5 Tips from a Professional to Upgrade your Resume Game for MBA

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When applying to a business school, your resume is usually the first part of your application that is seen and evaluated by the admissions committee for your place in their MBA program. It is an extremely important part of your business school application. Not only is it a summary of your work experience and education but also your volunteer experience. Since your resume is the first thing that the admissions committee will look at, it is crucial that you leave a positive, lasting impression. Here are some tips to update your MBA resume -

1. Resume Length - The most commonly asked question among students is how long should your resume be. The answer to that is one page. Keep in mind that a resume is not the same as a CV. A resume should be a summary of your experiences and education and not a detailed report. However, the only exception to this is when you have had over 10 years of work experience can you go beyond one page. Otherwise, keep it brief and to the point.

2. Language - While the content for your resume is entirely subjective, the language should be formal and informative. Keep your sentences crisp and try to avoid any technical jargon in your resume. If you do choose to use technical terms, you should explain what it means as well. Similarly, you should try to avoid using acronyms and abbreviations in your resume.

3. Emphasise your achievements - Instead of putting too much focus on your roles of responsibility, it would be more helpful if you talked about your achievements and the things you accomplished in the position of responsibility. 

4. Sections - It is important to divide your resume into sections. Ideally, your resume should have three main sections. They are as follows - your work experience, education and your extracurricular. You may create a separate section for your achievements or you can simply include it in the section where it is relevant. 

5. Format - Most students only pay attention to the content of the resume and tend to neglect the format. It must be kept in mind that the format for a resume is as important as the content. It should be consistent and neat. Some pointers for your resume format are as follows - 

  • Font size should ideally be 12, but make sure it is not smaller than 10.
  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs. Try to use bullet points wherever they may be applicable. 
  • Maintain the same date format; for example, if you use the MM/YY format, make sure you use it throughout your resume.

While applying for your MBA in Business Management, your resume should highlight your personal or volunteer work which will set you apart from the other candidates. Your resume should be easy to read and should not seem like a detailed report. Brevity is key. 

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