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Internet marketing has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Initially, organizations used to pour a lot of money into the market over the internet without being able to track the effectiveness of consumer data. Over the recent years, it has become easier to monitor and analyze data. Reports suggest that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers, 6 times more likely to retain new customers, and 19 times more profitable compared to those organizations that do not rely on data-driven information. Across organizations and verticals, customer data is the worthiest intangible asset. For this reason, skilled data analysts are in demand in the market, and an MBA in Data Science in Kolkata has started expanding throughout the competitive market.

Data spread across a range of shapes and sizes, the core of any data-centric report being the representation of the audience. To derive insightful information on customer behaviour and preference, you need to analyze the data and use it to design your product, service, or any other offering. Data analysis can also help you work the demand-supply model, design your marketing campaigns, devise your advertising and business strategies to make the best possible use of your budgets.  

Google Analytics, keyword search, and social intelligence are imperative tools for Business Analytics. It is a free tool from Google that functions by inserting several lines of tracking code into the overall code of your website. This code then tracks various key activities of your website visitors. It also tracks the key attributes, such as location, age, and device that they use. All of this allows you to understand your audience better and also track how they behave. Google Analytics and similar tools give you specific information about the behaviour of the visitor, i.e., what they do on your website. Coupled with this, you can also use it to find out what matters to your consumers in general. Keyword research involves tracking the words the consumers are using to search for products like yours. Keywords are an effective means of data analysis. However, trends shift regularly in the online scheme of things. 

Social media today is more powerful than any other form of media. It provides you with a variety of insights and information, such as what your target group thinks about you in comparison to the other competitors. Quality data can also help one discover whether the media investment is paying off in sales. 

Pursuing an MBA in Data Science and Business Analytics can allow you to build a fulfilling career. MBA in Data Science in Kolkata has picked over the last few years. Bengal Institute of Business Studies provides an MBA in Business Analytics in Kolkata. BIBS with its esteemed panel of distinguished academicians and industry professionals allows students to pursue an MBA in Kolkata which is relevant to the current industry trends and allows them to set off their careers as data scientists.

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