How an Executive MBA is helping techies survive layoffs

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Technology is a double-edged sword. While it has made life easy for many of us, it has put professionals, like techies, at risk of losing their own jobs. Many technological skills of potential employees are becoming redundant owing to automation in every industry. To give you an overview, Nasdaq-listed Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. recently laid off thousands of workers in India. India is Cognizant’s largest employee hub with more than 200,000 employees of its global headcount of nearly 290,000. An executive MBA in India bestows you with knowledge, skills, and cross-functional competencies that can help you stay afloat during downsizing or layoffs.

Thankfully, with every risk, we are also presented with an opportunity. While now there are upcoming machines & robots to manage operations, there is still a need for intelligent manpower to manage these hi-tech solutions. To stay relevant, one has to upskill themselves, and so the young engineers who are being laid off can reboot and upscale their career by pursuing executive MBA programs in India and give their careers a fresh start. 

The advantages of pursuing an executive MBA are as follows:

  • A degree in management allows you to work in managerial positions instead of staying limited to technical positions. As a manager, your role would be to handle a team of techies rather than being a techie yourself. While techies may get laid off, a manager's role can extend to contributing more at your workplace. 
  • There is evidence to prove that a managerial job is not only distinctly superior but is also a relatively secure job as compared to a specialized job like engineering, legal, or accounting.
  • While there are major changes in the industry, one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the continuous high demand to fill in leadership positions. Therefore, pursuing an MBA gives you a higher possibility of being employed and allows you to draw attractive salaries. 

Learning new skills through an executive MBA program can allow an individual to garner skills and develop competencies to advance his / her career. Given that change is inevitable and one needs to adapt in order to survive the lay off, pursuing a relevant degree enhances the resume of a candidate coupled with chances of receiving a lucrative package. 

Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) offers the best MBA-EX course in Kolkata. This top Executive MBA for working professionals gives them a chance to get their masters degree from West Bengal State University while pursuing their current jobs. With an industry curated curriculum which provides a broad overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques needed to successfully meet the challenges of today’s global business environment, it is one of the best choices for an executive MBA in Kolkata as it aims to upgrade working executives and give them equal opportunities in their work sphere.

Coupled with unmatchable faculty, the placement team at BIBS has a strong industry network and association with most of the top corporates in West Bengal. More than 5000 candidates have been recruited after successful completion of their MBA program at BIBS.

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