A Case Study on Swiggy's Marketing Strategy

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Craving to eat something and want it right away? What’s popping into your mind? Yes, it's ordering food online through Swiggy. Swiggy has captured the online food delivery market in a massive way by utilizing various marketing channels and increasing its services from just delivering food to now providing groceries and other essentials at the convenience of your doorstep. Despite fierce rivalry from Zomato, the firm has been able to capitalize on the market in several locations and become the biggest online food ordering and delivery platform. In a research done by one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata, it was found that Swiggy has captured 76.35% of the food delivery market. Swiggy's target demographic spans a wide age range, ranging from 18 to over 55 years old. This is one of Swiggy's strongest selling points for attracting new consumers and serving their favorite foods. It has no restrictions on people's businesses, jobs, demographic areas, or interests, for example. They can feed everybody who is hungry in the range. Here’s a list of the marketing strategies used by Swiggy to capture the market and become a show stopper in their field. 

1. Supreme Data Analysis by Swiggy

Swiggy has extensive knowledge about their clients. They exactly know which individual needs what and they throw their notifications accordingly. They have extensive knowledge such as what their customers like and hate, the demand space, and so on. They enable them to undertake knowledge analysis, allowing them to expand their B2B business strategy. They'll also sell this information to their consumers, allowing them to come in a completely new restaurant. 

2. Distribution Strategy of Swiggy

Swiggy's business concept is to supply hyperlocal products. It has a plan for delivery diversity. Its goal is to not only provide food delivery, but also to develop a delivery system for medication, groceries, gift stores, and flower shops in order to take a greater piece of India's delivery industry. Swiggy has a business plan that allows it to build up a network of eateries and delivery partners. Swiggy operates on a dual partnership approach, benefiting both customers and establishments receiving food orders. According to a survey by one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata, it was found that restaurants get 50% of their online orders from swiggy. 

3. Technological-Focused Marketing Strategy

Swiggy is a food-tech startup with a core-logistics platform that mainly relies on technology to provide the best possible service to consumers and restaurants. All variables are examined using data analytics, including traffic conditions, restaurant preparation times based on the number of orders, and the location of delivery executives to intelligently offer them with delivery times and promises to the end consumers. 

4. Promotional Strategies

Swiggy is already a well-known brand, thanks not just to its high-quality services but also to its promotional marketing strategy. Swiggy's campaigns are notable because they are very engaging and participatory. The posts are lighthearted, attractive, of excellent quality, and centered on comedy. Campaigns like #EatYourVeggies, #SuperSwiggy, and #EarnYourCheatMeal used clever one-liners and puns to convey the idea of eating healthily. Swiggy has also promoted its services through influencers. It has left no stones unturned when it comes to utilising digital marketing assets. Swiggy is engaged across the board on social media. They also share amusing blogs in which they parody current events in order to promote the company's services and objectives. Swiggy sends out emails to its customers on a daily basis. To pique customer attention, they employ stunning visuals, clever slogans, and jaw-dropping offers.

5. Swiggy Subscription Plan

This is another aspect that swiggy pulls in, in its marketing strategy. To capture more consumers and sustain them effectively, they have started their subscription policy. Swiggy's Swiggy Super subscription service has been restructured into three parts: Binge, Bite, and Bit. According to the subscription options, the perks differ amongst the three programmes. Swiggy One, on the other hand, will immediately upgrade all existing Swiggy Super Members to the new programme for the balance of their membership. Patrons may now take advantage of limitless free delivery, improved prices, and other perks. These subscriptions bring in a lot of money for the firm.

Swiggy wants to distinguish out by curating a selection of restaurants and services, as well as having its own fleet that picks up and delivers orders from eateries. It is one of India's most well-known and well-respected firms for online home meal ordering and delivery. Swiggy’s marketing strategy has been a win-win for consumers, restaurants and swiggy itself. Students who ought to pursue a career in marketing must take an inspiration from what swiggy does to capture the market segment. If you are looking to pursue a masters degree with marketing specialisation from one of the management colleges in Kolkata you can consider The Bengal Institute of Business Studies. It has great and knowledgeable faculty that will help you in building a great marketing cap for your career.

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