5 Ways to Ensure You’re Prepping Right for CAT

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Are you an MBA Aspirant?

If you are an MBA aspirant, the first question you possibly have is, “How to prepare for CAT?” because CAT is your only way through leading MBA colleges.

CAT is known to assess the applicants' time management and problem-solving abilities under stress, in addition to their knowledge. Although CAT exam preparation might be stressful, overcoming challenges is a crucial component of our progress. Consequently, having a test strategy allows you to assess your strengths and shortcomings as well as improve your grasp of the key concepts.

What is CAT?

CAT or Common Admission Test is a national-level management aptitude test that MBA aspirants have to crack. It enables them to get into top management institutions. The CAT structure comprises 3 sections- Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability.

With rigorous practice, it’s not a hard nut to crack but the preparation sure is a tough row to hoe. To get into your dream college you want to be well prepared because chance favors the prepared mind.

How to make sure that your CAT preparation is right on track?

Know the Syllabus

Having a clear-cut understanding of the syllabus as well as the exam pattern is a must. This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while preparing for CAT. It is necessary to know the curriculum to effectively plan out your preparation. You need to be familiar with the various concepts and topics that make up the CAT Exam Syllabus.


CAT preparation requires approx 6-7 hours of studying on a daily basis. Since while giving exams students have to make prompt decisions.

Tweak your study plan accordingly. Keeping a track of time is foremost while solving each question. This is how you can work on your progress, your speed, and accuracy.

Time Management

The CAT exam is challenging mostly due to its time constraints. Managing time efficiently is something students struggle with while preparing for CAT. It is the most critical factor for students. Always opt for shortcut techniques, it saves a huge amount of time. Carefully scrutinize your time and focus on the difficult questions first.

Mock tests

Simply put, ‘ Practice makes a man perfect.’ The more and more you take mock tests the more you will progress. However, taking a mock test is not sufficient. Take the time to thoroughly study your mock tests. Investing more time to analyze your mock performance is quite effective. It lets you understand where you lag and what areas you need to work on.

Create a Study Group

When you find like-minded people and form a group to prepare together, it will ideally boost your motivation. Studying in groups could help you get better results. When you are in a group or a team you tend to think more creatively and achieve a refined understanding of the subject. It also helps you avoid procrastination.

Self Analysis is the key to excel

The student must assess themselves first, a SWOT analysis of themselves will help them know where they stand, what they lack, and how they can make progress. Cracking CAT requires consistency, a good strategy, and hard work. With focus and hard work, nothing can stop you from scoring higher grades!

CAT is the most popular MBA entrance exam in India. It opens a window of opportunities and is the roadway to India’s Best Business Schools.

Students can pursue management degrees through CAT at prestigious institutions. If you’re looking for the best MBA college in Kolkata after your CAT, BIBS could be the best option for you. It is among the top-notch MBA colleges in Kolkata that offers a 2 year MBA course with the best curriculum structure and a plethora of business and job opportunities.

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