5 Tips For A Successful Career In Finance Management

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Commerce and Finance have been a part of our daily life. Finance is simply the management of large amounts of money for the MNC’s or government.

Financial planning and management is a key ongoing process right when you have a business idea. While all aspects of your business plan can be taken into consideration at different stages, financial planning has to be constant throughout.  It involves planning, organising, controlling, and monitoring your financial resources in order to achieve your business goals.

A career in finance can be successful only if you are extremely passionate about the subject and willing to do a master’s to get in-depth knowledge and understand the various aspects of financial management. An MBA in Financial Management is one of the most preferred options of people who wish to have finance related jobs. Here are 5 tips for students who want to have a successful career in finance management. 

Inclination towards innovation:

While finance jobs are pretty straightforward and have a well-defined job description, innovation is what will set you apart from others, whether it is a job or a classroom. A new approach to presenting a report, a different perspective to investments, a new angle to analysis can help you improvise and make your contribution valuable. 

Seek education beyond classrooms:

For students pursuing an MBA in Financial Management, textbooks and lectures should not be the only source of knowledge. Finance is a practice that is a part of our everyday lives, therefore most learnings will happen outside of your formal degrees. Listening to influential speakers, keeping a check on the Wall Street Journal, studying historical financial events can help you understand the pulse of the subject and learn better. 

Make use of networking opportunities:

Colleges have now started focusing on the importance and advantages of networking opportunities. Organizing webinars, talks, and live sessions with industry professionals and specialists can help students understand the industry standards and expectations before they start working. Especially for students pursuing MBA in finance, talking to financial analysts can help them learn more about the field. 

Know about the opportunities in the market:

There are numerous well-established career paths related to financial management in every organization. Finance MBAs can prepare you well for a variety of these positions including:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Accounting Manager
  • Corporate Controller
  • Management Consultant

All of these positions are an absolute necessity in corporations and organizations. Many business owners also have personal finance assistants who help them invest better in the market. 

Look for a dynamic, well updated masters course:

If you’re looking for the best institute to do an MBA in Financial Management, then Bengal Institute of Business Studies in Kolkata is the best choice for you. Established in 2008, this institute is known for its A-grade placements and its 100 percent track record. 

BIBS is most well known for its finance department owing to the many unique features of the program. Known as MBA in Financial Management & Banking, the program is a two-year regular course aimed at training students to develop in aspects of customer service, technology and application of financial knowledge. 

What gives the program an edge are the six Indian regulatory certifications that students are required to pass during the duration of the course. These certifications ensure that students become eligible for jobs in not just banks and financial institutions but also top-level companies looking for highly specialised finance professionals. The most prestigious of these certifications is the one by the National Stock Exchange for which students are trained throughout the year both by in-house and visiting faculty, and are made to appear for a certain set of exams during the course of the session.

MBA in Finance Management has endless scope in the market however it takes passion and determination to excel in this highly competitive field. Students who have planned early should grab every opportunity and work on it to gain more experience along the way.

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