5 Marketing Strategies Used By Meesho To Become A Leading Ecommerce Company

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The e-commerce industry has flourished in the last ten years, providing consumers with faster delivery options and a convenient shopping experience. One of the e-commerce platforms that has taken the limelight after Amazon and Flipkart is Meesho. Meesho is one of the biggest startups, equipping resellers to sell their products on this platform. At Meesho, the resellers get a chance to earn commission with zero investment. Many people, mostly housewives or senior citizens, have access to this network for the purpose of reselling goods. Meesho offers customers the option to resell things through their social networks in addition to selling them directly. The site has been incredibly popular in recent years. In research done by an MBA college in Kolkata, it was found that Meesho has about 17 million distributors and more than 60,000 suppliers. This has been made possible by its attention-grabbing marketing tactics. Before getting into the marketing strategies used by Meesho, let’s understand a little about Meesho and how it is different from other e-commerce platforms.

History of Meesho

Meesho was founded in December 2015. It was founded by two IIT graduates, Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. They founded the business with the intention of setting up small and medium-sized businesses online. Their original concept was similar to Zomato and Grofers. This was done to bring the neighborhood stores online. Later, they developed a comprehensive idea for the business. It was done so that users of the platform could resell the merchandise.

How does Meesho work?

Meesho helps its sellers earn a commission with zero investment. A person can go to the app, select any product that they would like to share, and add the commission that they would like to charge. The commission can then be added on top of the cost of the item and the shipping fee. One can share the merchandise on Facebook groups or WhatsApp with this final price. You can enter an order that a consumer has made on the app. Meesho will receive cash, and you will receive a portion of it. Meesho additionally collects a set portion of the commission from the sellers in this process for itself.

Now, let’s understand the marketing strategies that Meesho uses to become a leading e-commerce company. 

1. Target Marketing

The first and foremost marketing strategy used by Meesho is running a targeted campaign for women. Meesho created a niche for their business. It aims to give women business chances at home to empower them.They are able to start their own business without having to spend much money or effort. Meesho's feminist strategy is extremely well liked. 

2. Marketing on Social Media

Building a social presence is an essential part of any marketing strategy, as that is the best way to connect with the audience. Meesho uses social media marketing to grow their brand through running campaigns, working with others, and engaging with followers through posts.Memes are a fantastic and modern method of brand promotion. They are more appealing in a different way. In an effort to capitalise on the "meme wave," Meesho has been promoting discounts and deals with memes. One of the best methods of marketing is to adapt well-known dialogues to deliver Meesho's themes.

3. My Store My Story

Even while MEESHO advertises heavily on social media, its TVC campaigns also draw a sizable viewership. The TV commercial campaign # MyStoreMyStory features an empowerment plot that appeals to the brand's target audience.This campaign structure successfully overcame the challenges of being a housewife and dealing with multiple names while also giving women a sense of identity. This refers to the social constraints that women must uphold in order to support their families, and as a result, they are also able to make money doing what they want. That concludes with the slogan's final line, "Not just a homemaker, a Meesho Entrepreneur."

4. Sabse Kam Commission

The goal of the #SabseKamCommission campaign was to raise awareness of the commission rate that was deducted from suppliers in relation to the sales of their goods. This idea was created by Wunderman Thompson, who also understood the structure of how MEESHO operates with the intention of reducing commission to as little as 1%. Everybody who started a small business was catered to by this marketing technique, particularly during the pandemic's challenges.

5. Ads on YouTube and Facebook

The best approach to marketing any business is through advertisements. Meesho uses YouTube and Facebook ads in keeping with the current trends in digital marketing. Meesho gains a strong presence thanks to these advertisements. A huge demographic audience uses YouTube. As a result, this tactic aids Meesho in gaining more viewers. When someone clicks on one of these advertisements, they are taken to the Meesho website or app. This helps in generating traffic for the business.

Meesho is one company that has gained great popularity in recent years. It has helped many small business owners, housewives, and elderly people to earn an income and get financially independent. It started just by targeting local shops but now has a bandwidth of big retailers who are looking for reselling. Meesho has experienced strong success with room for more expansion because of its innovative concept and marketing tactics. The key card for Meesho’s success story is its digital marketing strategies. With Meesho's case study, we have understood the importance of digital marketing in today’s time, and gaining knowledge in it can open up great job opportunities for you. Bengal Institute of Business Studies provides an MBA in Digital Marketing that will not only open up job opportunities for you but also help you gain vital knowledge of the field.

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