5 Most Important MBA Interview Questions & Answers

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An interview is the final step of an MBA admission process. It is the step where the interview panel understands your skills and capabilities and whether you are the right fit for the university or not. 

What are they going to ask? What am I going to answer? What will be the results? These are the most common questions in the brains of aspirants who will sit for an MBA interview.

Believe it or not, everyone has felt that way, even those who appear to be really confident! Even if you can't totally eliminate it, you may lessen your level of tension by preparing for an interview in advance. Knowing what the interviewer might ask in advance might allow you time to prepare the best possible responses, which should prevent your nervousness from taking over totally.

If you are someone who is going to pursue an MBA in Kolkata or in any other state and are going to sit for an MBA interview, here are five must-prepare MBA interview questions that will give you a little insight into the interview room.

1. Tell me about yourself

This is a universal MBA interview question that every interviewer has in mind. It sounds like a straightforward question, right? But many deserving candidates stumble over this one since it is so open-ended. You want to present the finest version of yourself that you can, but how do you get started and what should you include:

  • One effective strategy is to introduce oneself briefly. Imagine an oral version of an executive summary on a CV.
  • Use key descriptors that best describe you before describing your accomplishments and background. 
  • Integrate your personality traits, strengths, and interests into your experiences and goals.
  • Conclude by stating why you are participating in this interview.

2. Why an MBA?

After the interviewers have understood you, your personality, and your background, they want to know why you are pursuing an MBA and what motivates you to pursue a business degree.
The "present" is the main focus here. What circumstance in your life is motivating you to take such a bold step?
The best way to answer this question is to tell the interviewer about your past work experience, your future plans, and an explanation as to how an MBA is the best possible way to achieve the plans that you have in mind.

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Finding your strengths is simple since you already know what you are best at. Choose two or three that would make you stand out, and support your claims with some instances.
It becomes a little more difficult when speaking about flaws. Although you might be reluctant to confess a weakness out of concern that it would ruin the interview, the interviewer is likely more interested in how you handled yourself than in the response you gave.
Make sure you can bounce back after revealing a vulnerability by steering the topic back to something good.

4. What are your short-term and long-term goals?

This is another question that the interviewers are concerned about. They want their students to be achievers, not just dreamers. So, the best way to answer this question is as follows:

  • First, let them know about your short-term goals. The short-term goals must be achievable and doable. Whereas your long-term objectives have to be in keeping with your interests and character.
  • To demonstrate how an MBA might help you achieve your goals, you should mention at least a few business and career-related objectives.

5. Why do you want to join this business school?

In this question, the interviewer wants to know your reason for selecting the business school.
Display your research through your actions. List all of the factors, including professors, facilities, course options, class size, student activities, history of job placement, networking opportunities, and location, that make you feel the school or program is the best fit for you.
You want to make it clear that this university is one of your top options, if not the one. Describe how this program fits with your objectives and areas of interest, as well as why it is the most logical choice for you.  

It's important to learn as much as you can about the MBA program and practice your MBA interview questions and replies before your interview. Consider doing some research on what recent candidates have encountered in their MBA interviews. 

The MBA interview questions in this blog are by no means the only ones interviewers will ask. Make sure your responses accurately reflect your abilities and enthusiasm for the business world by giving them significant thought. 

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