5 Career Options After Pursuing an Executive MBA

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An executive MBA also known as an EMBA is a course designed for students who are already in the corporate world. The course enables the students to gain skills and knowledge while continuing to hold their jobs. While pursuing executive mba programs in India the students can sharpen their skills and abilities by combining the course work with their day-to-day professional life. EMBA means no opportunity cost since working and studying can be done simultaneously. Executive MBA gives the students an edge in management and builds a lifetime network.

To know about the career opportunities after pursuing an Executive MBA continue reading:

1. Career as HR professional:

After completing an Executive MBA the aspirants can work as an HR executive in a firm or Corporate Sector. The role of HR is recruiting new candidates, their orientation, training , payroll management, and managing competition. They keep the employees motivated, boost their morale and manage all the other organizational activities. After completing the Executive MBA one can be promoted to a higher post as their skill and knowledge have also been upgraded.

2. Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship:

EMBA teaches the aspirants to be disciplined and to see the world in a more logical way. This attitude helps the students become better entrepreneurs. Executive MBA allows the students to develop a successful venture plan calculating all the risks involved in it. Students get to learn the right business ethics, networking, and leadership skills while developing core competencies in accounting, marketing, and licensing, among others. The aspirants become more innovative and learn to study the market's opportunities and threats. EMBA develops a career opportunity in which the students can be self-employed. 

3. Career as Product Manager:

The Product Manager handles and manages all the new products in the organization. The role of a product manager is to make organizational strategies and sound decisions. The aspirants who are pursuing their degrees and working at the same time can benefit from gaining the expertise that is needed to lead the organization.

4. Career as Financial Manager:

Finance is a vast field there are various career options that an aspirant can choose. For building a career in finance one must have a keen interest in analysis and management. The students can develop their careers after Executive MBA by applying for banking, investment, corporate, or government sectors. The students according to their qualifications can secure a great job for posts like 

  • Financial Manager/Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Finance Manager

5. Career as Sales head:

The main objective of a top B Schools in Kolkata and in other states is teaching Executive MBA students about brand marketing, sales, various marketing tactics, executive and leadership management abilities, product management, market research, and consumer behavior. After completing EMBA the students can easily find jobs for the following profiles:

  • Sales Head 
  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Internet Marketing Manager

Executive MBA is a highly acclaimed professional degree that equips the aspirants with vital success-oriented life skills. It not only increases the chances of landing a well-paying job, but it also makes sure the students secure the best opportunities for career advancement. After completing their Executive MBA aspirants can find attractive employment prospects in well-known corporations both domestically and overseas. Also, they have the option to launch their own business, which helps create a global network of relationships on both a personal and professional level. To gain an advantage over their competitors, everyone from human resource specialists to product managers to financial professionals are enrolling in this course. If you are looking to do an executive MBA in Kolkata, Bengal Institute of Business Studies offers a PGPEX degree, that gives you vital knowledge about the field of management. With large companies coming in for placements and good teaching staff, BIBS can be your first choice!

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