Deepinder Goyal: The Mastermind Behind Zomato's Success

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Be it late-night food cravings while working or arranging a birthday bash for your best friend, Zomato has been the go-to option for ordering food online.

But do we know about the man who is behind our salivatory satisfaction? Let’s get to know him!

Who is Deepinder Goyal?

Deepinder Goyal, a Delhiite, started a company in 2008 with a vision to revolutionize the discovering, ordering food and dining experience. With a keen interest in finding solutions to everyday problems, Deepinder started his entrepreneurial journey in the classrooms of IIT, Delhi, in collaboration with his classmates. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics and Computing, Goyal joined Bain and Company as a Management Consultant.

The journey from Foodiebay to Zomato

His insights about business operations and strategies fuelled his desire to create something impactful with technology. Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, the Co-founder of Zomato, started a brand called Foodiebay, currently known as Zomato. Initially, the company was a restaurant guide for Delhi which, in turn, evolved and became the pioneer food-tech brand that disrupted the entire dining experience.

Zomato keeps Spicing Up…

Starting off as a restaurant guide, Zomato expanded its presence throughout the country with the help of technology to connect millions of foodies with a variety of options for dining. Food enthusiasts can choose between discovering local eateries or ordering their favourite cuisine from a posh restaurant, depending on their budget or taste palette.

Jet…Set…Go International!

Goyal did not want to settle for less. He recognized the global potential of the market, hence he decided to grow overseas. Currently, Zomato is present in over 24 countries worldwide. Deepinder’s strategic acquisition plannings and collaborations, Zomato has now become a front-foot player in the global food-tech arena, and competing with the already established pillars in the market. Goyal’s commitments to customer-centric innovation, keen eye for market trends, and strategic expansion pivoted the unprecedented success of his brand. 

Dodging the crispy thorns!

Everything has not been bread and butter for Deepinder. His success pathway is filled with challenges from its competitors. However, Goyal’s determination, resilience, and confidence in his work have set him apart from the other visionary leaders in the market.

Never Settling for a Second!

Goyal is still working towards improving and innovating his brand for it to stay relevant in contemporary times and compete with the existing brands adequately. His mission to deliver value to his consumers has remained unchanged since the beginning.

His journey has intrigued thousands of potential young minds with the ability to solve problems, achieve their dreams, and reach new horizons. Recently, Deepinder has been very popular since his appearance as an investor on Shark Tank, an Indian reality show.

However, his story might not be known to all. His observational skills and keen interest in details allow him to push boundaries and set new limits. Goyal’s footprint as the mastermind behind the success of Zomato has carved its story in the archives.

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