Here are 3 Ways How an Executive MBA In Kolkata Increases Your CTC

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Take a quick visit to your favourite job board and you’ll notice the value employers place in advanced degrees. Many are now increasing their formal education requirements for prospective hires, with an MBA among the top degrees desired.

An EMBA is respected for good reason. The curriculum tends to be rigorous, covering quantitative methods, creative problem solving, leadership skills, and much more. One of the biggest advantages of earning an EMBA is that it opens up career advancement opportunities, which often means an increase in salary. An Executive MBA in Kolkata can give your career the exact thrust it needs to jump forward.

Why are EMBA salaries so high?

What makes an EMBA graduate so valuable to companies? For one thing, EMBAs can hit the ground running and make a positive impact in a short period of time. Overall, 9 in 10 global corporate recruiters say they are confident in graduate business schools’ ability to prepare students to be successful in their organizations.

Specifically, a majority of recruiters say the reasons for their high confidence in business school hires are that they have a versatile skill set (72%), they are strategic thinkers (71%), and have strong communication skills (69%), says an article on

1. An EMBA graduates offers versatile skill sets:

The bouquet of skills acquired by an EMBA student makes them a top choice for any employer. The broad-based, generalist curriculum of an EMBA program spans the spectrum of topics relevant to business leadership, providing students with a solid footing in the principal concepts that will underpin their career development for decades into the future. The breadth of knowledge that an EMBA applicant brings to the table makes them a great match for leadership positions, especially in overseeing teams from different functional areas.

2. Strategic thinking ability sets an EMBA graduate apart in the hiring process:

The number one subject that EMBA candidates agree is a “must-have” in their ideal curriculum is strategy, and for good reason: strategic thinking is a major skill that sets EMBAs apart from the pack in the hiring process. Overall, 59 percent of global corporate recruiters identify managing strategy and innovation as the number one most important skill for business school graduates to possess for current job openings. Looking to the future, recruiters predict their demand for strategic thinking will only increase. Sixty-two percent say that managing strategy and innovation will experience growing demand in the next five years—more than any other skill in the survey. This is a strong indication that investing in your strategic thinking abilities now will have major career benefits in the future.

3. Soft skills give EMBA students an edge:

Communication is one of those things that we all do every day, but many of us do it poorly. The good news is that effective communication is learnable, and business school is the place to master it. In a survey of full-time EMBA alumni, 4 in 5 agreed that business school played a meaningful role in developing their communication skills. Recruiters most commonly identified interpersonal skills as important to their current job openings, which include communication and soft skills like active listening, social perceptiveness, coordination, and persuasion and negotiation. Overall, 57 percent of recruiters say interpersonal skills will grow in demand over the next five years, as mentioned by

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