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The Six Sigma Training is a feather to the corporate cap that is embedded in the Executive MBA for working professionals provided by Bengal Institute of Business Studies, Kolkata. The Six Sigma training allows you to improve and optimize end-to-end processes. In order to deliver better quality work and drive sales, one can resort to the Six Sigma techniques. 

Today, all businesses are competing with one another to create something of value and the Six Sigma program essentially teaches you how to create more with less. Industries and businesses are trying to transform themselves and optimize their operations. Six Sigma Program lies at the centre of such transformation processes and programs. There are multiple benefits of Six Sigma training and certification such as allowing you to be in a better position to drive and support projects at the local level and overall organizational level. In the view of business, it allows the bottom level to improve and boosts employees to engage better, which ultimately serves the customers. 

Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) is ranked among the Top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata. It allows you to develop multiple skill sets with the help of the Six Sigma Training. The following skill sets can be garnered

1. Analytical Thinking and Innovation

The Six Sigma workshop focuses on two imperative elements. From the perspective of analytical thinking, Six Sigma methodology allows a person to compartmentalize complex problems into simpler ones that make them manageable. One can identify the root cause of the problem, allowing organizations to improve business processes and performance.  

As a part of the Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma workshop, there is a crucial focus on two key elements. From an analytical thinking point of view, lean and six sigma methodologies provide a toolbox to help break down complex problems into manageable components. Also, one can innovate to be better equipped with the necessary skills and resort to a cost-effective approach to improve processes. 

2. Critical Thinking

It is observed that in 90 percent of cases when there is a deviation from the norm, one blames the people and not the process. Using the six-sigma methodology one can critically think to put correct processes in place and improve on it rather than play the blame game with people. A well-designed process allows the entire organization to follow a singular approach and arrive at solutions quickly. 

3. Reasoning and Problem Solving 

Reasoning and innovation are unique to the Six Sigma program since a vital differentiator across businesses is the value they create for customers. Professionals from the Best MBA colleges in Kolkata at some point will have to develop new services, new products or just new ideas that are based on solutions with a customer-centric focus. 

Six Sigma Experts generally work in profiles such as Quality Supervisor, Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Director, Lean Six Sigma Expert and many more. 

BIBS offers the best MBA Executive program under the Vidyasagar University, which is a West Bengal State University. BIBS provides an Executive MBA course in Kolkata that focuses on developing management skills to help students adapt to the fast-changing corporate world. It is designed to equip students with all the necessary tools and practical skills in order to create young competent management professionals, capable of applying their skills and services to any industry; be it in the private or public sector. 

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