Earning While Learning: 5 Benefits Of Industry Integrated MBA

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It would not be surprising if you too, like countless others, think that an MBA is enough to land a well-paid job in a reputed organisation. The truth is, as the number of MBA holders increases in the country, employers look for ways in which candidates can be distinguished and evaluated so that only the best get placed. More often than not, the parameter that overrides all other parameters, is industry experience. Sounds unfair, right? Where would the freshers go? Well, the freshers would still land well-paid jobs, however, those with experience will always have an edge during their placements and will therefore kick start their careers with higher pay packages.

So is there no way a person could get the requisite experience while pursuing their MBA without having to wait for another two years? 

Well, yes there is - The Industry Integrated MBA! 

This program runs on an average for seven to eight months and is followed by 15-18 months of intense work experience in the industry. Therefore students start earning pretty early and have a work experience that is of much longer duration than an average internship.

Here are 5 benefits that should tell you why you must go for an Industry Integrated MBA Program - 

1. Understand The Industry and Avoid Career Blunders:

Let’s just jump straight to the point and acknowledge the biggest benefit there is to this course. One of the biggest doubts that most MBA students have during the tenure of their course is how they will apply the theoretical knowledge they have picked up when they begin their professional careers. While internships provide this opportunity to the students, it’s usually at the end of the two-year course.

An Industry Integrated MBA gives you the unique opportunity to practically execute things almost after you learn the concepts since this specialisation finishes its classroom portion earlier than regular MBA programs. Working on concepts that have been freshly learnt gives the students an opportunity to not only hone their skills but also gives them a chance to understand every layer in the industry. By the end of the course, the student is more acquainted with the practical reality of the industry as compared to a regular MBA graduate.

2. Begin Earlier, Start Better! 

What if you were told that you had the opportunity to make plenty of mistakes and rectify them so that by the time you had to face the real test, you were fully prepared? This means that you would have an edge over your competition who started later than you did. This applies to an Industry Integrated MBA as well. Starting earlier in the industry means that you have already faced the challenges that your peers would be facing in the first few months of their job. When you’re better prepared and have a better start, you naturally take a lead from day one at your workplace and the best opportunities come earlier to you.

3. Build Solid Connections and Climb to The Top: 

While internships in regular MBA programs give you an experience of the corporate world, the training in an Industry Integrated MBA lasts comparatively longer, for over a year. This means graduates of this program have more time to pick up more skills and also build deeper connections with the who’s who of the corporate world. Solid connections ensure job opportunities from multiple sources.

4. Learn How to Survive the Highs and the Lows: 

An internship that usually lasts for around 3-6 months only equips you with a few skill sets and does not allow you to delve deeper into the industry. The training that you receive in this specialisation allows you to have a complete journey of over a year where you witness the highs and lows and the rapidly changing business trends of the corporate world. This gives you an overall experience of the corporate world before you even formally begin your career as a professional.

5. Have An Edge Over Other Regular MBA Graduates: 

In today’s day and age, skills, and experience hold a lot more importance than your academic achievements. Even among the MBA graduates, there arises a competition during the placement season where candidates with previous work experience are preferred over the freshers. In short, the more industry experience you have, the more you are valued, and the higher you earn.

Therefore, an Industry Integrated MBA can be of immense benefit to those freshers who are looking to build a strong resume for themselves.

The BIBS Advantage – 

Bengal Institute of Business Studies, better known as BIBS, is one of the leading B-Schools in Kolkata. Consistently featuring on several prestigious ranking lists across the country, this institute has been listed among the top 10 institutes for finance studies in India by the Knowledge Review and has also received the Corporate Excellence Award for Education Institute by the World CSR Council.

As the only management institute in West Bengal to have received an A++ rating from CRISIL, it comes as no surprise that over 400 companies have recruited the students of BIBS. Just to name a few big names that regularly recruit their students are Deloitte, P & G, Coca Cola, Capgemini, Britannia, and ITC Limited among several others.

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