3 Truths and 5 Myths about Executive MBA Programmes.

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Before enrolling yourself into an MBA MBA-EX programme, it is normal to have questions and doubts about the course. You may have doubts about how being in business school might or might not affect your career as a working professional. MBA aspirants usually have a lot of questions before they decide to embark upon this journey. Since there are so many different types of MBA formats that are coming up, the format of an Executive MBA garners a lot of confusion. Since there is a lot of conjecture about MBA-EX, there are many myths and misconceptions that start to spread.

Here are some of the myths and truths about an Executive MBA that may help you with your decision to pursue your MBA-EX:

Myths about MBA-EX -

1. You don’t have enough time - One of the most common misconceptions about an Executive MBA program is that it is time-consuming. Trying to fit in your work, your personal life and your MBA classes into 24 hours might seem like a daunting and challenging task. When you think about it, it might seem like it could be too much for you to handle and the pressure would be overwhelming. However, that is not the case. When you enroll yourself into your Executive MBA program, you automatically learn to prioritise and get better at managing your time. This is possible mainly because Executive MBA programs have classes at convenient timings to help you balance your work, personal life and your education.  

2. You are too old to go back to school - Many people are under the false impression that they are too “old” to go to business school. Age, as it is commonly said, is just a number. One of the greatest perks of an Executive MBA is that it is tailor-made for working professionals. You must have some work experience to pursue your MBA-EX. Therefore, you can never be too old or too young to go to business school and get your Executive MBA degree. No matter which stage you are in your career, you can always hone your management, strategy and leadership skills. 

3. You only get an MBA if you want a new job - The only reason to get an Executive MBA degree is if you want a new job - False. Sometimes, in the course of your career, your professional life may come to a standstill. In order to disrupt the stagnancy that your career may have reached, enrolling yourself into a MBA-EX  would be a good idea. You can choose to do your Executive MBA to break the monotony of your career, or even further your career by giving it a boost. Armed with new skills and knowledge that you acquire during your MBA-EX, you are quite likely to get a promotion at your current workplace. 

4. It will be the same as an undergraduate program - Being in business school is a completely different experience than what you have during your undergraduate program. Your MBA and MBA-EX is more about practical experience and exposure to the real corporate world. While an undergraduate program is more about theoretical concepts and knowledge, assignments; an Executive MBA program has to do more with presentations, interactions, discussions and live learning about real time projects and applying what you learn. 

5. Classmates are very competitive - Most people pursuing their Executive MBA degree are working professionals and are at a place in their career where they want to develop their skills and acquire new ones. You might be expecting your classmates to be overly serious and competitive professionals, but in reality it is a huge opportunity to build connections and grow your network. You can learn a lot from your peers, who may belong to different industries.

Truths about MBA-EX - 

1. The learning never ends - While pursuing your MBA-EX, you must remember that the learning doesn’t end once your classes end. Learning takes place beyond the classroom through discussions, real world applications and presentations as well.

2. Prioritising is the key - When you pursue your Executive MBA degree, it is not like you won’t have time for anything but work and classes. On the contrary, you can make time for everything. You just need to get your priorities in order.

3. There is always room to grow and learn - You may have been working for many years in a particular industry or company. However, the important thing to remember is that there is always room for improvement. The world of marketing and business keeps changing and evolving on a daily basis, which means that there is always scope to learn more about the current trends. Everything you learn can be applied at your workplace and gives you a fresh perspective. 

There are many advantages to pursuing an Executive MBA and the most important one of them all is that it really gives your career a boost. If you are looking for a good MBA college where MBA-EX is offered, then one of the best business schools is Bengal Institute of Business Studies, in Kolkata. The college has weekend batches and convenient timings which are especially designed keeping in mind the hectic schedules of working professionals. BIBS also offers TRAILS certification which is a mandatory course for students which helps in boosting your career prospects and increases your chances of a promotion or a better job.

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