5 Ways Digital Marketing Has Helped Flipkart To Evolve

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Flipkart is an e-commerce giant, that was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in the year 2007, with the sole purpose to sell books online. But as the e-commerce market grew, with competitors like Amazon plugging in, they slowly and steadily targeted consumables, like groceries, home essentials, fashion, and lifestyle products. After capturing the Indian Market, in 2018 a U.S.based retail chain Walmart acquired an 81% controlling stake in Flipkart for the US $ 16 billion, valuing it at $20 billion. Today, Flipkart has become one of the most visited e-commerce websites. The rapid growth of the digital world has forced every business to create a digital presence, the same has been the case with Flipkart. They have used some mind-blowing digital strategies to raise online awareness. An MBA in digital marketing is a helpful resource when planning out digital strategies for a company.  Let’s discuss what Flipkart has in its room for digital media marketing.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

The most important digital marketing strategy a company should use is search engine optimization. In this, the digital marketers optimize the website in a way that helps the website to rank in the top-10 results of the search engine. Being the biggest online retailer in India, Flipkart has put a lot of effort into making its platform more search engine-friendly. Flipkart consistently ranks in the top two results of product searches because of the extensive SEO work that Flipkart has done. It has created a large number of backlinks and has optimized its content by inserting keywords as and when necessary.

2. Social Media Strategy

Another important aspect of digital marketing is Social media marketing. The second thing an individual does after searching for a thing on Google, is search it on social media. Building a good social media presence is equally important for any business, the same is the case for Flipkart. Flipkart posts content on social media that is highly relatable and when content is relatable it automatically becomes shareable. Another thing that Flipkart does is dedicate separate accounts for different niches. It has separate accounts dedicated to tech, fashion, clothing, and others. To grab the attention of its consumer it also has dedicated a social media account for customer stories named, FlipkartStories. 

3. Influencer Marketing

Flipkart is known for its influencer marketing and big-star collaborations. It invests huge sums in celebrity collaborations. Imminent personalities like Amitabh Bachchan to Kiara Advani have become brand ambassadors for Flipkart. One of the prominent and most recent collaborations was on "#IndiaKaFashionCapital" with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. As part of this promotion, the firm extends an invitation to all fashion fans in the nation to update their wardrobes with the newest trends from Flipkart. Flipkart Fashion's brand ambassadors Ranbir and Alia teach customers about constantly being ahead in their fashion game by "Wearing The Next" through a purposeful media mix, leveraging stylish fashion quotient and targeted communication to their consumers. The couple promoted shopping on Flipkart Fashion in a range of interesting and interactive forms, including classic TVCs and brief digital content.

4. Google Adwords

The preferred choice for Search Ads is Google Adwords. As an e-commerce platform, Google Search Ads are crucial to generating traffic to the website and boosting sales. Users today just search for products on Google, so if your business isn't among the top results, you're missing out. So Google Ads are essential. By carefully researching and focusing on the appropriate set of keywords, Flipkart's most frequently run display, search, and store advertisements. Here's an illustration of how Google advertisements for random searches are being used by Flipkart to generate traffic and potential customers.

5. Flipkart’s VR Campaign

We are all gradually integrating virtual and augmented reality into our lives, and we have already observed the influence and use of filters by businesses on Instagram Stories. When it comes to embracing new technology, Flipkart is constantly prepared. By including VR in the Big Billion Sale Campaign, Flipkart found the ideal window of time to capitalize on the technology. 

Flipkart has always been in the front seat when utilizing digital media or any other source for marketing its services. Its cleverly constructed yet deeply moving advertising campaigns make a lasting effect on the Indian audience. Flipkart may be in danger from equally large rivals, but because of its creative marketing methods, it will unquestionably continue to dominate the E-commerce sector for decades to come. Digital marketing taking over the world of marketing, it opens the door for a lot of career opportunities in this field. Doing an MBA in Digital Marketing in India can add up to your knowledge and skills. The Bengal Institute of Business Studies is an MBA college in Kolkata that provides an MBA in digital marketing, that will help you gain knowledge and enhance your skills.

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