6 Goals Every Data Science Aspirant Should Have for 2022

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Data Science is an interdisciplinary course that involves an amalgamation of processes, algorithms, and systems. This field is primarily based on technology and in order to leverage a career out of it one needs to aspire to get a degree like an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science. Having goals will help one to translate their dreams into reality. We’re helping you set 6 important goals for 2022 that will get you one step closer to building a promising future:

  1. Networking with people from the same community 

Getting in touch with people who have similar interests in data science helps you access relevant information such as educational options, access different tools, and gain insights from industry professionals. 

There are professional groups on various platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook which you should consider being a part of. RMDS — Research Methods and Data Science, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence are global communities on LinkedIn wherein one can gather information. You can identify & associate with engaging communities both online & offline. 

  1. Gauge the current & emerging trends and put them to use

With the infusion of technology, every industry is ever-evolving. Data science is an industry that moves fast. It needs professionals who can keep up with the current industry standards. The IoT, analytics, and other open-source tools are the trends that are most likely to stay in 2022. 

However, merely learning about these trends will not help one to navigate their career. It is imperative to be able to understand and apply these learnings to one’s career. Information on the latest technology and tools can be gathered from educational courses available online. 

  1. Form definite goals to advance with Data Science Projects

A perfect mix with a formal degree to develop and launch data science projects can take a student far in the road of career building. Someone with curiosity coupled with desired skillsets can become a knowledgeable student and professional. Google, Amazon, and other noteworthy companies offer lucrative career-building options to aspiring Data Scientists. Research shows that data cleaning and preparation accounts for around 80% of the work of data professionals. Hence, this becomes a key skill for a data analyst. Data cleaning involves handling data that is missing or inconsistent which affects the analysis. 

You could do your research on what skill sets, projects & experience these companies look out for in candidates and work on acquiring them before your application. 

  1. Plan on acquiring an Advanced Data Science & Analyst Degree

Some of the Top B- Schools in Kolkata offer an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science that can increase the earning potential of a data science aspirant. The average salary of MBA graduates depends on the chosen area of specialization, years of experience one possesses, etc. Data Science & Analysis skills are in high demand and possessing an advanced degree would give you the chance to stand out from the rest. 

  1. Be a Data Storyteller 

Data has no meaning on its own. It is the skill set of a person to present meaningful information out of raw data. In order to make decisions out of data, the data storyteller has to present the information skilfully without which a decision-maker cannot conclude. You could practice this by communicating your data science results to people who do not come from a data science background. This would help you identify your areas of improvement. 

  1. Acquire New Programming Languages

As a data scientist, one needs to know more than one programming language. In order to excel in a respective career, one needs to attain knowledge of varied languages. Acquiring SQL skills, python skills and web-based data visualization can help one be a good data analyst. You can use 2022 to work on these programming languages. 

While these goals can help you set the ball rolling, it is crucial to have the correct mindset to succeed in a Data Science career. A consistent goal for anyone who is pursuing data science should be to never stop learning and learning from the right mentors who pave the way for your bright future in this field. If you plan to pursue this subject further, we at BIBS offer an excellent program of MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science with global collaborations with an excellent industry network for you. With growing demands for data analysts, an MBA degree can give you the confidence to pursue your goals.

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