Industry Visit

Industry Visit

Coca-Cola Industrial Visit
A Day Out In Factory

Through the conveyor belt came clinking, tinkling and jingling our all-time favourite ‘SPRITE’. And we, BIBSians stood awestruck with the cacophonous sounds all around. We stood beaming when we were served with the freshly filled bottles of SPRITE from the conveyor belt itself. That’s how you start a factory visit when you are at COCA-COLA.

It all began from grading the RGB (Recyclable Glass Bottles) to its inclusion into the process of cleaning in a solution at a temperature of 750C.

Then, through the automated conveyor belt these cleaned bottles after human inspection enters the most awaited chamber of the factory, any guess? Yes, absolutely it’s the filling chamber. Over there we were informed about the “PARAMIX”, the container where the final beverage were made out of the mixture of ready syrup along with CO2 and treated H2O.

Well, the process doesn’t end there, later to this, after another round of human inspection, came the turn of capping the bottles followed by casing. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Apart from the process, they even informed us about some more exciting figures like 12000 of Pet bottles per hour are produced everyday which are delivered throughout Kolkata and South 24 Pgs.


As a wrap up session our host from COCA-COLA exhibited a PowerPoint presentation, with an approach of learning i.e. practice to theory” which exactly BIBS follows in their curriculum.

Britannia Industrial Visit

Britania company is more than 100 years of old.

The taratala factory is of 6-7 years.

Three types of biscuit are made in this factory:

  • Cream Crackers

  • Milk Bikies

  • Gooday

Total Worker 500

Total Manager 100

This is regional sector

They work in three shifts: Morning, Day, Night. (24*7)

Raw material used are; sugar, refined oil butter and condensed milk.

Raw material is checked in laboratory then it is approved, then it is sent to store for test and lastly for mixing.

6 types of heating process are done and after that the biscuit is baked. When the baking process is over the biscuits are sent through a conveyer belt for cooling. The cooling process is done in room temperature, lastly it is being packed. The packing time is approximately 40minutes.

  • 10-15 Tons (Gooday)

  • 9-10 Tons (Cream Cracker)

  • 11-12 Tons (Milk Bikies)

Wastage is in every 100kg, 2.5kg is being wasted.

Wastage is again used in production process.

5S of Britania Company are:
  • Sort

  • Set

  • Shine

  • Standard

  • Sustain

Non- negotiable things are; Colour, appearance, breakage, coding, weight.


Biscuits are being checked in metal detector.

  • Packaging is done manually.

  • Proper weight of biscuit is checked.

  • After packing again, the quality is checked, before labelling is done.

  • In one month, packaging is divided into two parts

    • 1-15 days.

    • 16-30 days.

  • Expired products are being dusted and sent to cattle field.

  • Medical arrangements are also there for staffs and managers.

  • Britania is tied up with AMRI and KASTURI hospital for medical issues.


Mother Dairy Visit
Getting To Know Mother Dairy

Practical exposure is the biggest learning tool for any management student. It is the best way to calibrate the fundamentals of management learnt in the classroom with their practices that are executed in the Industry. Through industry visits students are apprised about the practical scenario of the industry hence giving them exposure to the real world.

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Sushmita Sur | MBA Batch of 2021 - 2023

"BIBS provides us with various platforms and events to showcase our abilities, talent and help to enhance our skills. The faculties and mentors are very patiently explaining everything, clearing our doubts, experienced and friendly. Industry-oriented studies are available and getting industry exposure through corporate lectures. I wholeheartedly thank our mentors and faculties at BIBS for the constant support they are giving us to grow as a future employee of the corporate sector"

Pallabi Chatterjee | MBA Batch of 2021 - 2023

"What I love about BIBS is the practical approach they take for their students to experience how things work in an industry/corporate. The teachers are also very helpful, friendly and they motivate the students a lot. The events conducted by our college are also very helpful in building confidence and personal skills. Also, the corporate lectures help us to understand the real corporate scenarios. Overall it has been a great learning experience."

Anuja Banerjee | MBA Batch of 2021 - 2023

“Hi I am Anuja Banerjee, currently a student of Bengal institute of business studies in the marketing department. I was seeking admission for MBA from last year and I got to know about BIBS. As I come from a different background everything was new for me in the field of marketing but the faculty members were very cooperative and even during admission the management members were very much helpful. What I like about bibs is how they are conducting the classes and taking care of there student and providing them a good platform and scope of learning with such amazing professors and mentors”


Sreeparna Mukherjee | MBA Batch of 2021 - 2023

“It's been a great feeling to be a part of this BIBS family. I am actually very much glad to share a positive journey till now. The facilities are extremely friendly, enthusiastic and they are always ready to help. At BIBS, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical and presentation skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various events. The department has made me gain knowledge and experience in business, ethics, and personality and professionalism.”

