How AI is Becoming a Must-Have for App Store Publishers

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In today’s time, as the world goes digital, artificial intelligence is becoming the talk of the town. More and more app store publishers are realizing the advantages of leveraging AI to produce high-quality apps. Artificial intelligence technology, in reality, has never been more valuable. According to a survey conducted by one of the leading management institutes in Kolkata, the AI business will be valued at more than $50 billion by the end of 2022. Furthermore, it continues to increase at a rate of roughly 20% per year. The involvement of AI in mobile app design is a major factor in its rapid growth and popularity.

Artificial intelligence presents a number of possibilities that we have yet to fully exploit. Consider the development of a mobile app. App developers are using AI for a variety of goals, including improving the user experience. Furthermore, AI assists in improving user engagement by evaluating user behavior. It employs chatbots to assist in the resolution of specific user issues. According to predictions, major client contacts will be made with the assistance of intelligent bots by 2025, according to predictions.

Better Decision Making

Artificial intelligence does not eliminate the need for human design specialists. It aids in the enhancement of their design quality. AI also allows them to make better judgments and gives them a more tailored user experience. When you do an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science, the course teaches you how to make better management decisions using AI. AI accomplishes this by making product recommendations. To put it another way, machine learning may be used to provide a context-based and localized user experience.

Design of the application

App developers must evaluate the advantages and consequences of AI in mobile app development. The design professional first defines the goals before understanding how to include artificial intelligence in the app design process. You can learn from your mistakes and correct them with AI. It improves the reliability of programs and, over time, will provide a better user experience. Artificial intelligence technologies also learn from the behaviors of people by evaluating their interactions and reactions. An AI-based design platform also understands what motivates user action.

Use of Voice-Based Interfaces

In the mobile app market, voice assistants and voice-based interfaces are playing a significant role. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, an increasing number of users are using their voices to engage with user interfaces in order to get immediate answers to their questions. Using AI in the application development process makes it attractive and fun for the users.

Helps in Customer Retention

Companies that use artificial intelligence for mobile app development can learn about their clients' demands and give them exactly what they want. Enterprises may force users to stay hooked on their services indefinitely by providing a more personalized user experience that is tailored to their audience's tastes. This increases customer retention, which is critical for any app's success.

Security for Mobile Applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now widely used in mobile app development. It provides mobile apps with strong security, protecting them from harmful threats. It acts as an anti-virus for mobile phones and secures them from any cyber-attacks.

With a number of advanced technologies emerging in the market, artificial intelligence has undoubtedly proven its mettle by automating mundane tasks, delivering a personalized experience, increasing customer retention, and providing robust security to apps, allowing mobile apps to engage more than ever before, with a number of advanced technologies. The Bengal Institute of Business Studies is one of the best institutes for an MBA in Data Science in Kolkata, constantly tracing the development in this industry and trying to inculcate all of it in their MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science course.

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