Corporate Webinar - What to Choose? Executive MBA vs Distance Program

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Most working professionals are expected to have an MBA at some point in their career. An MBA is a globally recognized degree which enables individuals to get better opportunities and higher salaries as their career progresses. However, for working professionals, it is not entirely feasible to leave their job and pursue their MBA.

In such cases, individuals now have the option of pursuing an MBA degree without physically attending classes. This is available for students who want to do an Executive MBA or a Distance MBA program. However, how can one tell which is a better option for them? What should one choose - an executive MBA or a distance MBA program?

To give students more clarity on this matter, BIBS organized a webinar on April 30, 2021 which was conducted by corporate speaker and experienced trainer, Mr. Arindam Chakraborty, who guided the students to make the right choice for themselves by sharing useful insights and tips. 

Mr. Arindam Chakraborty is a BFSI professional with over 13 years of experience of working in MNCs which ranked 1st & 6th in the Mutual Fund business. A creative director and copywriter, Mr.Chakraborty has over 17 years of multifaceted experience which includes working with agencies like Wunderman Thompson, Razorfish, RAPP, MRM//McCann and Percept/H and among others. He has also been instrumental in managing several crucial relationships and is experienced in working in both, traditional and new media.

In the course of the webinar Mr. Chakraborty threw light on the difference in perception of how things used to be a decade ago and how they are currently. He says in the present time organizations are a lot more professional and are not looking to train individuals. They will give you the necessary skill set that is required but it is entirely up to the individuals to strive and better themselves in their field of work. Therefore, it is important to understand the trajectory of your career and to work towards it with the necessary knowledge and skills that are required.

If you wish to simply acquire knowledge, then you would be more suited to pursue a distance MBA program. However, if you wish to gain knowledge and be able to implement it in real time situations, then an Executive MBA would be more suitable for you. When you have an EMBA degree, then not only do you acquire new skills, but you also get the opportunity to hone the skills that you already possess. 

An EMBA is extremely popular these days and more and more working professionals opt for this degree every day. An EMBA degree provides an additional boost to your career and opens up several prospects for you which allow you to get higher salaries and better positions in the company you work in. 

The session with Mr. Arindam Chakraborty was an enriching experience and an eye-opener. He had interesting insights to offer and also offered several practical examples and tips that were extremely helpful. It gave the students more clarity about whether to opt for an Executive MBA or a Distance program. Therefore, it would be accurate to say that the webinar was a successful one as the individuals in attendance learn a lot and are in a much better position to make an informed decision about their future prospects. 

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