A 5-Step Guide to Getting Hired as a Marketing Manager

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In the era, where competition is so high, it is essential for every company to increase interest in items and services among customers through various media outlets. Marketing managers plan and execute marketing strategies to increase product or service awareness. If you want to build a career in marketing, you can pursue an MBA in business management, specialising in marketing. If you want to become a marketing manager, you can make a difference in a company by combining your creative and people abilities. Here’s a 5-step guide as to how to become a marketing manager and what exactly the job entails. 

Develop relevant marketing manager abilities.

A formal marketing education can help you lay the groundwork for long-term success in the sector. However, while on the job, marketing managers use a variety of abilities. Look for opportunities to develop these talents as you work toward a degree or earn experience. There are various skills that a marketing manager must possess. Your writing and public speaking abilities help you deliver ideas to customers, decision makers, and private clients in a clear and successful manner. Your leadership abilities assist you in motivating marketing team members and delegating assignments to the appropriate individuals.

Get hands-on experience

To begin gaining experience, you do not need to have a job. Market yourself, look for an internship in a marketing department, or put your marketing skills to use for a non-profit organisation. Before advancing to a management position, marketing managers should have several years of relevant experience, says an MBA college in Kolkata. To gain professional experience, look for entry-level work as a marketing assistant, coordinator, or specialist. 

Get Certified

As you build essential marketing skills, including a relevant certificate on your resume might help future employers confirm your abilities. You can opt for various courses online or do an MBA from top bschools in Kolkata or from any other state. This will add to your curriculum vitae, and help you get paid better. 

Learn about the current marketing trends

To guarantee that they have the most up-to-date expertise, marketing managers should continue to study industry trends. Reading the latest industry news and blogs online might help you learn more about marketing and your area. You can also attend a variety of different sorts of seminars or webinars to learn more about marketing tools and processes.

Build a good portfolio

After completing the above steps, you need to build a captivating portfolio. Your portfolio should consist of a sample of your best work in the field. Complete a guided project, work on a freelance basis, or work for an NGO to start building material for your portfolio while learning new abilities. 

If you are opting to build a career in marketing management, there are a lot of responsibilities that will fall on your shoulders. The image, branding, and reputation of the company lie in your hands. The Bengal Institute of Business Studies is one of the best mba colleges in Kolkata, providing an MBA in Business Management, that will give you ample exposure and opportunities in the field of marketing. As you gain experience and education, you can aim for positions such as vice president of marketing or chief marketing officer.

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