5 must-have Skills to become an "Industry Relevant Manager" in the Post-Pandemic Era

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An "industry-relevant manager", as defined by one of the Top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata, is a flexible professional who can effectively operate in a technology-driven work environment. Whether you're still deciding on a major or are a member of the Class of 2021, you'll want to know how to prepare for success in the "new normal." There are many unknowns about what life will be like after the coronavirus pandemic, but one thing is certain: life will not be the same as before. That, however, does not have to be a negative attribute. 

What can you do to ensure that you're a strong candidate when navigating the competitive job market when new employment possibilities emerge?

Here are the primary skills that will indicate your basic management abilities and are necessary to be industry-relevant in the post-pandemic world:

1. Leadership

Don't think that only managers should be able to lead; everyone can be a successful leader. It's not only about monitoring or managing people to be an effective leader. Rather, it's about conveying your plan and goal while also encouraging others and accepting comments from peers and superiors. During these trying times, it's crucial to be self-aware and hold oneself accountable. For an even more effective leadership, a PGPEX from The Bengal Institute of Business Studies will help you improve your oral and written communication skills, as well as your interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of public relations, advertising, research, negotiation, and management.

2. Critical Thinking

By asking probing questions, good critical thinkers elicit knowledge. Questions such as "what's going on?" or "Why is this important?", "Who is affected?", "Where did the information originate from?" and "Can the source be trusted?" are vital to be able to think clearly and logically as you objectively analyze information in order to make educated judgments in an era where deciphering false news and contradicting data is a daily effort. This is something you're probably already doing without even realizing it.

3. Tech-savviness

It includes a variety of work-related knowledge and abilities, such as coding, media skills, knowledge management, and statistical tool command. Managers must develop these abilities via prospective practice and learning of tool skills. Research-enabled intelligence is another fundamental skill that requires the manager to use trustworthy study resources to expand his or her knowledge base in order to successfully adapt to changing business and technology contexts.

4. Communication and emotional intelligence

Communication and social intelligence go hand in hand, and true human connection and understanding are still required in every work capacity. Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize and empathize with the emotions and behaviours of others, which is critical, especially when individuals are feeling uneasy. And this is where strong communication skills come in handy; with so many of us working from home, clarity in emails and virtual meetings is critical for establishing trust and maintaining high productivity. An MBA for working professionals that is an Executive MBA will help you to enhance these skills.

5. Creativity

While robots and digital technology have begun to play a role in analytics and business operations, humans are still the only ones who can think creatively. Creativity is necessary for every industry and area, not just traditionally creative ones. The corporate landscape will need to grow and adapt quickly in the future years. For example, anybody desiring to work in business, will need to be able to tap into their creative minds in order to lead a company through the obstacles and possibilities it encounters.

Business schools all over the world recognize the importance of effective collaboration between educational institutions and industry to improve the parameters of skill development, acquisition, and adoption of diverse knowledge resources based on innovation and technology transfer, and to promote the growth of entrepreneurship skills. Executive MBA in Kolkata at the Bengal Institute of Business Studies has the option to try out new tactics and methods, resulting in more innovative and creative solutions that can lead to better-informed and well-informed judgments. 

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