BIBS MBA in Financial Management: In Collaboration with CISI London

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An MBA opens up a wide range of professional opportunities. Getting started with an MBA is a terrific approach to achieving your goals, whether you want to change careers, significantly increase your income, or network with individuals in the corporate world.

You have a variety of career opportunities in this industry with an MBA with a finance emphasis. Actually, one of the most sought-after MBA concentrations is in Finance.

An MBA in Finance could prepare you for positions in investment banking, corporate finance, commercial banking, financial planning, and other significant business sectors.

Top 3 Reasons to do an MBA in Financial Management with BIBS?

Affiliated to Vidyasagar University, the full-time, Regular MBA - PGPFM from BIBS is taught by professionals from the Financial World with an Industry-Specific Curriculum which gives the graduates an edge in their Financial Management career. Here are the top 3 reasons why an MBA with BIBS is the best for you.

International Tie-Up

BIBS is the only business school in West Bengal that has a tie-up with an international professional body for financial services, the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI). Students receive a globally accepted Investment Operations certificate, opening their path to cross-cultural dreams.

Confirmed Paid Apprenticeship

This MBA program assures students a paid apprenticeship program after 11 months of rigorous course training to learn practical skills in top-tier Financial firms.

Certifications by Recognized Institutions

One of the top reasons for an MBA in Financial Management with BIBS is that the students have an added advantage over their peers because of the certification issued at the end of the course.

The CISI London Certification Advantage

Globally certified training

The CISI London collaborates with numerous world-class practitioners and trainers that are well-known both internationally and within the business industry. At the end of this program, the graduates are ready with practical skills to pursue successful career prospects. There are 6 Indian Regulatory Certifications embedded in the program, to ensure that students get relevant tools to perform in the Financial World. These certifications are required to work in the best financial firms in India. MS Office certification by Microsoft with advanced training on MS Excel, an important tool for Finance professionals.

Build Multinational Connections

Now accepted by 50+ countries, the Investment Operations certificate represents a standard certification for administration and operations roles. Through this certificate, students enrolled with BIBS can demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Placement Opportunities Abroad

The CISI London Brand Value and Indian Regulatory Certifications allow students to qualify for placement opportunities abroad with dream companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and many more.

Fully Immersive Knowledge Portal

An Immersive knowledge portal with relevant content will be at your disposal with customized content per the location and career field. The knowledge portal contains core learning solutions making the process exciting and more relevant to real-world situations.

The Impressive paycheck is one of the driving factors for people to choose a job in finance. With an MBA in Financial Management, you can expect a significant salary raise of 35 to 40 per cent from your pre-MBA salary.

Therefore, it's crucial to get your MBA from a business school that not only enhances your resume but also helps you develop the abilities that will make you more marketable for jobs in finance after graduation.

With an A-grade by CRISIL, BIBS was ranked among the 10 Best Institutes for Finance Studies by Knowledge Review. This program combines specialized courseware taught for 11-13 months, followed by a mandatory internship program for 5-8 months. The program curriculum characterizes experiential learning in core areas such as strategic banking, investment planning and so on.

Knowledge. Skills. Certifications. A Finance Career with BIBS!

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