collecting data from non-users as well. According to him, this was done for security purposes which did not go well with both privacy advocates and lawmakers. For many this was invasion of privacy. Not many might be aware but Facebook gets its data about non-users from people in the network. This might happen when a user uploads the email address of a friend. Other sources of this information are the cookies which the site often install on the browsers of the non-users when they visit sites through Facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons. This can happen whether or not the user pushes the respective buttons.






Facebook has always maintained that it has always used browsing data to create analytics reports; they have often used information on site traffic to make these reports. But most people have criticized Zuckerberg as he has not explained thoroughly about the kind of data gathered and  the extent of the data usage. The revelation of this information in the beginning of this year has turned up the heat on Facebook and Zuckerberg because the CEO has not been clear about the extent of data usage and has never amplified the reasons for tracking.






This entire process of extracting the personal information and data traits of the users in order to paint virtual targets has not gone down well with users. According to them, this has been done to increase user ‘engagement’ to justify the stock-market valuation of Facebook.

Next time when you use Facebook, can you really ensure that your data is protected and secured?


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