Career Options for Students Opting for MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science.

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An MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science has a huge scope in the corporate world. It opens up various avenues for students who aspire to step into the corporate world. This course includes the application of three main things - 

  • Statistical techniques
  • Information software 
  • Operations research 

All these things help in the exploration, detection, visualization and communication of patterns in data. As a result, business analytics and data science has gained a lot of importance in the world of business. Thus, pursuing an MBA in Data Science and Business Analytics opens up a world of opportunities for students. Some of the career options available for students opting for an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science are as follows - 

  1. Data Analyst - As a data analyst, one has to communicate with data scientists, IT Teams as well as the management in order to determine organizational goals. A data analyst has to work on collecting and evaluating data which is based on sales numbers, market research, logistics, and other details. 
  2. Operations Research Analyst - Opting for an MBA in Data Analytics means that you can also take up a career as an Operations Research Analyst. This allows you to use your mathematical and analytical skills that assist companies in solving problems about operational issues. 
  3. Supply Chain Analyst - One of the most important roles that a Supply Chain Analyst has is to improve the performance of an operation. As a supply chain analyst you have to communicate details to quality assurance professionals and engineers as they are required to test new supply chain methods. 
  4. Software Developer - As a software developer, you have to create applications and systems that companies and individuals rely on in their daily life. A career in software development offers you plenty of opportunities in the world of business. 

Other than the careers mentioned above, there are several other career options, such as Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst, Personal Financial Advisor, Business Analytics Specialist, Management Consultant, Market Research Analyst and Predictive Modeller for students opting for an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science

Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) is the first MBA college in West Bengal that offers an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science in collaboration with IBM. Students get access to Amazon Web Series (AWS) Academy where they can explore many cloud based programmes which have been designed in a way that prepares students to pursue industry-recognized AWS certifications along with careers in cloud computing. Students also get access to a LMS with all resources and Watson Studio from IBM to implement and execute various operations. Admissions are currently open for the 2021 batch.

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