Back to Classrooms with an Executive MBA Degree: Here's how Working Professionals are Applying for Promotions After an Executive MBA Degree

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Do you ever feel stuck in your career growth journey? If so, keep reading ahead.

It's normal for us to feel arrested mid-way through our professional journey.

In this 21st century, MBAs have become a prerequisite for most companies. But busy executives can't leave their jobs and go for a regular MBA. That's when Executive MBAs come into the picture.

Executive MBA candidates are looking for career growth as well as financial growth along with climbing the managerial ladder in their company or industry. Among the several advantages of EMBA, earning while learning serves as an attractive value point.

Who Should Go for an Executive MBA Degree?

You must be wondering, is EMBA suitable for me?

Well, let's find out.

More Years of Experience

Although regular MBA and EMBA candidates have similar undergraduate degrees, EMBA candidates hold relatively more work experience. EMBAs are created for professionals who are in the mid to senior level of their careers. These candidates have three or more years of work experience and look forward to upscaling their career positions rather than starting from scratch.

Continue working

Executive MBA provides flexibility. EMBA students generally do not leave their traditional job while pursuing the program. The Executive MBA program structure is constructed in such a way that the candidates can do the coursework as well as continue their personal life with minimum interruption.

Accelerate Career

Majorly, EMBA candidates do not look for a significant career change, instead, they want the EMBA to accelerate their personal growth and increase their earning strength. These candidates expect to add value to their intangible skill set to scale up to managerial positions.

How do Working Professionals get a Promotion after an Executive MBA?

1. Improved Leadership Competency

Professional growth indicates that an employee is qualified to manage people and take on more responsibility, displaying improved managerial potential. Therefore it helps increase the likelihood that they will receive promotions. In addition to providing candidates with the chance to develop practical skills like accounting, finance, and statistics, Executive MBA programmes also help candidates build their leadership competency by exposing them to situations that give them a solid grounding in both leadership and strategy.

2. Shows Dedication Towards Growth

An Executive MBA requires a significant commitment and investment. Your leaders and coworkers won't be unaware of this. However, the leadership must be aware of your motivation for pursuing the degree. It will help your leaders understand what you are going through and explain your stance.

Business School trains students with acute leadership training to prepare them for senior management roles. And, assuming that the person will perform well in those roles, they are in a good position to make their case for that salary hike.

3. Unlock Global Opportunities

Executive MBA programs offer the opportunity for you to connect with your classmates. This opens the gate for networking with industry connects and international speakers. You can leverage this opportunity and look forward to unlocking even international prospects. Since an EMBA educational experience makes you look attractive to employers, a global chance will significantly scale up your career ladder journey.

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