Are you Earning for your Selfies?

You can be the next Kim Kardashian. Read this again. And to top it all, you can even earn from your selfies from your Instagram account. Of course it is easier said than done. When you have one million followers in Instagram, it is easy to make money on Instagram. The vital question is here how do you make money from Instagram? You have many options. Think about the app Pay your Selfie which allows you to upload the selfies after doing some minor ‘selfie tasks’ as indicated in the app. Of course there is a reward; this is done in exchange of some pennies which is collected in a virtual piggy bank. This will add up to hard cash and once it reaches up to $20. You can either go for a cheque or simply donate the money in the bank.








The best thing about Pay your Selfie is that it is completely free and is available in both iOS and Google Play stores. It is easy to download and get it installed in your phone. The only thing is that you have to be more than 18 years to earn money from PayyourSelfie. Of course, in order to get your selfies approved, you just need to follow a few rules; you need to know what PayyourSelfie is exactly asking for. You cannot post an early morning selfie in washroom and expect to earn money from it. Is PayyourSelfie asking for it? If the answer is no, then there are chances that your selfie might get rejected.








Our digital culture has shifted where more and more people are encouraged to produce and share content with each other. Smartphones are getting more affordable and the number of people taking videos and photos has skyrocketed. Another app Selfllery has tried to change this entire scenario and reward people in a different manner in a secure and fast manner. This has become a rage among not-so professional photographers who are talented enough to create amazing and compelling content for the viewers.

If you have a hidden talent in taking good photographs or you are in the mood to take a selfie, maybe it is time to use one of these apps for your advantage.



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