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2020 has been quite a remarkable year for many reasons. Needless to say, most of these reasons are quite unpleasant, to say the least. However, amidst the global pandemic and the rising job cuts, we did have a few reasons that changed our lives for the better.

Firstly, you got to spend a great deal of time with your families and reconnected with people long forgotten. Secondly, and more importantly, you finally found the much-needed opportunity to devote long hours to your passions that you had kept locked in some box and thrown away due to your hectic schedules. Lastly, your workplace shifted your homes.

The one common thing that happened in all of these changes was that your dependence on the Internet increased drastically. Be it your online group chats with family or friends, or binge-watching your favourite web shows, or connecting with your colleagues over a video conference, never before was our dependence on the Internet this visible.

If the world of digital marketing excites you, then there is no better time to consider making a career in this world. 2020 has been both a difficult and transformative experience for the world. As industries and jobs get digitized faster, more and more people, that previously maintained a safe distance from the world of the Web, have now found a new liking for the same.

In a country like India, which lives through different eras, multiple realities and varied cultures- all at the same time, the Internet has been a binding force. Digital Marketing holds a great future for the youth of this country in terms of employment opportunities. While there is a sea of job roles that you can pick from, here is a list of 5 categories of jobs you can consider if you want to take up digital marketing as your career path-

Content Creator & Strategist:

In a way, this job role lies at the heart of all the work that happens in a digital marketing agency. Content Managers not only have to create SEO-friendly content but they also have to create the strategy for any kind of content that goes up on social media handles and websites. They also need to manage a team of writers, develop content calendars, work with designers, deal with clients directly, and all other content-related activities.

SEO Specialist:

The job role of an SEO executive involves increasing traffic to a website and ranking it on the first page of the search engine result page. These are probably the most in-demand jobs in the field of digital marketing and highly paid too. Some other functions that an SEO expert has to perform are- On-Site and Off-Site analysis, prepare performance reports based on analytics data, conduct keyword research, etc.

Digital Ads Manager:

Usually hired by bigger companies, the job role of an SEM specialist is to test ad campaigns, manage the budget of campaigns, research and analyse advertisements by competitors, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns and other related activities.

Brand Manager:

Probably, the most fun and creatively liberating job at an agency is that of a social media manager. Social media managers need to be updated with the latest global happenings across all fields and must have an idea of what clicks with your target audience. The job role involves crafting social media strategy and campaigns for different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. They must promote the products and services of the company and increase its brand awareness, engage potential customers, and bring more traffic to the website.

E-Commerce Strategist:

The one thing that changed during the lockdown most prominently was the buying behaviour of the Indian population. More and more people shifted to online transactions and online businesses saw a boom in sales like never before. A career in E-commerce holds great promise and a bright future as the industry is rapidly evolving and expanding with every passing second.

As an E-commerce strategist, you must have a great understanding of what the consumer desires and chalk out strategies accordingly for the brands. You’ll be required to provide the most appropriate e-commerce solutions that lead to an increase in sales and better positioning of the brand in the market. 

UI/UX Designer:

For any business to succeed, it’s important that it provides a seamless customer experience, one that is appealing and free from any kind of hassles. As a user experience designer, your job will be to make your product or service not only more usable and accessible but also satisfy your customer with its overall look and feel. In a way, you’ll be that link between the developers and the end users.

User Interface, on the other hand, refers strictly to the interaction of users with a digital device, for example, the touchscreen of your smartphone or the touchpad of a laptop. As a UI designer, you’ll be working on every visual and interactive aspect of a device, like typography, imagery, themes, responsive designs, icons, logos, buttons, etc.

There are countless other jobs that have risen in prominence and most of these roles are from the world of digital marketing. These were handpicked for you to just have an idea of the kind of job roles that await you in the digital marketing agencies. While you can easily go for any digital marketing course (there are plenty online!), it is advisable to go for an MBA in Digital Marketing which offers you not only comprehensive knowledge on the domain, but also provides you with solid work experience in the form of internships and live projects, giving you a solid edge over others when you step into the industry.

BIBS, one of the top B schools in Kolkata is the first college in East India to come up with an MBA in digital marketing program. This program has been designed by experts from the digital marketing industry. The course consists of live projects and paid internships in leading companies and digital marketing agencies of India.

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