4 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have International Exposure While In College?

Until only a decade back it was not possible for young people to travel abroad so much at all. Now, opportunities have increased and so has the possibility to attain more. This affects the students’ learning curve directly.

Now, global experience has become an x-factor which any organization or institution wants to find in a student.  It speaks for a strong personality of the student. Here are the 4 reasons why an international exposure is all the difference you need in your college life:

At BIBS we understand that giving an enriching experience to students will help them life long, thus keeping a vision of “Learning for Life”. Recently organized BIBS Global Exchange Program 2019, the students got an opportunity to visit Management Development Institute of Singapore and witness cross cultural communication.

  • Enhances and broadens your vision: Making international visits and attending global seminars help students to gain experience of worldwide scenarios, further providing a distinctive point of view.

  • Helps to practice business in the global arena: Globalisation has brought in newer possibilities and with it the prospect to converge barriers between countries. Businesses being practiced in one place are expanding to other countries. MNCs are hiring from everywhere around the world. Students have started to work abroad. In hindsight, the likelihood of better career opportunities for culturally sound students increases instantly.

BIBS houses more than 10% of international placements, enabling students to make a more polished approach to a successful career.

  • Practical view of a business setting: Being a part of global community and networking with them helps to understand business strategies going around the world. Giving a broader perspective to include in your own business, it is a great advantage to take your own set up to the next level. In many cases, people collaborate internationally also and end up making highly profitable businesses.

At BIBS, students become a part of sessions and workshops hosted by heads of international  companies to increase their knowledge on how businesses are scaling up due to on an international level.  

  • Community responsibility: Knowing people from different countries and witnessing their approach to career building gives a bigger sense of purpose. Global exposure gives the perspective of being a small part of an ever long journey where everyone is achieving so little or so much. In the wake of time, you become from one nation’s citizens to a solid global citizen.

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