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In the age of the Internet, we are consuming data every nanosecond. As a result, we generate an astounding amount of data each day. Whether it's an online purchase or a website visit or a video view or just an app usage, everything, literally everything gets recorded. The science of all this data is called Data Science and the statistical study of data is called Business Analytics.

Business Analytics helps you analyse your business and recognise areas where it can improve. This involves upgrading processes, introducing new policies and introduction of new technologies.

Data Science on the other hand focuses on a large volume of datasets that are used to determine trends and significant insights. Data Science involves programming, statistics and data analytics. Business analytics is just the end product of Data Science.

Data Science has enabled various industries to scientifically analyse the trends of the market, the various dynamics of consumer interaction with these brands, recognise potential threats, and opportunities, and come up with strategies that can be turned into actionable plans. In fact, modern marketing depends completely on this data that covers everything- right from a consumer’s location, preference, purchase history, socio-economic strata, and every small detail that is used in creating advertising campaigns and upgrading products and services.

All this data we consume, and therefore generate, is potential goldmine for every leading company in the world. Needless to say, a career in these two fields is rising on the desirability charts for students who seek a flourishing career in the competitive job market of the 21st century.

It comes as no surprise that management institutes in India too have understood the importance of AI and Data Science in current times and introduced the specialisations of MBA in Business Analytics and MBA in Data Science.

However, very few institutes in India are equipped to provide an education in Data Science and Business Analytics, and even fewer are institutes that offer an MBA in Business Analytics and an MBA in Data Science.

What if you were given the opportunity to study both the inter-connected disciplines under one program?

Combining the two disciplines, Bengal Institute in Business Studies in Kolkata will be the first B-School in West Bengal to introduce an MBA in Business Analytics & Data Science as a dual program titled MBA+PGP BA & DS, in association with the global giant IBM.

Some of the key features of this program are:

  • Get taught by experts certified by IBM - The program has been designed in collaboration with IBM which means you will be rewarded with certifications from IBM that are valid globally and prepare you to be at par with any global MBA graduate.
  • MBA from a State University - It’s the first regular full time MBA in Business Analytics from a State Govt. University, first of its kind in West Bengal.
  • Certifications from AWS Academy - Amazon Web Services is the industry leader in cloud computing globally. BIBS will prepare its students for careers in cloud computing with the help of numerous cloud based programs under AWS academy.
  • Get trained by Harvard Business School Virtually - Students will receive the requisite training from HBS online for a prestigious certificate in Business Analytics & Data Science.

BIBS has been ranked as the 2nd best B-School in Kolkata and 5th best B-School in Eastern India for 2 years in a row by the Times of India Survey. The institute has also been awarded with the best Education Brand by the Economic Times and is ranked amongst 10 best institutes for Finance studies in India by Knowledge Review. It is also the only B-School in West Bengal to receive an A** rating from CRISIL. Over 400+ companies like Deloitte, Godrej, Nestle, ITC, Ogilvy, HDFC Bank and Britannia visit the campus regularly to recruit its students.

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