5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Make Mamaearth Stand Out

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Consumers are always a little skeptical about the procedures and raw materials that are used in these cosmetics As a result, a new era of organic cosmetic products is emerging, which are produced utilizing natural materials rather than toxins or other chemicals.

Mamaearth is an organic cosmetics brand that tapped into this opportunity and captured the cosmetic market with a promise of purity!

In this case study, we will be discussing the digital marketing strategies that make Mamaearth stand out and ahead of the competition.

Before getting into the digital marketing strategies that Mamaearth uses, let us first discuss how the brand emerged as a leading cosmetic brand in India, its history, and its foundation.


The toxic-free Mamaearth line of products was launched in December after Honasa Consumer Private Limited was established by Ghazal & Varun Alagh.

When Varun and Ghazal were in India, they had their firstborn. They learned that the baby care products they came across were harmful to their infants and that there were no safer alternatives.

The products that were on the market didn't exactly satisfy them because they contained dangerous substances like sulfates, parabens, and even bleaches that could easily destroy a newborn's skin.

The decision to raise the quality and cost of baby products was taken by Ghazal Alagh. They worked all night to create a new brand, select an R&D team, and obtain the necessary certifications. Mamaearth was founded as a result of all these circumstances, and it swiftly became the first business in Asia to market safe, natural baby products free of chemicals.

Digital marketing has played a vital role in the success of Mamaearth. Let us now discuss the digital marketing strategies used by Mamaearth.

1. Mamaearth's Website: Search Engine Optimisation

In today’s time, most businesses that have a website ensure that the website is an SEO-friendly one. Mamaearth has also taken up their SEO game very seriously. A student at BIBS, who is pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing, found the following information about the on-page and off-page strategies that are used by Mamaearth.

  • Mama Earth's website has an authority score of 51, receives 2 million visitors from organic search, and 219.2K visitors come from paid search.
  • The content of the website is fully optimised for search engines and has a good number of keywords.
  • Since September 2021, Mama Earth has gained more backlinks, and this trend has persisted.

2. Gaining Audience Through Various Social Media Platforms

The best approach to interacting with your target audience is through social media. Social media websites are a key component of Mamaearth's marketing plan.

The company is present and active on numerous social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Influencer marketing is a well-known tactic employed by Mamaearth, and hashtags are also used on these social media networks.

3. Running Digital Campaigns

The brand owners assert that after realising the effectiveness of digital marketing, they allocated 90% of their marketing budget to this channel and the remaining 10% to more conventional channels like television.

Because they were a chemical-and toxin-free company, they established digital campaigns such as "Plant Goodness," which involves planting a tree for every order, and "Plastic Positivity," which focuses on plastic recycling. This helped in developing their reputation as an eco-friendly brand.

Mamaearth had a solid online presence by the time the lockdown was implemented, in contrast to many other firms that were still dealing with the effects of closing their physical stores and had a poor online presence.

4. Youtube Marketing

Without a doubt, YouTube has developed into one of the most effective platforms for building brand awareness.

More than half of people would rather watch YouTube reviews than read about products. Because of this, brands want to utilise the site to its best potential. Mamaearth took advantage of this as well, running YouTube campaigns for brand awareness.

5. Influencer Marketing and Brand Endorsements

The company signed on actress Shilpa Shetty, whose persona emphasises fitness and health. However, Sara Ali Khan was selected to be the brand ambassador in 2021, giving it a more modern feel.

Additionally, partnerships with mom bloggers and influencers helped the brand come across as a coveted one. The entire value of the brand has risen as a result of influencer marketing.

Mamearth uses digital marketing mediums to their full potential. Mamaearth’s digital plan focuses on utilising digital channels to reach a wide audience, create a compelling brand image, know what the consumer wants, and keep up with consumer relationships.

The evolution of Mamaearth's digital marketing strategy mirrors that of the Indian market. By growing its consumer base and marketing platforms, the company is constantly changing its marketing strategy.

After going through the digital marketing strategies of Mamaearth, it is understood that digital marketing plays a vital role in today’s digital era. The Bengal Institute of Business Studies, an MBA college in Kolkata that provides an MBA in digital marketing, will help you gain skills and knowledge in the digital field!

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