Priyanka Sharma | MBA Batch of 2021 - 2023

“BIBS has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have enhanced my leadership, time management, and teamwork skills. Till now, my journey at BIBS has been full of knowledge and a better understanding of how corporate work, and I would like to thank my professors for always trying to bring out the best in me and polish me in my studies and other skills. I get to learn a a lot from their experiences. The best and yet very interesting thing about BIBS is the corporate sessions, where we get a chance to interact with Top Management people who give a brief idea of what skills and qualities companies are looking for as an MBA student. Thank you.”

Simran Singh | MBA Batch of 2021 - 2023

“When my life was in a state of confusion, BIBS has shown the path to my career and provided a platform to explore myself and find solutions to many unanswered questions. In just 3 months they have taught me that development means not the development of self but the development of ‘we’ as a whole. BIBS gives equal importance to both corporate and social development sectors and thus becoming a premium B-school. I am happy with the overall model of teaching & With different assignments and corporate meetings It has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.”


Mr. Chandrashekhar Ghosh

MD and CEO - Bandhan Bank

"The True element of Success are Passion, Hardwork and Determination. That’s the PhD you need to success"


Mr. Sanjay Budhia

Managing Director - Patton Group

"BIBS is doing a phenomenal job by educating students through Industry. The students displayed a sense of keep inquiry which reflected their intelligence, Knowledge and maturity. I wish BIBS and the student success."


Mr. Mayank Jalan

Managing Director - Keventer Agro Ltd

"Roll up your sleeves and know the business. You need to develop people who will take over the business grow and learn under you. Extremely refreshing experience to meet the young, enthusiastic batch."


Mr. Sandipan Chakraborty

TM International Logistics Ltd. | (A TATA Group Company)

"BIBS students are wonderful. They have been mentored and groomed in very high standards and I am sure they will excel in their careers."


Aloke Tagore

HR Head (Deloitte)

"It feels really wonderful to have interacted with the students of BIBS. They are very energetic."


Anupam Khetan

Sales and Marketing (SAMSUNG)

"The students were very attentive and interactive. The questions they asked were quite relevant. Looking forward to have more sessions with BIBS students."


Diana Mirza

HR Head (GSK)

"BIBS students are doing well for themselves. We look forward to hiring more students from here. the grooming at BIBS has helped them learn the tricks of the trade."


D.K Vyas


"Students must meet more industry experts from various industries. The students of BIBS are a good bunch of budding managers and I wish them all the best."


Harsh Neotia

"Managing Director (Ambuja Realty)

It was a wonderful experience to interact with the students of BIBS."


Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya

Zonal HR Head (Mahindra Finance)

"It’s been an enriching learning experience interacting with the BIBS students. They have immense potential."


Manab Ghosh

President (Pidilite)

"I liked the students’ way of interaction with the faculty during the course of my interaction with them. All the best to the students and BIBS."


Mr. Debargha Deb

Regional Manager-HR (Dabur)

“It is amazing to see a business school calibrating Industry with Education. Students of the MBA-IBM Program will definitely get the edge amongst competition with the work experience. I wish BIBS all the best and I am sure that this will brighten the careers for BIBS Students.”


Mr. Dev Narayan Sarkar

Associate Director (Pepsico)

“Students in today’s competitive environment need to come out of their theoretical base and have more of practical oriented learning. This program provides and MBA aspirant with priceless experience, something that can never be replicated with any other learning.”


Mr. Rohit Gattani

Divisional Sales Manager (Parle)

“There is no value greater than that of work experience. What we learn practically is always more relevant than theory. With the MBA-IBM Program, the students get more than just management knowledge, they get actual work exposure which will always give them an advantage in their careers. I wish them all the best.”


Mr Vishal Didwania

HRBP - East, Godrej Consumer Products Limited

“We hired interns from BIBS, we had an overall good experience. Students were enthusiastic, and the corporate relations team was very helpful and cooperative.
In the internship, the interns showed keep intrest in picking up new things. The projects turned out to be well and we were able to find good talent to join us for full time roles. ”



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